Versie historie van Xfire

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Veranderingen voor v1.154 - v1.155

  • Battleground launch fixes.
  • Minor changes.

Veranderingen voor v1.153 - v1.154

Veranderingen voor v1.152 - v1.153

  • •Fixed a bug which broke video encoding and broadcasting.
  • •Minor changes.

Veranderingen voor v1.150 - v1.151

  • Added full Xfire In-Game support for DirectX 9 Extended games (World of Tanks, Source games, and hundreds more)
  • When broadcasting, your streams will now be sent to a server nearer to you. (Used to be USA only)

Veranderingen voor v1.149 Build 45547 - v1.150

  • Fixed a bug where, when viewing certain broadcasts, the video stream would appear choppy.
  • Fixed a bug where game detection at start-up would be extremely slow when World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is installed.
  • Added support for Chinese and Japanese IME.
  • Added support for third party Google Pinyin / Sogou Pinyin / QQ Pinyin IMEs.
  • Updated Xfire toolbar.
  • Updated Chinese translations.
  • Other changes and fixes.

Veranderingen voor v1.148 - v1.149 Build 45547

  • * Fixed an issue where video uploads would fail with the "413 Request Entity Too Large" error.
  • * Fixed some, if not all, HTTP request errors.
  • * Fixed a connection bug with 'Games For Windows Live' games.
  • * Fixed a bug where Battlefield 3 would crash when Xfire In-Game is enabled on DirectX 10 graphics cards.
  • * Improved frame rate on broadcasts for viewers.
  • * Fixed minor bugs with game definition parsing.
  • * Updated IME system and added IME support for XIG Web Browser.
  • * Changed spelling of "Minimize to notification bar" to "Minimize to notification area" in Options.

Veranderingen voor v1.147 - v1.148

  • Added ability to broadcast on Twitch.TV (replacing LiveStream)
  • Adjusted Options menu tabs accordingly for Twitch.TV implementation
  • Fixed crashing when navigating to Tools -> Options if using XSplit, ManyCam, and other webcam software
  • Fixed some IME and XInput issues
  • Fixed more bleed-through issues
  • Minor changes

Veranderingen voor v1.146 - v1.147

  • Added ability for the client to be minimized to the taskbar
  • Added an option in Tools -> Options -> General to "Minimize to notification bar"
  • Moved the webcam settings from the Xfire In-Game to Broadcast tab
  • Added a webcam preview section to the Broadcast tab
  • Fixed a bug where two webcams with the same name would not let you use the second webcam in a broadcast
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Broadcast Microphone' checkbox was missing from the Xfire In-Game overlay
  • Minor changes

Veranderingen voor v1.143 - v1.146

  • Added support for Korean IME in Xfire In-Game
  • Updated Xfire In-Game hooking code (NEW_INPUT_SYSTEM flag). This should fix various different issues in a lot of games.
  • Fixed bleed-through issues in some games. More to come soon.
  • Xfire now shows in your taskbar when activated.
  • Minor fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.141 - v1.143

  • Added an option to upload videos taken in Xfire to your YouTube channel
  • Added Facebook Chat to Tools -> Social Network Manager
  • Fixed crashing for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and a bunch of other games
  • Fixed Xfire In-Game for a lot more DirectX 10 & 11 games
  • Released a new default Xfire skin (Phoenix), which is only available on the latest Xfire client download.

Veranderingen voor v1.140 - v1.141

  • Removed a bunch of old and unused DX9 clean-up code that stopped the correct unhooking of functions in DX10/DX11. This resolved some crashes that occurred in WoW and other games on exit when resources were not correctly cleaned up.
  • Added some new failsafe hooking checks and debug logging to ensure that hooks do not get attempted until they have passed another layer of sanity checks.
  • Changed the hooks used for DX10 & DX11 to use ResizeBuffers instead of ClearState. A large range of games called ClearState many times per frame, which would result in a huge fps drop because it would clear all devices and bitmaps and they would need to be recreated every frame. Also ResizeBuffers is the new way in DX10/DX11 to know when the screen size changes. Without this hook, newer DX11 games were crashing on re-size or switching to Fullscreen mode.
  • Added another layer of protection in the get screen size function to stop crashes that occurred when resizing certain games.
  • Fixed a memory leak where the DX10 sprite proxy was never being cleaned up when exiting.
  • Fixed an issue in DX10 where screenshots and video were not displaying the XIG interface because the sprites were not correctly getting flushed to the GPU.
  • Fixed an issue where DX10 & DX11 games that used multi-sampled (anti-aliasing) back buffer would always result in black screenshots and video capture.
  • Added full support for R10G10B10A2 back buffer format which fixed black screenshots and video capturing for any games that use that buffer format.
  • Optimized the loop logic that grabs the pixels in the back buffer for all buffer formats. This was needed because some games were dropping to 15 fps (or less) when video capturing occurred.
  • Changed the core DX11 render logic to use our own render target view instead of depending on the the render target view the game left us. This fixed a lot of games (Deus Ex, Dirt 3, Civ 5, etc) where the XIG windows would not render at all because the render target views were either cleared or left in an unusable state.
  • Tweaked rendering support for: World of Warcraft, Bioshock 1 & 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Civilization 5, DiRT 3, Homefront, Dragon Age II, Red Fraction: Guerrilla, Dungeons & Dragons Online
  • Enabled auto-login by default
  • Enabled Broadcasting by default

Veranderingen voor v1.133 - v1.138

  • Improved Localization Native Language support with non ASCII characters
  • Due to a change with Twitter’s API, we have temporarily disabled it in the social network manager
  • Authenticode Update
  • Holding down the enter key in a chat room will no longer spam the user with spam warnings
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to register using the Xfire client. Users can now register from the Xfire client correctly
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an invalid link in the client could result in a crash

Veranderingen voor v1.132 - v1.133

  • Implemented chat room spam control. If a user attempts to spam a chat room, the spam isn’t received by the people in attendance, and they will receive the message: “You have attempted to send too many messages within a short amount of time. Please wait before you send another message.” Spamming a chat room will result in a permanent (non-appealable) ban from the Xfire network.
  • OpenCandy (a system used to give users third party programs during install) has been removed from the Xfire installer;
  • The Xfire installer’s EULA has been updated to reflect the removal of OpenCandy (i.e. that section has been removed from the EULA);
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to register using the Xfire client. Users can now register from the Xfire client correctly;
  • Xfire XO Toolbar is now available for Chrome in alpha-test form. There are many known bugs, but you’re free to give it a try! (Web Game Detection is not supported on multiple tabs, and sometimes doesn’t work at all);

