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Veranderingen voor v1.8.7 - v1.8.8

  • This is a bugfix release with no new features.

Veranderingen voor v1.8.6 - v1.8.7

  • BUG: Issue #633: Relocate dialog does not remember urls. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #634: Repo browser does not show nested externals. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #635: externals property not correctly converted to a relative url. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #636: externals property dialog does not handle multiple selections. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #637: TortoiseMerge fails to detect utf16 files if BOM is missing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #638: log dialog filter not fully reapplied after refresh. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #639: File externals not committed. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.8.5 - v1.8.6

  • This is a bugfix release with no new features.

Veranderingen voor v1.8.4 - v1.8.5

  • BUG: Issue #594: "Diff with url" generated patch does not apply. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #497: "restore after commit" must restore on cancel as well. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #595: TortoisePlink crash for x64. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #601: Crash fetching properties in CfM dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #602: Log dialog message loses formatting after clicking a link. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #603: TortoiseBlame: Blue wavy lines in C header files. (Sup Yut Sum)
  • BUG: Issue #607: TortoiseMerge fails to restore Unicode characters. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #608: revision graph export to svg fails to escape text. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #611: log dialog does not fetch all revisions specified in merge dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #614: TSVNCache crash when removing cached data. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #616: "update" not available in check-for-modifications context menu. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.8.3 - v1.8.4

  • Issue 584: Revert from log dialog bottom pane fails if the file was deleted. (Sergey Azarkevich)
  • Issue #585: repo browser doesn't refresh directory browser when clicking "up a directory". (Stefan)
  • Issue #587: wrong colors in locatorbar in TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
  • Issue #588: subwcrev crash after replacing $WCREV$ in UTF-16 encoded file. (Stefan)
  • Issue #590: "create patch" for added files always includes parent folders. (Stefan)
  • Issue #586: Option to disable SVNParentPath handling in repo browser. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.8.2 - v1.8.3

  • This is a bugfix release with no new features.

Veranderingen voor v1.8.1 - v1.8.2

  • This is a bugfix release with no new features.

Veranderingen voor v1.7.13 - v1.8.1

  • lot has been done in both TortoiseSVN and the Subversion library since version 1.7 came out almost two years ago. You can expect a lot of improvements.

Veranderingen voor v1.7.12 - v1.7.13

  • This release got a few bugs fixed both in TortoiseSVN and the svn library.
  • The release also contains fixes for the following security issue: CVE-2013-2112

Veranderingen voor v1.7.11 - v1.7.12

  • Issue #446: Infotip is shown even if path is fully visible. (Stefan)
  • Issue #449: Invalid quotation in %burl and %yurl diff tool arguments. (Stefan)
  • Issue #450: Windows path check fails if the path/url is escaped. (Stefan)
  • Issue #455: Crash in TortoiseIDiff and TortoiseUDiff on Windows8. (Stefan)
  • Issue #456: offline log mode does not activate. (Stefan)
  • Issue #459: Setting a property recursively in the repo browser segfaults. (Stefan)
  • Issue #462: revision links not created in commit comments when started from the repo browser. (Stefan)
  • Issue #463: Selection is wrong after sorting the file column in the log dialog. (Stefan)
  • Issue #464: TortoiseBlame does not detect utf8/ansi encodings correctly. (Stefan)
  • Issue #466: Error opening a new file in Check for modifications. (Stefan)
  • Issue #467: Warning not shown about non-recursive commits. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.10 - v1.7.11

  • BUG: Issue #428: out-of-date error when modifying properties from the repository browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #429: crash if config file is invalid or corrupted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #430: repo browser does not refresh properly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #433: Show log by date range is using only "start" or "end" date, not both. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #435: child items not shown when adding an ignored folder. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #437: wrong error message shown in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #440: svn:needs-lock not recognized if it has an empty value. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #441: crash in commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #442: "File not found" error when showing log of file whose folder has been copied from an older revision. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.9 - v1.7.10

