Versie historie van CDBurnerXP (portable 64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v4.5.8.7042 - v4.5.8.7128

  • *Better error message when trying to create an ISO image without files
  • !Fixed potential OverflowException in speed selection

Veranderingen voor v4.5.8.7041 - v4.5.8.7042

  • Fixed: Selected burning speed may change while burning multiple copies

Veranderingen voor v4.5.8.7035 - v4.5.8.7041

  • + Added -writeonly flag for --list-drives command

Veranderingen voor v4.5.7.6623 - v4.5.8.6795

  • + Optional crossfading for audio discs
  • * DPI improvements for video DVD dialog
  • ! Fixed: Drive letter command line argument not working

Veranderingen voor v4.5.7.6521 - v4.5.7.6623

  • * DPI improvements for copy disc dialog
  • * DPI improvements for ISO image dialog
  • * DPI improvements for video DVD dialog
  • ! Fixed potential crash when refreshing media info

Veranderingen voor v4.5.7.6499 - v4.5.7.6521

  • ! Fixed: Audio tracks might be reprocessed again when burning multiple copies unnecessarily
  • ! Fixed incorrect errror handling in import session dialog

Veranderingen voor v4.5.7.6452 - v4.5.7.6499

  • Updated StarBurn (issue: ISO files may not be ripped correctly)
  • Updated NL and PL translations

Veranderingen voor v4.5.7.6229 - v4.5.7.6282

  • + "Number of copies" option for ISO burning (UserVoice request)
  • ! Fixed: WAV files with bitrate other than 1411 cause an error message when burning
  • ! Fixed FormatException in pt-BR translation

Veranderingen voor v4.5.7.6139 - v4.5.7.6229

  • Disabled usage of DirectShow filters for further audio formats to prevent issues with audio conversion
  • Fixed column alignment in RTL layout
  • Changes in
  • Command line version now skips files that cannot be read (as the GUI version does) and outputs a warning message
  • Updated to StarBurn 15.6
  • Always convert FLAC files to WAV, preventing the usage of problematic DirectShow filters
  • Added BD XL sizes for disc spanning
  • Adjusted command line version for no-drive usage

Veranderingen voor v4.5.6.6059 - v4.5.7.6139

  • Command line version now skips files that cannot be read (as the GUI version does) and outputs a warning message
  • Updated to StarBurn 15.6
  • Always convert FLAC files to WAV, preventing the usage of problematic DirectShow filters
  • Added BD XL sizes for disc spanning
  • Adjusted command line version for no-drive usage

Veranderingen voor v4.5.5.5666 - v4.5.5.5790

  • * Updated StarBurn to 15.5 (support for SPTD 2.02 driver for Windows 10)
  • ! Fixed: Online update downloads updates even if disabled (though they are not installed)

Veranderingen voor v4.5.5.5571 - v4.5.5.5642

  • Added support for custom gaps between tracks (pregap / postgap)
  • * Adjusted copy disc dialog for RTL
  • * Adjusted video DVD disc dialog for RTL
  • * Updated link in audio track recognition dialog
  • ! MSI installer does not upgrade previous versions correctly
  • ! Fixed missing text in startup dialog after minimizing (for RTL languages)

Veranderingen voor v4.5.4.5306 - v4.5.5.5571

  • Update to StarBurn 15.4
  • Re-implemented EchoNest API (has been shut down) with
  • Handle OverflowException with appropriate error message

Veranderingen voor v4.5.4.5118 - v4.5.4.5143

  • Improved video DVD burning for RTL
  • Adjusted error reporting for TypeInitializationExceptions
  • Show appropriate error message if invalid boot image is selected

Veranderingen voor v4.5.4.5067 - v4.5.4.5118

  • Fixed dialog "import session" is not properly RTL'd
  • Adjusted "boot options" dialog for RTL
  • Adjusted "disc spanning" dialog for RTL
  • Fixed RTL issue in "print cover" and fixed incorrect activation of controls in response to the selected radio buttons
  • Fixed message boxes not being right aligned with RTL
  • Fixed ArgumentException HandleSpecialFile when trying to add files from unsupported locations
  • Fixed potential ArgumentOutOfRangeException in custom disc size dialog
  • Fixed a potential NullReferenceException when closing the data compilation
  • Fixed a potential NullReferenceException when renaming folders
  • Fixed unnecessarily limiting number conversion in boot options dialog (sectors) which additionally results in an error

