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Veranderingen voor v9.6.0.3955 - v9.6.0.3956

  • Solved: Some small improvements

Veranderingen voor v9.6.0.3950 - v9.6.0.3955

  • Solved: Some small fixes
  • Changed: Optimized display of memory usage
  • Changed: Search within whole disks accelerated
  • New: Selection option in the Results window: "Keep shortest folder names"
  • New: Selection option in the Results window: "Keep shortest file names"
  • New: Prices reduced
  • New: Windows 8.1 compatible

Veranderingen voor v9.6.0.3940 - v9.6.0.3950

  • New: By default the program using the folder \Dupehunter as main folder for exports, jobs and other files in the future. But the folder can be predefined by administrators.
  • Solved: Memory above 4 GB incorrect calculated and displayed.
  • Solved: Sometimes the update engine doesn't found existing updates on our website.

Veranderingen voor v9.6.0.3928 - v9.6.0.3940

  • New: Windows 8 supported
  • Solved: Sometimes folder for job files and exports not created
  • Solved: Reading of administrative folders for job files and exports under 64 bit was not possible.

Veranderingen voor v9.6.0.3924 - v9.6.0.3928

  • Solved: Sometimes an access violation occurs when clicking on a file in the result tree
  • Improved: If the search process has been saved automatically, unattended export was prevented.

Veranderingen voor v9.6.0.3920 - v9.6.0.3924

  • Solved: Dialog ?Load Job? sometimes refer to a wrong directory
  • Solved: Export folder sometimes refer to a wrong directory
  • Changed: System recognition improved
  • New: More English PDF documentation
  • New: Quick Search in the main window
  • Changed: Back-up folder for saving the search result changes to program folder, not longer to AppData. And a new message provides information about the internal use of this back-up.
  • Changed: Uninstall function improved
  • New: New Help System based on a huge number of PDF files
  • Removed: Help files of old CHM format
  • Solved: Translation for the text export
  • Solved: Translation of export confirmation fixed
  • New: Support of clipboard in the result window
  • Changed: Help System only online on our website
  • Changed: Thousand Separator internationalized
  • Changed: Keyboard support for Ctrl-Left and Ctrl-Right in the search job creation
  • New: A new dialog box displays after exporting the file name and the location and allows you to open the export folder or export file.
  • Solved: Exporting selected files led to errors when no file was selected.
  • Solved: Deletion of the last saved search result was not possible.
  • New: Full-screen view of the results window can be switched off

Veranderingen voor v9.5.0.3914 - v9.6.0.3920

  • Changed: Program interface for classic Windows style optimized
  • Changed: Manually input of search folder is now possible
  • Changed: Input of network drives solved
  • Changed: File DH_Content.txt now Unicode compatible
  • Changed: File pattern dialog optimized (All Files, Use Dates…)
  • Changed: Installation for Windows Vista and 7 optimized
  • Changed: Reference folder selection only visible, if the whole tree is in the scope
  • Solved: Sometimes selections failed, if scope „Whole tree“ and „Current group“ was not changed on program start
  • New: Old structure of folders can be created during file movements.
  • Solved: Option "No files smaller than 1024 bytes" repaired

Veranderingen voor v9.0.0.3911 - v9.5.0.3914

  • Changed: result window completely re-designed
  • Changed: search up to 15 % faster!
  • Changed: Default value for ZIP password obligation changed. Now by default this option is not longer active and by that unencrypted ZIP archives can be created. Administrators should consider this and modify this setting manually for normal users, if necessary.
  • Added: single confirmation, whether you wish an automatic program update check or not. You find this option also in the program options under „Online Update“.
  • Added: selection „Keep longest file name„
  • Added: selection „Keep longest folder names„
  • Added: selection „Keep current file„
  • Added: export of full list to TEXT
  • Added: export of selected files to TEXT
  • Added: export of selected files to XML
  • Solved: search inside the result tree was not available.
  • Solved: owner of a file was not displayed.
  • Solved: some small corrections
  • Added: more music file extensions (cue, lsw, cmp..) under „preselection„
  • Changed: all selections alternatively for the whole tree or current file group

Veranderingen voor v9.0.0.3910 - v9.0.0.3911

  • Changed: Installation under Windows 7 and Vista optimized
  • Changed: Small corrections

Veranderingen voor v9.0.0.3908 - v9.0.0.3910

  • Added: F12 can be used to scale down the main window size to the smallest available size. This is useful, if a greater window size was saved, but in the meantime the resolution was scaled down.
  • Solved: The welcome dialog was displayed during the search, when using command line parameters.
  • Changed: Font size in result window adjustable.