  • BUG: Issue #406: wrong image positioning. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #408: repeated authentication and crashes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #409: language pack fails to install in silent mode. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #412: TMerge options affect other instances. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #413: wrong unescaped path in Log Dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #414: Words with german umlauts not highlighted after log message search. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #415: Check-for-modifications dialog shows folders as files for sparse checkouts. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #418: Unexpected warning Non-recursive commit of moved/renamed folders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue # 398: Copied files don't get reverted to recycle bin. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #421: Checkout dialog ignores OK button after directory warning. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #426: reverting a file destroys the sort order in the status list control. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.8 - v1.7.9

  • BUG: Issue #394: crash when refreshing status list control. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #396: crashes in various commands if the config file is invalid. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #398: Copied files don't get reverted to recycle bin. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #399: Selecting an url from the repbrowser clears the url. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #400: repo browser crash when refreshing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #401: Exception shown when blame is called for an url. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #402: various crashes in other applications. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue 404: checkbox width calculated wrong if visual styles are disabled. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.7 - v1.7.8

  • BUG: Issue #297: "Show changes as unified diff" from Log window fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #299: crash in repobrowser when refreshing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #301: Crash in log dialog when selecting all revisions with Ctrl-A. (Stefan)
  • BUG: issue #302: segfault in status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #304: buffer overflow when saving column data. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #305: diff from log for url fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #298: crash when editing files in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #307: Repository browser does not check empty selections. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #308: closing merge wizard with log dialog open segfaults. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #309: file diff dialog can segfault. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #315: long paths handled incorrectly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #316: Threads not correctly synchronized in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #317: progress dlg can't be closed with the red X button. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #318: Command URLs with spaces parsed incorrectly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #320: segfault when unloading the shell extension. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #321: TortoiseMerge asserts on start. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #324: Exception when checking for admin dirs. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #327: Access violation with "Show log" on copied entry. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #330: crash with invalid config file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #332: crash when closing log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #335: stack overflow when unchecking items in the commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #336: crash when closing the progress dialog too early. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #337: out of memory exception when opening large files in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #338: cache crash on startup. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #339: too short checkbox and radio controls in high dpi mode. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #340: reverting files from log dialog fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #344: DC leaks cause crashes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #345: Crash in progress dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #346: crash diffing invalid icon files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #347: long paths crash TortoiseBlame. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #348: crash closing merge wizard. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #349: Language packs downgrade. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #351: crash in status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #352: overlay icons disappear after moving the .svn folder. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #353: Repro browser: Creating folder in just renamed folder with space in name fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #354: After reloading cursor and position dont match. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #355: newline symbols are shown incorrectly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #357: tagging externals from log dialog not implemented. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #359: out of memory exception in commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #360: Crash using blocks. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #361: merge log messages not generated for 'record only' merges. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #362: crash when adding/removing properties. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #363: make crash reporter optional during install. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #365: moved line detection can segfault. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #367: temp files created with wrong names. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #368: accessing invalid data in repobrowser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #370: number of added files is wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #371: Cleaning up unversioned/ignored items can fail without an error being shown. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #372: log dialog refresh does not refresh merged info. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #373: Right-clicking on files ceases to function in Commit dialog on occasion. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #376: Incorrect checkbox selection in Repo browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #377: file lock without owner crashes status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #379: Access violation when reading the w/c state for the revision graph. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #380: Crash in log reporter when author information is empty. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #381: Exception when updating revprops in log cache. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #382: Don't crash in log cache when path info is not available. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #383: access violation if context creation fails. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #384: Crash when removing old log caches. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #385: Log cache not filled after REPLACE. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #386: double entries in log dialog after "next 100". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #388: Wrong/duplicate info in the explorer Subversion properties tab. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #389: Blame using the wrong pegrev. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Issue #393: Crash when dragging files with long paths. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.6 - v1.7.7

  • We fixed a lot of bugs in TortoiseSVN this time, mostly thanks to the many crash reports that were sent.
  • To improve TortoiseSVN even further we've also included a new crash reporting tool this time. Please have a look at our post about this new crash handler and how we use it here.
  • There's also a new version of the CommitMonitor available.