Veranderingen voor v4.5.4.5000 - v4.5.4.5067

  • Indicate disc type required when the required disc space exceeds the maximum size available for the currently inserted media type.
  • Ignore ShellException in SetWindowAppId
  • Replaced error report with appropriate error message (ArgumentException)
  • Fixed an ArgumentNullException when importing previous sessions
  • Fixed a potential ArgumentOutOfRangeException in the properties dialog
  • Fixed a potential NullReferenceException when renaming files

Veranderingen voor v4.5.3.4746 - v4.5.4.4852

  • Added EchoNest music identification
  • Lifted technical limitation: CD-Text can now be combined with gaps between tracks
  • Updated to StarBurn 15.3 (fixes BD-RE device capability detection)
  • Allow manually typing in HDD target (copy disc) with autocompletion
  • Fixed a few issues with hight contrast theme
  • Fixed: Adding files larger than 4GB to ISO/Joliet no longer causes an error
  • Fixed a few registry entries remaining after removal of CDBurnerXP

Veranderingen voor v4.5.3.4643 - v4.5.3.4746

  • Added Serbian Cyrillic translation and cyrillic/latin installer translation
  • Updated StarBurn to 15.2 (for Win 8.1/SPTD)
  • Fixed: Adding audio tracks was no longer possible when closing the audio compilation area and opening it again

Veranderingen voor v4.5.2.4255 - v4.5.2.4291

  • Updated StarBurn library
  • Fixed: Imported file size is displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed startup issue occurring on some WinXP systems

Veranderingen voor v4.5.2.4214 - v4.5.2.4255

  • When caching files is enabled, CDBurnerXP now saves the original non-cached path for data compilations
  • Fixed: Before burning ISO images, an empty disc should be required (instead of just a writable one)
  • Fixed: CDBurnerXP does not ask for erasing the disc if an empty disc is required
  • Fixed: ISO burning does not show any progress
  • Fixed: Errors occuring during ISO burning or copying are not displayed

Veranderingen voor v4.5.1.4003 - v4.5.2.4214

  • Added thumbnail printing feature (see
  • Added verification for video DVDs, updated to StarBurnX v15
  • Standard message boxes will now be shown RTL if the language requires it
  • Also display embedded cover images of audio files when printing thumbnails
  • Fixed incorrect file date/time for disc spanning

Veranderingen voor v4.5.1.3868 - v4.5.1.4003

  • Adjusted ISO split file name for sorting
  • Fixed: Cancel does not work
  • Fixed: Disc name is not set when burning data discs per command line
  • Fixed: Issues with size calculation
  • Fixed: Incorrect disc size descriptions
  • Fixed: Adding certain files with similar names fails with an exception
  • File names are now automatically renamed to match the file system specifications

Veranderingen voor v4.5.0.3685 - v4.5.0.3717

  • More details on file system restrictions (length limit)
  • Property dialog now works recursively if multiple files/folders are selected
  • Fixed: COMException
  • Release all locked files immediately if compilation is closed
  • Fixed upgrade code for x64 bit MSI packages
  • Fixed: Do not allow creating new folders when file with same name already exists
  • Fixed possible COMExceptions when deleting files
  • Prevent adding files with file names longer than technically possible (should probably be changed later so that files are renamed before the burning process starts)
  • Fixed: Caching options don't work

Veranderingen voor v4.5.0.3681 - v4.5.0.3685

  • Fixed problems with canelling the burning process
  • Fixed: Assume lower DVD-R disc size for disc spanning (practice has shown that theoretical size might not be available)
  • Fixed: Disc spanning not showing progress properly
  • Fixed: Some columns in details view might be shown more than once
  • Fixed: Copy to HDD selects wrong image type
  • Fixed: Disc label value might not be shortened

Veranderingen voor v4.4.1.3341 - v4.4.2.3442

  • Added support for new audio format "Opus"
  • Added Hungarian installer translation
  • Fixed an AccessViolationException when loading certain audio files
  • Fixed a bug with custom speed selection
  • Fixed: When opening an audio compilation, the saved order might not be restored

Veranderingen voor v4.4.1.3243 - v4.4.1.3341

  • Added Serbian translation
  • Also show playlist file types in file open dialog
  • Fixed (new try) burning speed possibly being changed during multi disc burning sessions
  • Fixed: Relatively rooted paths are not read correctly from playlist files