Veranderingen voor v1.127 - v1.132

  • Fixed several issues with notifications
  • Fixed text color display problem in chat window

Veranderingen voor v1.126 - v1.127

  • Fixed viewing issue with Live Video and the latest version of Flash.
  • Fixed several issues with video capture and live video broadcast.
  • New games supported: Alpha Protocol, The Sims 3: Ambitions, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Heroes of Might and Magic Online, Transformers: War for Cybertron, Pro Cycling Manager Season 2010, Singularity, LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4, ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta, Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943, Legio, APB: All Points Bulletin

Veranderingen voor v1.125 - v1.126

  • Improved stability of Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger integration.
  • Right-click Friends Online and select Social Network Manager to add support for 3rd party messaging systems.
  • Fixed game detection for Dofus.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.124 - v1.125

  • Fixed several issues with manually selecting the install location of a game.
  • Fixed several issues with Twitter integration.
  • Improved the social network plugins (some alpha-quality features).
  • New games supported: Plain Sight, The West, Blood II: The Chosen, Warzone 2100, Wallace and Gromit Ep2: The Last Resort, Wallace and Gromit Ep3: Muzzled, Wallace and Gromit Ep4: The Bogey Man, Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 5: Reality 2.0, Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon, Beat Hazard, The Thing, Rig'n'Roll, Minecraft, 2029 Online, Acrogorpon, Turbo Sliders, Battle of the Immortals, Blockland, The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom, Warfish, The Void, Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, Fantasy Earth Zero

Veranderingen voor v1.123 - v1.124

  • Made improvements to the Twitter Social Network integration
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed a crash on game detection
  • Add a notification when you get disconnected from Social Network accounts
  • Improved the audio when broadcasting video in Vista and Win7
  • Removed the ASCIIfication of the website due to user input
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.122 - v1.123

  • Many improvements to the notification system, including chat room invitations, community invitations, and AIM/MSN friend logon/logoff events.
  • Improved manual configuration of game installation directories in Tools | Options | Games.
  • Removed frame rate limit in live video broadcasts.
  • Added support for DirectX 11 to Xfire In-Game (for Battlefield: Bad Company 2).
  • Fixed some communication issues with Windows Media Player when setting your status from a music player.
  • Added ability to rate and view screenshots on the Screenshot Home.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.121 - v1.122

  • Revamped notifications system to draw in a small window near your Windows tray:
  • Used for friend requests, new clan news, friend logon/logoff events, and system broadcasts
  • More notifications will be available in future releases
  • The notifications are skinned by Windows and hence will follow your Windows theme (such as Aero)
  • Added support for setting custom status based on current songs for Winamp, Windows Media Player, and iTunes
  • Smoothed out bandwidth usage by Live Video broadcasts.
  • New games supported: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary, Happy Habitat, Club Penguin, Virtual Skipper 5, Dawn of Magic 2, Stargate Resistance, Aliens vs Predator, Galactic Conquest, StarCraft II Beta, Legend of Mir III, Treasure Madness, GM Rally, Perfect Ace 2: The Championships, Napoleon: Total War, Scrabble (Facebook), Sam & Max - Season 1 Episode 1: Culture Shock, Digimon Battle, NecroVisioN: Lost Company, Max and the Magic Marker, Arsenal Of Democracy, Midnight Nowhere, Continuity, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Supreme Commander 2, Cursed Mountain, MLB 2K10, Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic, Deadliest Warrior: Defend and Conquer, Star Wolves 3: Civil War, GodsWar Online, Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing, SpellForce 2 Gold Edition

Veranderingen voor v1.120 - v1.121

  • Added support to control WinAmp from Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed several issues controlling Windows Media Player from Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed some issues with webcam display in Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed an important issue with live video broadcast that could break the stream if you broadcast continuously for hours.
  • Added the ability to block a user by inputting his or her username directly.
  • Fixed an important memory leak.
  • New games supported: Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000, Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy, Runaway: A Road Adventure, Eufloria, Zero Gear, Champions Online (Facebook), Dragon's Call, Icy Tower, Judge Dredd: Judge Dredd vs Death, Sail Simulator 5, 2010 edition, Valkyrie Sky, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta, Global Agenda, Chaser, Azuga: Age of Chaos, Perpetuum, The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff, Gratuitous Space Battles, Hotel Giant 2, Army of Earth, Smokin' Guns, Quarantine 2019, Hedgewars, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, Death to Spies, Death to Spies: Moment of Truth, Command & Conquer 4 Beta, BioShock 2

Veranderingen voor v1.119 - v1.120

  • Fixed several issues with the Xfire In-Game music controls of iTunes and Windows Media Player.
  • Improved performance of Live Video broadcasts, particularly when broadcasting game audio and a microphone.
  • Improved the interface to administering communities (clans & guilds).
  • New games supported: Chicago 1930 - The Prohibition, Code Of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island, Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror, Guns of Icarus, Mach 1, Bounty Bay Online, Drive to Survive, Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper, Murder, She Wrote, Ninja Blade, Face of Mankind, Star Trek Online, 7.62 - High Calibre, A-Race Extreme Show, Sherlock Holmes - Secret Of The Silver Earring, Journey to the Center of the Moon, Wings of Prey, Drakensang: The River of Time DEMO, Freak Out: Extreme Freeride, Dark Void, Pacific Storm: Allies, Vancouver 2010, Farm Frenzy 2, Bejeweled Blitz

Veranderingen voor v1.118 - v1.119

  • Added a notification in Xfire In-Game when you receive a friend invite allowing you to respond at your leisure.
  • Fixed many small issues with the Twitter integration.
  • Added the *beta* ability in Xfire In-Game to control iTunes and Windows Media Player. Press Scroll Lock + M to try it out.
  • Added several mouse cursors in Xfire In-Game that change based on what it is pointing at (hand for links, etc.)
  • The push-to-talk key is now used to answer voice calls in Xfire In-Game.
  • New games supported

Veranderingen voor v1.117 - v1.118

  • Added the ability to post and read tweets as they happen using Xfire. Select Tools | Manage Third Party Social Networks to add your Twitter account to Xfire.
  • Added the ability to broadcast both microphone and game audio simultaneously on Vista and Windows 7.
  • Improved the layout of the Tools | Options dialog box.
  • Fixed a problem logging into MSN after changing your MSN password.