Veranderingen voor v9.0.0.3906 - v9.0.0.3908

  • Changed: Optimized for 900 x 720 pixels
  • Added: Pre-selection menu with more file types (+archives, +manuals)
  • Improved: Installation under Vista and Windows 7 improved
  • Improved: interface in the job creation with new shortcuts

Veranderingen voor v8.1.3750 - v9.0.0.3906

  • Fixed: Language changing of file pattern preselection
  • Fixed: Translation of folder dialog
  • Automatic language selection acc. to Windows system
  • Fixed: Reference folder selection
  • Fixed: Sanitizing limit of 20 files for registered users removed
  • Improved progress indicators during the deletion
  • Update mechanism improved
  • Selection inside of the result tree improved
  • Full compatibility with Unicode UTF-16
  • For Windows 2000 and higher. Windows 9x no longer supported!
  • Export of search protocol to XML format
  • Export of search results to XML and CSV formats
  • New user interface
  • Lesser dialogs
  • Easy language switching
  • No further export to DOC
  • No further export to XLS format, please use CSV
  • No CRC-32 hash algorithm, because it‘s unsecure
  • Process priority adjustable for each search job
  • No SQX compression, because the development has stopped
  • New ZIP compression as replacement for SQX
  • Big font size with 12 Twips
  • Pausing of search possible
  • Mouse hints in result window can be switched off
  • Calling from Explorer context menu possible
  • Job folder can be defined by admin (protected)
  • Job folder adjustable
  • Password protection for ZIP archives can be defined by admin (protected)
  • Export of selected files
  • Export of owner names of files
  • Export of hard disk serial numbers of files (usable as hardware reference)
  • Verbose log files with more information
  • 256 bit AES encryption for ZIP archives
  • New incompatible format for job files!
  • Alternatively export of all files or selected files (usable for exports sorted by Business sub segments or departments)

Veranderingen voor v8.0.3470 - v8.1.3750

  • Compatible with Windows 7!
  • Translations of user interface, user manual and website corrected.
  • Process priority adjustable by administrator
  • New registry key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE called GLOBALEXPORTDIR for a global export folder, which cannot be modified under standard user accounts.
  • Error messages solved, if no discs in drives.
  • Jump to next collision, when in one or more groups all files were check-marked. (security check)

Veranderingen voor v8.0.3467 - v8.0.3470

  • Creation of system restore points on Windows 7 available.

Veranderingen voor v8.0.3445 - v8.0.3467

  • Small update for Windows 7
  • Problem during deletion solved, if the function was called more than one time.
  • Language switching optimized
  • New binary search as an alternative search. But this is in the most cases much more slower and not more secure as Hash.
  • Export formats modified to support binary search. Please modify your custom build XML parser if necessary.

Veranderingen voor v8.0.3425 - v8.0.3445

  • Message dialog about locked files after search can be skipped
  • Language in Preselection popup menue fixed
  • Security risk solved: Sometimes false-positive duplicates were found, if locked files were found!
  • More Preselection file pattern. Can be edit by the end user!
  • Binary comparison improved
  • Search report improved

Veranderingen voor v8.0.3402 - v8.0.3425

  • Displaying resolution of 1024x768 pixel improved
  • Deleting without Recycle Bin with increased speed
  • Status information when deleting into Recycle Bin improved
  • Moving of files under Windows 95, 98 and ME solved
  • Reading path of installation from previous versions
  • Moving files with increased speed
  • Toolbar with common functions in result window

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