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Versie historie van Joplin

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Veranderingen voor v0.10.60 - v0.10.61

  • New: Display message when creating new note or to-do so that it doesn't look like the previous note content got deleted.
  • New: Also support $ as delimiter for Katex expressions
  • New: Added sync config check to config screens
  • New: Allowing opening and saving resource images
  • New: Toolbar button to set tags
  • Update: Improved request repeating mechanism
  • Fix: Make sure alarms and resources are attached to right note when creating new note
  • Fix: Use mutex when saving model to avoid race conditions when decrypting and syncing at the same time

Veranderingen voor v0.10.47 - v0.10.60

  • New: WebDAV synchronisation target
  • New: Support for math typesetting Katex
  • New: Tray icon for Windows and macOS
  • Fixed: Don't allow adding notes to conflict notebook
  • Updated: Russian translation
  • Updated: French translation
  • New: List missing master keys in encryption screen
  • Fixed: Attaching images in Linux was no longer working
  • Fixed crash in macOS

Veranderingen voor v0.10.39 - v0.10.41

  • •Added End-To-End Encryption support (E2EE)

Veranderingen voor v0.10.23 - v0.10.25

  • Allow multi-selection on note lists
  • Allow drag and drop of notes
  • Hide invalid characters (non-breaking spaces) in editor

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