Veranderingen voor v1.116 - v1.117

  • Added an optional webcam overlay in Xfire In-Game, which can be useful for screenshots, video capture, and live video broadcast.
  • Fixed some performance and crash issues with live video broadcast.
  • Reduced the default bandwidth use of live video broadcast.
  • Fixed search in the forums.
  • New games supported.

Veranderingen voor v1.115 - v1.116

  • Improved performance when broadcasting Live Video.
  • Added the ability to post a poll in community (clan and guild) forums.
  • Added the Xfire XO toolbar as an option in the full installer.
  • Fixed a game-hang that could happen with some older games when trying to chat in-game.
  • Fixed icon-drawing problem on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed a problem with voice-enabled chat rooms when the room creator leaves and rejoins.
  • New games supported: Dekaron, K.O.S. Secret Operations, Ran Online, League of Legends, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Order of War, Evochron Legends, Risen, Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, FIFA 10, Dragon Oath, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Cities XL, Madballs in... Babo:Invasion, Heroes Over Europe, NBA 2K10, Prison Tycoon 3: Lockdown

Veranderingen voor v1.114 - v1.115

  • Added ability to set a descriptive title when broadcasting Live Video.
  • Improved performance while broadcasting Live Video.
  • Added ability to add friends in Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed Xfire In-Game to work in some OpenGL games.
  • Fixed messages to AIM friends with certain unusual characters.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.113 - v1.114

  • Many changes to Live Video (beta):
  • Reduced default broadcast bandwidth usage
  • Reduced CPU usage while broadcasting (though it is still significant)
  • Fixed many smaller problems
  • Fixed problems with logging into accounts
  • Fixed a problem logging in if you have over 5000 remote screenshots
  • Fixed a serious problem some users experienced if IE8 is installed
  • Vastly improved community search
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.112 - v1.113

  • Added Clan/Guild favorite game servers to the servers tab.
  • When you capture video in-game using Scroll Lock + V, you can now upload those videos straight from the post-game dialog box.
  • Changed the Live Video system as part of our new partnership with Livestream. No web plugin is required to watch live video any longer and there is no longer any cap on the number of viewers.
  • Fixed a problem with listing all remote screenshots when you have a very large collection.
  • Added the ability to embed any video on other web sites. The embed code is shown on every video page.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.111 - v1.112

  • Fixed problem with AIM integration for usernames and passwords with uncommon characters.
  • Fixed out-of-memory problem with some Call of Duty 2 installations.
  • Added sorting and filtering to Video Search results.
  • Fixed several mistakes in translations.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.110 - v1.111

  • Added group display in the friends list display in Xfire In-Game.
  • Fix caps lock key to work in Xfire In-Game.
  • Added the ability to cancel a voice call before the receiver answers.
  • More improvements to AIM support.
  • Large update to German translation on the web site.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.109 - v1.110

  • Many improvements and bug fixes for AIM users.
  • Added the AIM icon in the friends list when you have AIM friends.
  • Added support for the Russian language.
  • Fixed several performance issues during long-term voice chats.
  • Added the ability to create clans that have unlimited membership. Members do not show up on each others' friend lists, but can use the forums, clan news, and event calendars. These clans do not count against the limit of 5 clans you can join.
  • Improved voice chat one-to-one behavior when both users hang up simultaneously.
  • New beta Xfire XO Toolbar for web games now available.
  • Future releases of the Xfire application will be available through the Xfire Beta Testing Team. Anyone who wants to beta test Xfire is invited to join.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.108 - v1.109

  • Added many keyboard shortcuts to the Xfire In-Game web browser.
  • Added AIM account manager (Tools | Manage Instant Messenger Accounts)
  • Added infoview display to AIM friends.
  • Added group importing to AIM accounts.
  • Fixed problem with installing Xfire on Windows 7 (release candidate).
  • Fixed a few issues with the Logitech G15 keyboard support on 64-bit operating systems.
  • New games supported: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Dofus Arena, Plants Vs Zombies, Football Superstars, Puzzle Kingdoms, NecroVision, Dragonica, Battlestations Pacific, Killing Floor, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Taikodom, Terminator Salvation

Veranderingen voor v1.107 - v1.108

  • You can now use Xfire as an AIM client and can even trade messages with AIM friends in Xfire In-Game.
  • Right-click the Friends Online category to add access to an AIM account.
  • This is an alpha-quality feature and will continue to be enhanced.
  • Uploading multiple screenshots now uploads only one screenshot at a time.
  • Fixed a serious Xfire In-Game delay when you have a lot of online friends.
  • Fixed many small issues with Xfire In-Game.
  • New games supported

Veranderingen voor v1.106 - v1.107

  • Changed the Xfire In-Game interface to include a status bar and easier configuration.
  • The old default skin (named Xfire) is now officially deprecated and will not gain new features. You may still choose to use it if you have it.
  • Fixed a system vulnerability with deleting a large number of screenshots simultaneously.
  • New games supported: Ceville, Priston Tale 2, Magica Online, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, BattleForge, The Last Remnant, Wheelman, Stormrise, Fantasy Tennis 2, Theatre of War, Atmosphir Beta, The Maw, Dark Sector, Wallace and Gromit Ep1: Fright of the Bumblebees, Grand Ages Rome, Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, Monsters vs. Aliens, The Godfather II, Penumbra: Requiem, FLOCK!, Braid, Demigod.

Veranderingen voor v1.105 - v1.106

  • Browser now enabled for all XIG 2.0 games.
  • Behind the scenes changes for XIG for 1.107.
  • Client rejoins chatrooms gracefully after a chat server restart.
  • UAC Vista/XP guest account fixes.
  • New games supported: Puzzle Quest Galactrix, Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment, The Last Remnant Demo, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Demo, Empires: Total War, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Multiplayer, Football Manager Live, Watchmen: The End is Nigh, Splash Flighters, Major League Baseball 2k9, Global Agenda Beta, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising, Darkfall, Age of Booty, Codename: Panzers - Cold War, Grey's Anatomy, Three Kingdoms, The Story of Legends, Men of War, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

Veranderingen voor v1.104 - v1.105

  • Many bug fixes and improvements to the Xfire In-Game web browser (Scroll Lock + W).
  • Added warning message on personal file transfers.
  • Restore send-message sound in the classic sound pack.
  • Improve sound recording options in Vista.
  • Fixed several problems with flashback video recording.

Veranderingen voor v1.103 - v1.104

  • Added tabbed browsing to the web browser in Xfire In-Game. Hit Scroll Lock + W while playing any of dozens of games to use it.
  • Added new default sound pack.
  • Fixed problem with saving the window location of Xfire on multi-monitor computers.
  • Added the ability to capture sound in Vista using the Xfire Video Capture system (while playing a game press Scroll Lock + V).
  • Fixed problem with Call of Duty: World at War server info.