Veranderingen voor v4.4.1.3184 - v4.4.1.3243

  • Fixed: Custom speeds are removed when burning process starts
  • Do not offer auto update if newer version is already installed
  • Fixed an error when starting to burn a data disc

Veranderingen voor v4.4.1.3099 - v4.4.1.3184

  • Remove audio track sorting when loading a compilation
  • Fixed burning speed possibly being changed during multi disc burning sessions
  • Fixed application not exiting properly on Windows XP
  • Fixed: When dragging multiple files from the integrated file browser, files are not taken in the displayed order (depending on the file selected for dragging)

Veranderingen voor v4.4.0.3018 - v4.4.1.3099

  • Added column "File name" to track list
  • Added "Send to" integration to installer
  • Georgian installer translation (and translation updates)
  • Estonian installer translation
  • Improved support for right to left languages
  • Fixed tree view being out of sync after rename (UDF)
  • Fixed: Required hard disk space is not properly checked when copying

Veranderingen voor v4.4.0.2971 - v4.4.0.3018

  • Added possibility to use burning speeds that the burning device does not report as supported
  • Randomize tracks feature for audio discs
  • Fixed: Renaming does not work if UDF is being used (workaround until NMS is replaced by StarBurn)

Veranderingen voor v4.4.0.2968 - v4.4.0.2971

  • Ukrainian translation has not been deployed properly
  • Changed StarBurn DLL to older version (2968 did not include the ideal version)

Veranderingen voor v4.4.0.2905 - v4.4.0.2968

  • Cover printing: If no custom image is used and the track list exceeds 28 tracks, the first page is also used as track list
  • Added refresh by interval to disc checking dialog for the case that Windows message notifications don't work.
  • Switched back to older StarBurn burning library due to a couple of stability issues.

Veranderingen voor v4.4.0.2838 - v4.4.0.2905

  • Fixed a FormatException in the property dialog
  • Fixed: Window size of data/audio window is not preserved correctly when closed in minimized state
  • Fixed an ArgumentException in the video DVD burning dialog (path enclosed in quotes)
  • Fixed: Handle exceptions for "save as" / audio compilations
  • Fixed a StackOverflowException when cancelling
  • Fixed: Incorrect error message when making multiple copies with same source and target device
  • Fixed: If only one language is installed, use it as default
  • Fixed: The name suggested for burning video DVDs may exceed the maximum length
  • Fixed error "Incorrect BASS.DLL version (2.3 is required)" if an old version of bass_aac.dll has been copied to a Windows system folder

Veranderingen voor v4.3.9.2809 - v4.4.0.2838

  • Added support for BIN/CUE files (audio CD burning)
  • Made updater compatible to both versions of .NET Framework
  • CDBurnerXP will now ask before installing an update to prevent surprises
  • Updated burning library for more reliable audio burning
  • Fixed a visual glitch in the video DVD burning dialog
  • Fixed: Progress for multiple disc copies updated incorrectly

Veranderingen voor v4.3.9.2783 - v4.3.9.2809

  • Number of copies can now be specified in for disc copying
  • It is now possible to select the disc number when burning with disc spanning active
  • Upgrading should now work properly when using the MSI installer, also for minor version changes
  • Show right cursor for PreventDefaultDragDrop=1

Veranderingen voor v4.3.9.2762 - v4.3.9.2783

  • DVD-Video folders can now be dropped on the video DVD burning dialog
  • The visiblity of columns in the file selection view can now be controlled per context menu
  • Automatically append (1) ... (X) to the disc names for disc spanning
  • Added workaround for incorrectly written UTF-8 tags
  • Disabled digital signature verification to improve startup time
  • Fixed two 64 bit files in x86 MSI installer
  • Prevent ArgumentException in video DVD burning dialog for whitespace file paths
  • Fixed error: "The SAO mode only is allowed for burning MDS!"
  • Adjusted width of time column for English date time formats

Veranderingen voor v4.3.9.2761 - v4.3.9.2762

  • Fixed outdated DLL in setup package
  • Reverted to older StarBurn library again, audio burning issue still not fixed.