Veranderingen voor v1.7.5 - v1.7.6

  • BUG: Issue #209: repo browser doesn't handle putty session names. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #216: Apply patch marks deleted files as "missing". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #177: TortoiseMerge truncates long lines. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #218: log dialog export uses wrong files when sorted. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #220: tripple-click on empty space crashes TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #221: diff uses wrong tool in case the filename matches a registered extension. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #222: log dialog does not refresh to HEAD. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #223: overlays not shown if wc contains unversioned folders. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Issue #224: use crashrpt. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #225: Error when creating a branch/tag from log dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #226: context commands for externals can fail. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #228: commit dialog fails to enable OK button. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #230: Global Ignore Broken for Directories. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #231: 'show log' fails for deleted entry. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.4 - v1.7.5

  • BUG: Issue #184: Refresh in log dialog only refreshes the last fetched block. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #185: apply patch from clipboard fails for direct items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #186: Overlays can crash the shell. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #188: edit log message fails to edit case changes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #191: SubWRev fails when started from a short path. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #192: CL client does not expand wildcards. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #193: Bogus warning about non-recursive commit. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #194: 'Copy all information to clipboard' tree conflict information missing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #197: "Update item to revision" missing in Repo-browser. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #198: Overlay lost on revert. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #199: cache crashes with too long paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #200: Result message box shows doubled entries when (un)ignoring. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #201: "Show Log" missing from renamed/copied files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #204: Sparse update fails to fetch new items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #205: Long urls fail to checkout/export. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #206: Scroll problem in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #208: filter highlighting fails with non-ASCII chars. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #209: repo browser doesn't handle redirects properly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #210: blame "ignore all whitespaces" uses -b instead of -w. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #211: Properties dialog only shows files menu items. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.3 - v1.7.4

  • BUG: Issue #169: Error "Access to C:\Users\ was denied." (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #170: svn url fomatting broken on 'switch'. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #171: Right-Click Refresh not working in Repo Browser correctly. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #172: Option to turn off case-fixing. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #174: applying patch fails with "path/path not found". (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #175: Scroll to moved block doesn't work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #176: Diff settings "restore defaults" doesn't work correctly. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #177: TortoiseMerge shows long lines incorrect. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #178: copy of changed files list when sorted copies wrong items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #179: Autoprops not applied when adding folders from the CSVNStatusListCtrl. (Stefan)
  • NEW: Issue #180: Optimize repo browser for big repositories. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #182: Tagging externals stopped working. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Issue #183: exporting single files from log dialog doesn't work. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.2 - v1.7.3

  • We're proud to announce that TortoiseSVN 1.7.3 has been released. It is linked against Subversion 1.7.2
  • Due to some nasty bugs in TortoiseSVN 1.7.2 which in some specific situations could make it crash, we're releasing this version out of sync with SVN releases.
  • TortoisePlink was also updated to Plink 0.62 which had a security issue fixed.