Veranderingen voor v1.102 - v1.103

  • Added a web browser to Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed issues with parsing game server info from recent versions of Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source.
  • New games supported

Veranderingen voor v1.101 - v1.102

  • Long-time users running the Xfire skin will be switched to the Shadow skin, in the old-colors Xfire theme, during this update. You may switch back if you so choose.
  • Added the ability to change sounds through sound packs, which are zip files containing .wav files.
  • Improved server information for Call of Duty: World at War.
  • The Xfire In-Game web browser is now available in *beta* quality in Guild Wars, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, and Unreal Tournament 2004.
  • Live Video broadcasts now let you chat with the broadcaster directly from the broadcast web page.
  • New games supported: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Lords of Evil, Street Gears, Dynasty Warriors 6, FIFA Manager 09, Pokemon World Online, Eets, Bodog Poker, Mr. Robot, AssaultCube, Pyroblazer, Mosby's Confederacy, Eudemons Online, Gothic III - Forsaken Gods, Cross Fire Beta, Football Manager 2009, Grand Theft Auto IV, Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online, Shaun White Snowboarding, Legendary, Zero Online, I-Fluid, Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Prince of Persia

Veranderingen voor v1.100 - v1.101

  • Added a new theme to the Shadow skin to match the old default skin's colors.
  • Added a web search box to the bottom of the main window infoview.
  • Added game server info to Call of Duty: World at War.
  • Further improvements to the live video system will launch on the web site during the first week of December.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.99 - v1.100

  • Increased the number of simultaneous chat rooms you can visit to 10.
  • Fixed several issues that caused the Xfire In-Game interface to become out of sync when joining chat rooms and voice chats.
  • Fixed a crash in Far Cry when using the mouse wheel at certain times.
  • Fixed a problem that did not update online users' clan members list when a new member joins a clan.
  • Fixed several issues with setting duplicate key bindings in Tools | Options.
  • New games supported: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway, Hinterland, Age of Chivalry, Zombie Panic! Source, D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up, Shocking Void, HighStreet 5, FIFA Soccer 09, World of Goo, Line Rider 2, The Guild 2 Venice, Nostradamus - The Last Prophecy, NHL 09, Dead Space, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Baseball Mogul 2009, Dark Horizon, S4 League, Miniconomy, Far Cry 2, Spectraball, NBA 2K9, Bully: Scholarship Edition, X3: Terran Conflict, Exodus From The Earth, Space Trader, Fallout 3, Call of Duty: World at War Beta Multiplayer, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
  • It's hard to believe but this is the 100th release of Xfire. The entire Xfire team would like to thank all of our loyal users, whether you've been active for one release, ten releases, or close to all 100 releases. Enjoy!

Veranderingen voor v1.98 - v1.99

  • Improved handling of chat room and voice chat invitations in Xfire In-Game.
  • Added special type of chat room for discussing your live video broadcasts.
  • You are always the administrator of your own chat room.
  • Improved the interface to edit your settings on the web site.
  • Fixed a crash with *alpha* live video broadcasts.
  • Fix some keys leaking through Xfire In-Game to a game.
  • New games supported:

Veranderingen voor v1.97 - v1.98

  • Added an edit box on the Chat tab to join a chat room by name
  • Added the ability for admins and moderators of chat rooms to silence everyone else
  • Added a chat room option to not show user enter/leave messages
  • Fixed a problem with the Tools | Options | Broadcast option to only allow your friends to see broadcast
  • Fixed broken game join button on chat windows
  • Fixed looping problems when in a voice chat and then testing your mic in Tools | Options | Voice
  • Fixed a problem with launching some games on Vista with UAC enabled.
  • Fixed a video capture and broadcast problem that would record the wrong sound stream.
  • Updated some language strings for Swedish and Hungarian.
  • Added an advertisement on the chat room window. This is to support Xfire-hosted voice servers which will be live (*beta*) very soon.
  • New games supported.

Veranderingen voor v1.96 - v1.97

  • Major revamp in progress for Chat Rooms. Room names must be ascii strings. Rooms can be joined by name. Rooms can be password protected, but you can invite a friend without telling him/her the password. Note: all previously saved chat rooms have been cleared because of these changes. We do not expect to need to clear saved rooms again.
  • Reorganized Tools | Options | Video dialog.
  • Fixed display of remote videos and chat rooms when logging off and back on to Xfire as a different user.
  • Fixed problem with some Call of Duty 4 servers not showing up in All Servers.
  • Added game server info to Frontlines: Fuel of War.
  • Fixed a few bugs with video capture and flashback enabled.
  • Broadcasting *alpha* now supports video resolution changes without ending the broadcast.
  • When starting a broadcast, you are placed in a chat room to discuss the broadcast.
  • New games supported: Q-World, Majesty Gold Edition, Majesty Gold Edition: The Northern Expansion, I.G.I.: I'm Going In, Transport Giant, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Beta, The Settlers III, Beijing 2008, Eschalon Book I, Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory, Project Powder Beta, Xiah Rebirth, Asda Story, Dream Pinball 3D, Sho Online, Space Siege, Space Siege, Shattered Suns, Harino, Pro Cycling Manager Season 2008, QPang, FATE: Undiscovered Realms, Dracula: Origin

Veranderingen voor v1.95 - v1.96

  • Fixed the typing notification message in Shadow skin chat windows so that they are fully visible.
  • Fixed several video capture bugs with larger videos.
  • Fixed several UI inconsistencies with the mute button.
  • Fixed encoding issues with non-ASCII characters when editing screenshot and video descriptions.
  • Added game server information to Frontlines: Fuel of War.
  • Coming 2008-08-14:
  • Teaser of the Activity Report in the infoview.
  • Massively increased limits of screenshot and video storage.
  • New games supported

Veranderingen voor v1.94 - v1.95

  • Added the option in Tools | Options | Video to enable flashback, which maintains a buffer in memory of a few seconds of video as you play a game. When you press Scroll Lock + V to record a video, the video starts recording a few seconds in the past.
  • Added a new encoded videos section to the Videos tab.
  • Added a thumbtack to allow the chat room voice chat overlay in Xfire In-Game to be hidden.
  • Added a self-mute button on chat windows for voice chats.
  • Added a right-click menu item to mute other people in a group chat room
  • Fixed many minor voice chat problems.
  • Added ability to flag videos as only appropriate for adults.
  • New games supported: Crazy Machines 2, Out of the Park Baseball 9, The Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff, World of Kung Fu, Making History: The Calm and The Storm, Freelanc3r, Genleo: The Land of Eratica, Seeds of Time Online, Oil Imperium, Combat Arms, Cardmaster Conflict, Freedom Force, Ultimate Pimpin', Safari Photo Africa: Wild Earth, Supreme Ruler 2020, The Political Machine 2008, CS-Manager, Devil May Cry 4, Immune Attack, Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now!, Panzer Elite.