Veranderingen voor v4.3.8.2631 - v4.3.9.2761

  • Added "PreventDefaultDragDrop" configuration setting
  • Added Spanish (Argentina) translation
  • Improved duration formatting in cover printing and added border for cutting-out custom covers
  • Suggest album title for cover printing
  • Only install 64-bit version of CDBurnerXP to "Program files"
  • Automatically show audio player when playing an audio track and player is not visible
  • Prevent changing speed selection to "maximum speed" when burning multiple copies of a disc
  • Group directories at the top or bottom when sorting (like Windows Explorer)
  • Automatically show audio player when playing an audio track and player is not visible
  • New DVD-Video burning functionality, now also exposed in startup dialog (using StarBurn burning engine)
  • New MSI installer with better deployment capabilities
  • Fixed: Dropbox shows incorrect sizes
  • Fixed: Incorrect remaining size/MB (audio burning)
  • Fixed error: CStarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::ExecuteCDB(): Command failed
  • Fixed: MarshalDirectiveException when shutting down
  • Fixed: "Error while trying to send drive report"
  • Fixed error: CStarBurn_StarWaveFile::RealRead() (when burning short audio files)

Veranderingen voor v4.3.8.2568 - v4.3.8.2631

  • Option to enable or disable CD-Text
  • Added capability of overwriting existing files on disc when using the -import flag and adding new files (command line version)
  • Added "print track list" feature for audio burning
  • Adjusted date/time comparison for file replacement
  • Reserve a little more free space when splitting DVDs
  • Display "required" and "available" size more accurately if both are almost the same, so that the difference is actually apparet
  • MSI package and CDBurnerXP executables are now digitally signed as well
  • Fixed a missing translation
  • Fixed: Registry option "DefaultLanguage" does not work if only a single language is installed
  • Fixed error "index is outside the bounds of the array" when adding a cue sheet with a non zero first track index
  • Fixed: Renamed files do not appear renamed when printing a cover
  • Command line version now uses the correct (local) modification dates for files

Veranderingen voor v4.3.8.2521 - v4.3.8.2523

  • Another OpenCandy update

Veranderingen voor v4.3.8.2513 - v4.3.8.2521

  • Updated OpenCandy to comply with MSE

Veranderingen voor v4.3.8.2474 - v4.3.8.2513

  • Added Galician language
  • When adding a video DVD layout, the parent folder of VIDEO_TS will also be accepted
  • Prevent system from going into standby mode while burning
  • More useful error information in command line version
  • Fixed: Portable versions should not attempt to launch the auto update
  • Fixed: Custom disc spanning size cannot be specified in GB
  • Fixed: Predefined DVD+R disc size too high

Veranderingen voor v4.3.7.2423 - v4.3.8.2474

  • Added argument "-sptd" for command line version
  • Fixed: Auto update does never actually work
  • Added DVD+R to disc sizes for disc spanning, because it has a smaller size than DVD-R. Discs fitted to DVD-R will not burn to DVD+R successfully.
  • Use supplied CD-Text information for cover printing
  • Fixed: ISO level is not remembered
  • Fixed: After disabling the question "Save compilation" a compilation is attempted to be saved by default (instead of doing nothing)
  • Fixed: Command line version does not rename files when importing DXP files
  • Fixed: Cue sheets that specifiy file names with superfluous spaces at the start or end cannot be parsed
  • Fixed a possible NullReferenceException when trying to add an empty cue sheet
  • Fixed: Incorrect error messages when burning multiple audio discs in a row
  • Fixed: Importing Cue sheets with comments fails
  • Fixed: Importing NRA files with special characters fails
  • Fixed a possible "audio track invalid" error message

Veranderingen voor v4.3.7.2356 - v4.3.7.2420

  • Added "Copy all" function to the device information window
  • Added "Add folder..." to Edit menu
  • CDBurnerXP file extensions now appear in "default programs"
  • It is no longer attempted to hibernate when using the shutdown option after burning discs
  • Fixed: Disc spanning might create images that are a few bytes too large for the target medium
  • Fixed: Command line log file does not work
  • Fixed: ApplicationID is set incorrectly
  • Fixed accessibility of the startup screen
  • Fixed: Drives with drive letter A and B are not recognised
  • Fixed: Error message "StarWave_CompressedFileReaderObjectCreate failed" when burning ISO files