Veranderingen voor v1.7.1 - v1.7.2

  • Issue #111: Crash in initializing the revision graph. (Stefan)
  • Issue #112: Unescaped urls in switch dialog. (Stefan)
  • Issue #115: non-existing folder shown in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • Issue #110 (again): Bogus entries in Language Combo on x64. (Stefan)
  • Issue #116: Language Packs don't have the dialog resources translated. (Stefan)
  • Issue #117: Property name has only one char. (Stefan)
  • Issue #118: Impossible to remove properties from repo browser. (Stefan)
  • Certificate Popups when smartcards are used. (Stefan)
  • Issue #120: Copying part of URL copies entire URL in GUI. (Stefan)
  • Issue #121: Authentication prompt when editing svn:externals. (Stefan)
  • Issue #122: Column widths in repobrowser. (Stefan)
  • Issue @123: Crash when switching from single to double pane view. (Stefan)
  • Issue #124: painting artifact in commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • Issue #125: missing conflict summary. (Stefan)
  • Issue #126: crashes in repo browser. (Stefan)
  • Issue #127: missing bug id in log dialog. (Stefan)
  • Issue #130: out-of-date update misses dragged items. (Stefan)
  • Issue #132: Cleanup fails to find externals in subfolders. (Stefan)
  • Issue #133: crash in log dialog when "show only affected paths" is active. (Stefan)
  • Issue #134: Show cached overlays for blocked paths. (Stefan)
  • Issue #136: SubWCRev can use wrong casing for relative paths. (Stefan)
  • Issue #108: log dialog uses wrong file if sorted. (Stefan)
  • Issue #137: overlays don't propagate from externals to their parent folders. (Stefan)
  • Issue #141: Inline diff shown for ignored whitespace lines. (Stefan)
  • Issue #142: Crash in TMerge on doubleclick. (Stefan)
  • Issue #143: Stealing locks from CSVNStatusListCtrl doesn't work. (Stefan)
  • Issue #145: Fill in image in open dialog. (Stefan)
  • Issue #146: Repo browser won't show a directory whose parent directory cannot be read. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.7.0 - v1.7.1

  • It's only been a few days since we released 1.7.0, but in this time we've fixed a lot of bugs. Both in TortoiseSVN and the underlying SVN library.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.16 - v1.7 RC1

  • TortoiseSVN 1.7 is a superset of all previous TortoiseSVN releases, and is considered the current stable and "best" release. Anything in earlier versions is also in 1.7, but 1.7 contains features and bugfixes not present in any earlier release.
  • TortoiseSVN 1.7 dropped support for Windows 2000. It requires at least Windows XP with service pack 3 to work. If you're still using Windows 2000 or Windows XP without service pack 3, you either have to upgrade your OS or keep using TortoiseSVN 1.6.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.16 - v1.7 Beta

  • TortoiseSVN 1.7 is a superset of all previous TortoiseSVN releases, and is considered the current stable and "best" release. Anything in earlier versions is also in 1.7, but 1.7 contains features and bugfixes not present in any earlier release.
  • TortoiseSVN 1.7 dropped support for Windows 2000. It requires at least Windows XP with service pack 3 to work. If you're still using Windows 2000 or Windows XP without service pack 3, you either have to upgrade your OS or keep using TortoiseSVN 1.6.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.15 - v1.6.16

  • BUG: The bugtraq:number property was not added automatically to new folders. (Stefan)
  • CHG: the in-memory auth cache is now encrypted. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.14 - v1.6.15

  • This is a bugfix release/maintenance release, linked with Subversion 1.6.16. The release contains a fix for a first-chance exception in the file open/save dialogs. This only affects applications which are run under a debugger which must also be configured to catch first-chance exceptions. But since TortoiseSVN is mostly used by developers, this is annoying so that's why we made this release only a few days after the last release. Sorry about that.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.13 - v1.6.14

  • BUG: wrong manifest which lead to SxS errors on some systems after a Windows update. (Stefan)
  • BUG: handle leak in the shell extension. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.12 - v1.6.13

  • CHG: Updated dependencies (apr, openssl, zlib, ...)
  • CHG: Increase the load retries in TBlame.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.11 - v1.6.12

  • BUG: hook scripts could fail due to an invalid CWD parameter passed to the CreateProcess API. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.10 - v1.6.11

  • BUG: Using spelling dictionaries in utf8 could crash the commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Dialogs could hang if they were closed if the modeless log dialog was still open. (Stefan)
  • BUG: When checking an added file in the commit dialog, the parent folder wasn't checked automatically if it was added too. (Stefan)
  • BUG: when passing /tourl: to the merge command, the revision range page was shown instead of the tree page. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.9 - v1.6.10