Veranderingen voor v1.93 - v1.94

  • Video capture in Xfire In-Game (Scroll Lock + V) is now enabled by default for everyone. Please try capturing and sharing some videos!
  • Unified voice overlay/configuration window in Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed several opacity and drawing errors with the voice overlay in Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed display problem when editing voice chat settings in a chat room.
  • Fixed several performance issues on Windows Vista 64-bit.
  • Fixed corruption problem when taking a screenshot (Scroll Lock + S) in a full-screen game, changing to windowed mode, and then taking another screenshot.
  • New games supported: Spaceinvasion, ChaosCars, Gladiators II, Seafight, DarkOrbit, Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, GRID, Guilty Gear x2 Reload, Nitro Stunt Race Stage 1, MTV's Virtual World, Kung Fu Panda, Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Wonderland Online, Devil May Cry 4 Trial, Blokus World Tour, Star Sonata, Bullet Candy, Bus Driver, The Incredible Hulk, Stronghold Crusader Extreme, Marble Blast Gold, UEFA Euro 2008, Little Farm, SPORE Creature Creator, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Zu Online, Angels Online, Dreamlords: The Reawakening, Alien Shooter, WALL-E, Alone In The Dark

Veranderingen voor v1.92 - v1.93

  • Fixed several display problems with the activity report when you are logged in to the Xfire web site.
  • Added ability to search for videos on the Xfire web site.
  • Improved display of video capture data after exiting a game (go to Tools | Options | Video to learn more).
  • Added video search box to infoviews in the videos tab.
  • Fixed a possible crash with some games in Vista (including Lord of the Rings Online).
  • Fixed several display problems with non-ASCII characters in screenshot descriptions.
  • Several new games supported

Veranderingen voor v1.91 - v1.92

  • Added support for Polish language--discuss translation errors in this forum thread.
  • Launched new, wider web site with your personal activity report about your friends.
  • Added Xfire In-Game support to 64-bit games: Crysis, Hellgate: London, and Half-Life 2.
  • Added the ability to see who is talking in a group voice chat in Xfire In-Game.
  • Fixed audio sync issue with some video conversion issues.
  • Added ability to bind push-to-talk for voice chat to a mouse button.
  • Increased Xfire startup speed when you have many games installed.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 with mouse support to: Boiling Point, Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, Counter Organic Revolution (COR), Europa Universalis III, EverQuest II, Fortress Forever, Frag Ops, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Kingpin Life of Crime, Last Chaos USA, Madden NFL 2005, Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, NHL 2005, Ninja Reflex, Rising Eagle, SimCity 4, Source SDK Base, Sourceforts, The Office, Tremulous, Troopers: Dawn of Destiny, Warsow, World of Padman
  • New games supported: Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, Seal Online USA, Magic Online III, Ultimate Doom, Master Levels of Doom, Final Doom, Doom 2, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2, Turok, Clive Barker's Undying, Lumines, Europa Universalis: Rome, Planescape: Torment, Dirty Dancing: The Video Game, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, The House of the Dead 3, The House of the Dead 2, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor, Imperialism II, Star Wars: Battle for Naboo, Grand Prix 4, Tomb Raider II

Veranderingen voor v1.90 Beta - v1.91

  • Magyar nyelv támogatása (Added support for Hungarian language).
  • Improved the in-game overlay when capturing a video to include video duration and file size.
  • Added capability to detect some 64-bit games.
  • Improved voice chat performance on certain sound cards.
  • Fixed a problem that caused many video uploads to return an unknown error.
  • Fixed many small problems with video conversion and uploading.
  • Added Cool/Lame ratings to the video player on the web site. View top-rated videos on the Xfire home page.
  • The video tab automatically refreshes if you modify the video directory from another program.
  • New games supported: Rohan Online, Warriors Orochi, Alien Arena 2008, Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition, Lunia, Uplink, Slayers Online, Second Sight, Imperium Romanum, Yu-Gi-Oh! Online: Duel Evolution, Assassin's Creed, Terra: Battle for the Outlands, Darkstar One, OpenTTD, NosTale, Jagged Alliance 2 Gold, American McGee's Alice, Skulltag, Saga, Trackmania Nations Forever, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2, The Sims 2 Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, Kung Fu Panda Demo,

Veranderingen voor v1.89 - v1.90 Beta

  • *beta* Added remote videos to the videos tab
  • *beta* Added recent videos in infoviews when you select a friend
  • *beta* Video uploads now work with videos that can be rendered with DirectShow filters on your computer. In particular, if you edit a video with Windows Movie Maker, Xfire will be able to convert it and upload it to your profile page
  • *beta* Video capture can now create .avi files larger than 2 gigabytes
  • *beta* Upload progress is displayed properly during video uploads
  • *beta* Fixed sound device screwup after capturing audio with a video
  • Standard skin is no longer being maintained or distributed; old versions of this skin do still work, however
  • Xfire full installer no longer works on Windows 98 or Windows ME; previously installed copies of Xfire will continue to auto-upgrade and function
  • New games supported

Veranderingen voor v1.88 - v1.89

  • Increased the screenshot limit of uploaded images from 15MB to 150MB.
  • *beta* Added the ability to upload game videos to your profile page. Read more in the FAQ.
  • Fixed bug with xfcodec.dll causing other AVI files to load improperly.
  • Fixed CPU load issue with chat rooms with lots of people in them.
  • Reworked voice chat internals to work much better on certain poorly-performing sound devices.
  • Fixed Shadow skin display bug with non-default text size.
  • Added buttons to the chat, screenshot, and video tabs on Shadow skin.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: Action Unreal Tournament 2004 Conflict: Denied Ops Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna Emperor: Battle for Dune
  • FIFA Manager 06 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone James Bond 007 Nightfire Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
  • Quake 4 Demo Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood Urban Terror
  • New games supported: Impossible Creatures Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Theme Hospital Flysis
  • RuneScape Penumbra: Black Plague Hello Kitty Cutie World Beyond Good & Evil
  • The Club Europa 1400: The Guild (Gold) Red Stone Frontlines: Fuel of War
  • Grand Chase (Asia) Grand Chase The Sims 2 FreeTime Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
  • Lost: Via Domus Phun SpaceForce Captains NASCAR Racing 2002 Season
  • Darkeden The Experiment FairyLand Fritz 8
  • Bots Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come Cal Ripken's Real Baseball