Veranderingen voor v4.3.7.2316 - v4.3.7.2356

  • Files in the compilation are now sorted using the same method as WinXP (and later) uses, considering numeric file name parts
  • Now supports "Open with" command for ISO images
  • Support for NRA playlists
  • More user friendly error messages when renaming files incorrectly
  • Fixed: Do not warn about unreadable data near the end of the disc when grabbing (where unreadable data is to be expected)

Veranderingen voor v4.3.5.2256 - v4.3.7.2316

  • Option to use a custom size for disc spanning
  • Made custom media size menu easier to access (no submenu)
  • Processing audio tracks now happens at a later time
  • Fixed: Silent installation does not work
  • Fixed: Stop audio player when starting the burning process
  • Fixed: Portable version should not include OpenCandy files
  • Two methods for disc splitting: "Use as few discs as possible" and "Do not split folder contents unnecessarily"
  • Option to add a table of contents to each disc for disc spanning
  • Extended file filter functionality: Files can now be filtered when adding them to the compilation, include/exclude option, F7 shortcut
  • Fixed: File system choice is not remembered
  • Properly verify whether or not simulation is possible before starting the burning process
  • Some fallbacks for creating INI files
  • Cover printing now also allows to use existing (scanned) images as cover
  • Fixed: Task bar progress does not disappear in some occasions
  • Fixed: Reordering audio tracks is not possible under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a FormatException
  • Fixed: Del key in track edit mode deletes track instead of a single char
  • Fixed: Crash when verifying burned ISO images

Veranderingen voor v4.3.2.2212 - v4.3.5.2256

  • Disc spanning: Data compilations can now be spead on multiple discs
  • New option "-changefiledates" for the command line version
  • Fixed: Incorrect error "There is not enough free space on the disc." when burning audio discs
  • Fixed: Audio pause length is twice as long as intended
  • Fixed: Burn speed is disregarded when burning audio discs
  • Fixed some progress bars not being displayed in the task bar (Win7)
  • Adjusted incorrect "File" count in command line version
  • Fixed: Command line -folder[\X]:\A -folder[\X]:\B does not work
  • Fixed: Incorrect log message when extracting CD image to file

Veranderingen voor v4.3.2.2140 - v4.3.2.2212

  • Information about file rename requirements before burning a disc
  • New dialog for setting the file system properties #As long as issues are not solved, VS 2008 downgrade #tweet:Next version will have a new dialog for setting file system properties. Also explains limitations of the chosen file system.
  • Only show progress dialogs if necessary (if operation takes longer than half a second)
  • Fixed: No task bar progress in x64 version
  • Missing service description on x64 OSes
  • Fixed: Using -file with FLAC audio files does not work

Veranderingen voor v4.3.1.2101 - v4.3.2.2140

  • Option to save an audio compilation as cue sheet
  • Added option -udf
  • Option to save an audio compilation as M3U playlist
  • TITLE and PERFORMER information in Cue sheets is now used for CD-Text
  • Optimisation: Omit processing of cue sheet tracks which are added as a whole
  • Warning about adding duplicate tracks to audio compilations (especially when using playlists and single files in combination)
  • Do not show error messages for eject failures
  • Allow reordering of columns in the audio track list
  • Fixed: Cancel did not work properly during "reading from source" when copying a disc
  • Fixed: "Audio player" menu item may get out of sync with audio player state
  • Fixed: Double clicking an item in the startup dialog alters the clipboard content (workaround)
  • Fixed: Burning mixed mode discs is not possible
  • Fixed a FormatExcpetion when using the Arabic translation
  • More fault tolerant language setting
  • Fixed: Command line version does not correctly create folders on discs
  • Fixed: Unreadable error messages in low contrast mode

Veranderingen voor v4.3.0.2064 - v4.3.1.2101

  • Added support for .NET Framework 4.0
  • Added -speed option to command line version
  • New replace dialog (with option "replace changed files only")
  • Command line version now behaves in a more useful way: -folder[\targetFolder]:sourcePath will add all contents within sourcePath into targetFolder, instead of adding the source folder as a sub directory.
  • Fixed an IOException in the language selection dialog
  • Fixed FormatExcpetions when using Arabic translations
  • Fixed: Burning ISO images close to the max. size fails with error message

Veranderingen voor v4.3.0.2054 - v4.3.0.2064

  • Fixed a NullReferenceException
  • Auto update of x64 edition should not download a 32 bit version
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException

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