  • BUG: Updating single items from the check-for-modifications dialog could lead to inconsistent working copies. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Adding a file in an unversioned folder from the commit dialog only marked the file as added. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The overlays didn't work on win2k up to XP SP2. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The 'browse' button (...) in various dialogs did nothing when a file:/// url was specified. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.8 - v1.6.9

  • This is a bugfix release/maintenance release, linked with Subversion 1.6.12.
  • This release also contains several adjustments to make TortoiseSVN work better on Windows 7.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.7 - v1.6.8

  • This is a bugfix release/maintenance release, linked with Subversion 1.6.11.
  • This release also contains several adjustments to make TortoiseSVN work better on Windows 7.

Veranderingen voor v1.6.6 - v1.6.7

  • BUG: The status cache could segfault in some situations. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Memory leak in SubWCRevCOM. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The copy-from url in the Check-for-modifications Dialog was wrong for single files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: SubWCRevCOM could only be used by one single application at a time. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The column order wasn't saved correctly in the status list control. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The message "only numbers are allowed" could be shown even when the bugtraq:number property was set to false. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The "diff with previous revision" in the log dialog could use the wrong revision if there was a path with a copyfrom revision. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Deadlock in the shell extension when used from a multi-threaded application. (Jonathan Potter, GP Software and Stefan)
  • BUG: The "commonURL" parameter in the CheckCommit() method of the IBugtraqProvider2 interface was sometimes wrong. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Revision graph won't show w/c revision under certain conditions. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Revision graph would segfault for small repositories (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Errors returned in a post-commit hook script were ignored in a branch/tag/copy operation. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Text files dragged from the repository browser to the explorer got truncated if they had the svn:eol-style property set. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Resizing the dialogs with right/middle click didn't respect the current monitor but always moved the dialogs to the primary monitor. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.5 - v1.6.6

  • CHG: Reduced disk access in the status cache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The /url parameter was ignored for import commands. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Some project properites were not automatically added to newly added folders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Resolving tree conflicts resulted in an error message. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Under rare conditions, missing data would not be added to the log cache. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: right-dragging added files was not possible. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The menu verbs were language dependent. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.4 - v1.6.5

  • This is a bugfix release, which also contains an updated version of the neon library which adresses the following security fixes:
  • CVE-2009-2473
  • CVE-2009-2474

Veranderingen voor v1.6.3 - v1.6.4

  • This is a security release, addressing the issue described at

Veranderingen voor v1.6.2 - v1.6.3

  • NEW: All binaries are now digitally signed. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Some small improvements to the status cache. (Stefan)
  • CHG: When diffing from the log dialog, the peg revision is set to the selected revision instead of HEAD. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Deleted folders are not removed from the filesystem but only marked as deleted so they can be committed separately. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Change merges to be non-forced. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Performance improvment in TortoiseMerge when showing long lines. (Stefan)
  • BUG: If a commit failed, TSVN could crash in case the svn library returned an empty error object. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The merge options to ignore whitespaces were ignored. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The switch dialog allowed an empty url. (Stefan)
  • BUG: bugtraq: texts in the commit dialog were colored/linked wrong if the second regex matched not at the end of the first regex. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The status cache didn't release open handles long enough for drives to be able to unmount without force. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The url browse button in the checkout/export dialog wasn't enabled even if an url was entered to browse for. (Stefan)
  • BUG: A checkout could fail due to a wrong peg revision. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The status cache could fail to monitor working copies for changes. (Stefan)
  • BUG: An incomplete info text was shown for tree conflicts "incoming add upon merge". (Stefan)
  • BUG: The status cache exclude list wasn't used the first five minutes after a restart. (Stefan)
  • BUG: At the end of a merge, possible conflicts were not mentioned in the 'finished' message. (Stefan)
  • BUG: possible crash in the progress dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The check state in the commit dialog could get lost after a failed commit if there were checked items in changelists. (Stefan)
  • BUG: A failed merge could have restarted without notice. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Diffing a file added remotely in the Check-for-modifications dialog did not work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: EOLs could be lost when editing removed lines in TortoiseMerge. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.1 - v1.6.2