Veranderingen voor v1.87 - v1.88

  • Changed the tabs in the Shadow skin to be vertical buttons. Chat Rooms, Screenshots and Videos now have their own buttons.
  • Fixed many small graphical glitches in the Shadow skin.
  • Reinstated the World of Warcraft infoview with character information.
  • Fixed a synchronization issue if you receive a chat room invitation in Xfire In-Game but alt-tab and accept it out of game.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: Call of Duty United Offensive Single Player Demo, Conflict: Denied Ops, Contract JACK, Darwinia, Darwinia Demo, Devastation, Digital Paint: Paintball 2, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, Enemy Territories Quake Wars Demo, FIFA Soccer 06, Genesis Rising, Half Life: Blue Shift, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Instinct, Jedi Knight II Multiplayer, Jedi Knight II Single Player, Nexus - The Jupiter Incident, Operation Flashpoint, Operation Flashpoint Resistance, Opposing Force, Peter Jackson's King Kong, PlanetSide, Prey Demo, Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Quake II, Red Orchestra, Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer, Return to Castle Wolfenstein Single Player, Sauerbraten, Serious Sam, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Silent Hill 2, Sin, Sin Multiplayer, Sniper Elite, Soldiers - Heroes of World War II, Soldner - Secret Wars, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II, Stubbs the Zombie, Total Overdose, Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006, UFO Aftershock, Unreal Tournament 2003, Voyage Century Online, Winning Eleven 9, Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007
  • New games supported: 9Dragons, Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe, Bejeweled Deluxe, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, Chuzzle Deluxe, Insaniquarium Deluxe, AstroPop Deluxe, Iggle Pop Deluxe, Zuma Deluxe, Dynomite Deluxe, Big Money Deluxe, Heavy Weapon Deluxe, Pizza Frenzy Deluxe, Hammer Heads Deluxe, Typer Shark Deluxe, Rail Simulator, Bookworm Deluxe, Bookworm Adventures Deluxe, Sins of a Solar Empire, The Sims Castaway Stories, Thrillville: Off the Rails, Secret of the Solstice, CABAL Online: The Revolution of Action, Holic, Racer Beta, FIFA Manager 08, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Conflict: Denied Ops, Harley-Davidson Race to the Rally, Manga Fighter, and Audiosurf.

Veranderingen voor v1.86 - v1.87

  • Added the new Standard theme to the Shadow skin.
  • Fixed many bugs in the *beta* video capture system, including support for Direct3D 7 games.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash a game when using buggy skins and launching the game.
  • Improved the icons for group voice chat.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause balloon tooltips to flash for a long time when coming out of game (or standby mode).
  • Temporarily disabled the World of Warcraft infoview because it could hang Xfire for a period of time; we plan to restore it next release.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: 18 Wheels of Steel Across America, 18 Wheels of Steel Convoy, 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin, 18 Wheels of Steel Pedal to the Metal, Birth of America, Championship Manager 2007, City of Heroes, City of Heroes EU, City of Heroes Test Server, City of Villains, City of Villains EU, Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes, Cricket 07, Day of Defeat 1.3, Deathmatch Classic (Steam), Defcon, Deus Ex, Digital Paintball, Dungeon Siege, Earth's Special Forces, FIFA 07, Firearms, Half-Life (Steam), Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Substance, Live for Speed, Natural Selection, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prey, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Quake 4, Ricochet (Steam), S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl, SAS Into the Lion's Den, Scrapland, Shattered Union, Sven Co-op, Tactical Ops, Team Fortress Classic (Steam), The Specialists, X-Men Legends 2
  • New games supported: PKRCasino, Twelve Sky, Regnum Online, Beyond Divinity, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men Demo, Hard To Be a God Demo, Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb, Grand Theft Auto, Peggle Deluxe, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Battlestar Galactica, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, Dawn of War: Soulstorm Demo, Teewars, Metal Gear Solid, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Divine Divinity, Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel, Stranded II, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Wild Metal Country,, and Jewel Quest.

Veranderingen voor v1.85 - v1.86

  • Standardized and improved the system messages in group chats.
  • Fixed the ability to disable Xfire In-Game in Tools | Options | Games in case of problems.
  • Improved the rendering speed of Xfire In-Game 2.0.
  • Added the *beta* ability to capture video using Xfire. You can enable this for testing by going to Tools | Options | Video. Please read the FAQ.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: Advent Rising, C&C Renegade, Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006, Conquer Online, Deer Hunter 2004, Deer Hunter 2005, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Diablo II, Diablo II Lord of Destruction, Fate, First Battalion, Freedom Fighters, Freelancer, Grand Theft Auto III, Hero Online, Heroes of the Pacific, Hidden & Dangerous 2, Hidden & Dangerous 2 Sabre Squadron, Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin, Kreedz Climbing, Land of the Dead, Let's Ride! - Silver Buckle Stables, LOTR Return of the King, Mafia, Mage Knight Apocalypse, Mall Tycoon 2, Manhunt, Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Contents Under Pressure, Metal Gear Solid2 Substance, Monopoly Tycoon, Morrowind, Mortyr 2, Rise of Nations, Rise of Nations - Thrones & Patriots, Rubies of Eventide, Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4, SimCities Societies, Sonic Heroes, Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars Starfighter, The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, The Settlers: Heritage of Kings, The Temple of Elemental Evil, Trackmania Nations, Vietcong, Vietcong Fist Alpha
  • New games supported: BMW M3 Challenge, Dofus, Quake (Steam), SEGA Rally Revo, Planeshift, Alpha Prime, Ghost in the Sheet, Ascension, Speedball 2 - Tournament, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Fiesta, Universe At War: Earth Assault, RACE 07, Battle for the Pacific, Warmonger - Operation: Downtown Destruction, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, Shogun: Total War, Shaiya, The Golden Compass, and Dream Of Mirror Online.

Veranderingen voor v1.84 - v1.85

  • Today marks the official release of the Clans and Guilds system! Track your clan mates, post in forums, and never miss a clan event again!
  • Clan/Guild news posted while you are running Xfire will be displayed as a balloon tooltip attached to the Xfire icon in the system tray.
  • Clan/Guild logos changed while you are running Xfire will update immediately in the infoview.
  • Fixed a problem when you log off of Xfire while uploading screenshots.
  • Fixed display of World of Warcraft data in the infoview.
  • Added server information for Unreal Tournament 3.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause Call of Duty 4 to crash while running Xfire and changing resolutions.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause Ventrilo on Vista to crash on Xfire exit.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: America's Army: Special Forces C&C Generals C&C Generals - Zero Hour Call of Duty Multiplayer
  • Call of Duty Single Player Call of Duty United Offensive Multiplayer Call of Duty United Offensive Single Player Call of Duty United Offensive Single Player Demo
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Crysis SP Demo Dungeon Siege II Demo
  • Dystopia v1 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Hospital Tycoon Jedi Academy Multiplayer
  • Jedi Academy Single Player MapleStory Neverwinter Nights Plan of Attack
  • Rag Doll Kung Fu Rainbow Six Lockdown Rainbow Six Lockdown Demo RF Online
  • Richard Burns Rally Second Life Silkroad Online Silverfall
  • Soldier Front Sword of the New World The Godfather The Lord of the Rings Online
  • The Saga of Ryzom The Ship The Witcher Tibia
  • Trickster Revolution UberSoldier Warcraft III Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • New games supported: Dawn of Magic, You Are Empty, Guitar Hero III, Need for Speed ProStreet, Beowulf, Simcity Societies, Pinball Wizards: Balls of Steel Demo, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, BlackSite: Area 51, Soldier of Fortune: Payback, Viva Pinata, WolfTeam, Fantasy Wars, Unreal Tournament 3, Avencast: Rise of The Mage, Next Life, Risk, Instinct, Gothic, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men, Exteel, The Office, Escape From Paradise City, Catz 2, Dogz 2, and Horsez 2.

Veranderingen voor v1.83 - v1.84

  • The latest news items in your Clans and Guilds (part of the *beta* Clans & Guild system) are now displayed in the infoview when you login or select a clan.
  • Added the ability to create custom, public or private forums associated with your clan or guild (select Edit Forums on your clan or guild page).
  • Added server info in the infoview for Call of Duty 4, including colorized names.
  • Added the ability to create chat rooms and invite people to chat rooms from Xfire In-Game 2.0.
  • Added Xfire In-Game support for Direct3D 10 games (Hellgate: London, Fury, and Crysis).
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: 2 Moons, Axis and Allies, Codename: Panzers, Phase 1, Codename: Panzers, Phase 2,Dark Messiah Multiplayer, Dark Messiah Single Player, EverQuest II Beta, Far Cry, Gunz the Duel, Hitman: Blood Money, HL Deathmatch Source, HL2 CTF, HL2 Lost Coast, Medal of Honor: Airborne - Demo, Micro Machines V4, MotoGP URT 3, Mythos, Neocron, NHL07, Panzer Command, Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, Project Snowblind MP, Project Snowblind SP, Rogue Trooper, Rush for Berlin, Scarface, Scions of Fate, Shadow Grounds, Silent Hunter III, Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific, Sin Episodes: Emergence, Spiderman 3, Star Wars Battlefront, Supreme Commander, Swords of the Stars, Swords of the Stars Demo, The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II Beta, The Saga of Ryzom, The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, Titan Quest Demo, TMNT, TMNT Demo, Toca Race Driver 3, Tony Hawk's Underground 2, Tortuga - Two Treasures, Trackmania Sunrise, Tribes Vengeance, Tribes Vengeance Multiplayer Demo, Tycoon City - New York, Vampire - Masquerade Bloodlines, Vanguard - Saga of Heroes, World in Conflict - BETA, X3 - The Reunion, Xpand Rally
  • New games supported: City Life Deluxe, Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar, CSPromod Beta, 8BallClub, Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008, Football Manager 2008, Clive Barker's Jericho, Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper, Crysis SP Demo, Painkiller: Overdose, SunAge, Luminary: Rise of Goonzu, The Witcher, TimeShift, Happy Feet, NBA Live 08, Taito Legends, Perfect World, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Empire Earth III, FEAR Perseus Mandate, Gears of War, Dawn of War Soulstorm, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition, and Crysis. This brings us to over 1000 games supported!

Veranderingen voor v1.82 - v1.83

  • When you select a person on your friends list, the infoview now shows the clans that person is in. This is part of our *beta* clans & guilds system.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented laptops from going into S3 low-power mode when Xfire was running and sounds were enabled.
  • Added game server information for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.
  • Improved many minor user interface elements in Xfire In-Game 2.0.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: Archlord, Armies of Exigo, Armies of Exigo Single Player Demo, Bioshock, Bioshock Demo, Brothers in Arms - EIB, Brothers in Arms - EIB Demo, Close Combat First to Fight, Counter Strike Source, Counter Strike Source (Beta), Dance! Online, Day of Defeat Source, Europia Universia III, Fifa Soccer 2005, Flight Simulator 2004, Freedom Force vs. The 3rd Reich, Frontline - Fields of thunder, Galactic Civilization II, Game Tycoon, Garry's Mod, Glory of the roman empire, Goldeneye source, GT Legends, GTR (D3D8), GTR 2, Gun, Half Life 2, Harry Potter OOTP, Immortal Cities - children of the nile, Imperial Glory, Indigo Prophecy, Infernal, Insurgency - Modern Infantry Combat, Jade Empire, Joint Operations - Escalation, Joint Operations - Typhoon Rising, Joint Task Force, Juiced, Just Cause, Kuma War, Kwon Ho, Legion Arena, Leisure Suite Larry, LMA Manager 2007, Madden 06, Madden 07, Men of Valor, MOH Airbourne, Moto GP2, MX vs. ATV Unleashed, MX vs. ATV Unleashed Demo, Myst V, NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07, NBA Live 2005, NCAA Championship Run, Need For Speed: Carbon Demo, Neverwinter Nights 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 AMD 64 Version, NLF Head Coach, Onimusha 3, Outrun 2006, Prince of Persia - Warrior Within, Prison Tycoon, Prison Tycoon 2, Psychonauts, R.O.S.E. Online, Serious Sam 2, Serious Sam 2 Demo, Sid Meier's Railroads, Spellforce - Order of dawn, Sprint Cars: Road to Knoxville, Stacked, Star Wars: Empire at War, Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of corruption, Star Wars: Empire at War Demo, Stronghold 2, Swat 4, Swat 4 - stetchkov syndicate, The Guild 2, The Matrix - Path of Neo, The Matrix Online, The Movies, The Movies - Stunts and Effects, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Vegas
  • New games supported: KartRider, CSI: Hard Evidence, UFO: Afterlight, Portal, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, FIFA 08, Loki, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Demo, Unreal Tournament 3 Demo, Project Torque, Sid Meier's SimGolf, Legends, Brain Spa, Heroes of Might and Magic V: Tribes of the East, Fury, and Hellgate: London Demo.