  • BUG: Error message about non-LF commit messages when using messages with non-ASCII text. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Dragging files/folders from the repository browser or the status list control to the explorer could result in a DEP exception. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The pathList passed to CheckCommit() only contained the parent folder for recursive commits, not all selected items. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseMerge duplicated the last line when saving UCS-2 files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Using a commit message from the history could result in an error about "only numbers are allowed" when trying to commit. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Stealing a lock failed when using serf instead of neon. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Segfault in TSVNCache. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The merge dialog always used the wc url as the default. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The pathlist in the OnCommitFinished() method did not contain all committed paths. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Copy-to-wc from the repository browser didn't work for single files/folders. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Comparing revisions in the log dialog before a rename returned an error. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The context menu in TortoiseBlame was shown on the wrong monitor in multi-monitor setups. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Saving the revision graph as a wmf file when the stripes option was activated resulted in an invalid file. (Stefan)
  • BUG: interactive merging of binary files always left the file conflicted, ignoring the "Use local" and/or "Use repository" buttons. (Stefan)
  • BUG: TSVN didn't work on Win2k if it wasn't fully updated and IE6 installed. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The options button in the settings dialog to add an IBugTraqProvider was only shown the first time and invisible the next times. (Stefan)
  • BUG: the IBugTraqProviders were not used if only set with the bugtraq:provideruuid but the providers were never configured in the settings dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Importing files by dragging them onto the repository browser didn't work on Vista. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Failed externals weren't treated as errors in the autoclose setting for the progress dialog. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Setting the external diff by mime-type didn't work for longer mime-types. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Excluding the context menu from showing for certain paths didn't work for the explorer tree view, only the list view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Warnings were shown repeatedly when updating multiple folders at once and a conflict in one update happened. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Deadlock in the TSVNCache.exe process. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.6.0 - v1.6.1

  • CHG: The history dialog is now 'attached' to the commit dialog. (Stefan)
  • CHG: When filling in a log message from the 'recent' messages in the commit dlg, use the bugtraq:logregex to extract the bug ID and fill the bug ID field if possible and only use the bugtraq:message value if the logregex doesn't return a bug ID. (Stefan)
  • CHG: Updated to OpenSSL 0.9.8k (Stefan)
  • BUG: Showing properties from the explorer svn properties tab did not work if a language other than English was set. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Crash in "cleanup". (Stefan)
  • BUG: TortoiseBlame showed only empty files. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Crash when showing the revision graph where the URL of the repository required escaping. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The log dialog would show paths incorrectly greyed out or hidden for urls which need escaping. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Sorting in the status list control didn't work properly for columns after 'lock author'. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The bugtraq:label text was shown garbled in the commit dialog if it contained non-ASCII chars. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The (Un)Ignore menu was not shown for files which have names with chars not available in the system codepage. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Show log could loop endlessly under certain conditions. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Fixed memory leak in TSVNCache. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
  • BUG: Administrative (msiexec /a ...) install didn't work. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The log dialog used the wrong font. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Blame showed revisions as merged even if they were not. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Externals weren't shown if changelists were present. (Stefan)
  • BUG: The SubWCRevCOM didn't return date information. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Refreshing a folder in the repository lead to duplicate entries shown in the tree view. (Stefan)
  • BUG: Already merged revisions were not indicated if the url required escaping. (Stefan)

Veranderingen voor v1.5.9 - v1.6.0

  • improved revision graph
  • improved log cache
  • many UI enhancements
  • Early support for tree conflict detection
  • ...and many more.

Veranderingen voor 1.5.7 - v1.5.9

  • This is a bugfix/maintenance release only with no new features. It contains an important bugfix for TortoiseMerge.

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