Veranderingen voor v1.81 - v1.82

  • Note: All Xfire In-Game 2.0 features currently only work with the Xfire, Standard, and Shadow skins.
  • Added the ability to send and receive one-to-one voice calls from Xfire In-Game 2.0 games.
  • Added an Options button/tab on the main menu of Xfire In-Game 2.0 to control new features:
  • Added the ability to see a clock in Xfire In-Game 2.0 games.
  • Added the ability to see a frames-per-second counter in Xfire In-Game 2.0 games.
  • Fixed several issues with specific key combinations in Xfire In-Game.
  • Added Xfire In-Game 2.0 support including the mouse to the following games: 1701 A.D, Act Of War - Direct Action, Act Of War - High Treason, Ancient Wars - Sparta, Area 51, ARMA, Bad Day LA, Battlefield: Vietnam, Bet On Soldier, Black & White 2, Black & White 2: Battle Of The Gods, Blitzkrieg 2, Broken Sword - The Angel of Death, Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon, Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30, Call Of Cthulhu, Call Of Juarez, Catz, Cellfactor Revolution, City Life, Cold Fear, Commandos Strikeforce, D.I.R.T, Dark Age Of Camelot - Catacombs, Dark Age Of Camelot - Darkness Rising, Dark Age Of Camelot - Labyrinth of the Minotaur, Dark Age Of Camelot - Trials of Atlantis, Devil May Cry 3, Dogz, Dreamfall, Driv3r, Dungeon Siege II, Dungeon Siege II Broken World, Earth 2160, Empire Earth II ,Empire Earth II Art of Supremacy, Enter the Matrix, Eragon, Eutropia Universe, EverQuest II, Evil Genius, Faces of War Fear, Extraction Point, Fear, Halo, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Need For Speed: Carbon, Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Need For Speed: Underground, Need For Speed: Underground 2, Overlord, Painkiller, Painkiller Battle Out of Hell, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Splinter Cell Double Agent Single Player, Tabula Rasa Beta, The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Middle-Earth, The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king, The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II, Tomb Raider Legend, Two Worlds
  • New games supported: World in Conflict, Team Fortress 2, Peggle Extreme, Mayhem Intergalactic, Mayhem Intergalactic Demo, Crysis MP Beta, Frontlines: Fuel of War Beta, Drift City, John Woo Presents Stranglehold, NHL 08, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII, Big Mutha Truckers 2, Fortress Forever, The Settlers: Rise of an Empire, Babo Violent 2, and CodeNameD: BlueShift.

Veranderingen voor v1.80 - v1.81

  • Lots of fixes and improvements to mouse and keyboard input blocking for XIG
  • Non-admin users to be able to use Xfire again
  • Lots of minor Shadow skin improvemnts
  • A small fix when changing download directory
  • Fixed leak when resizing XIG in OGL based games
  • Fixed crash on exit issue
  • Under Vista, City of Heroes can be launched from Xfire
  • The following games were added

Veranderingen voor v1.79 - v1.80

  • There is a new Xfire skin called Shadow. Try it now! This is the skin that new users will get by default.
  • The Xfire web site also has a new skin which goes along with the new Shadow skin.
  • The new Xfire In-Game interface, using a mouse, has been added to the following games and their expansions: Doom 3 Frets on Fire Quake 3 Civilization IV Dungeon Runners Eve Online
  • Everquest Half-Life: Source Heroes of Might and Magic V Lego Star Wars II Medieval II Total War Test Drive Unlimited Trackmania United Virtua Tennis 3 Warhammer Mark of Chaos Zoo Tycoon 2 rFactor Crazy Taxi Ghost Recon Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Metin 2 Playboy - The Mansion
  • When you select a person in the main friends list, their avatar will be shown in the infoview. You can set your avatar on the edit profile page.
  • Added searching for clans and guilds on the *beta* clans and guilds page.
  • Changed graphs for kill/death statistics on your profile pages to a javascript-based graph system that allows fast zooming.
  • New games supported: Metin 2, Tabula Rasa Beta, Warhammer Online Beta, Avencast, 2Moons, DANCE! Online, Madden NFL 08, Shadowrun, FreeStyle Street Basketball, BioShock Demo, and Bioshock.

Veranderingen voor v1.78 - v1.79

  • The friend limit has been increased to 1000. Many people have asked for this. Does anyone really have that many friends?
  • Xfire In-Game now works with games that run with elevated permission on Windows Vista. If you have any of these games then you will need to allow Xfire to run elevated when you are prompted.
  • The new Xfire In-Game interface that uses the mouse is enabled for Guild Wars and the Dawn of War games.
  • Added the ability to preview your friends' blogs in the infoview.
  • Added the ability to join your friends' Ventrilo servers.
  • Better support for running Xfire on Windows XP as a non-administrator user.
  • Fixed Xfire In-Game key pass-through in FEAR.
  • Improved several translations in Dutch, French, and other languages.
  • New games supported: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, D.i.R.T. - Origin of the Species, Hospital Tycoon, Mount & Blade, World in Conflict - BETA, Mysteries of the Sith, Sword of the New World, Transformers - The Game, Insurgency - Modern Infantry Combat, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Kwonho, Penumbra Overture Ep1, Taito Legends 2, Dungeon Runners, 3D Model Trains, Civilization IV - Beyond the Sword, Baseball Mogul 2007, MicroMachines V4, Catz, Dogz, and Rappelz Epic4.

Veranderingen voor v1.77 - v1.78

  • Revamped Xfire to work better on Windows Vista (because of UAC). On Vista:
    • Most Xfire files are now placed in c:\programdata\xfire\.
    • Xfire itself runs non-elevated for this one release.
    • Xfire In-Game now works with most games that do not themselves run elevated.
    • If set to run on system startup, Xfire now properly launches on startup.
    • Multiple Windows users can use Xfire on the same machine successfully.
    • See games disabled on Vista for more game details.
  • The infoview of your friends will show their screenshots when they are in a game.
  • Fixed several relatively uncommon crashes with Xfire In-Game and Call of Duty 2.
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements to the new Xfire In-Game interface, currently only enabled in the Dawn of War games, including scroll wheel support, page up/page down support, and much more.
  • New games supported: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup (I can't wait for book 7!), Sword of the Stars - Born of Blood, Audition, DiRT, Tremulous, Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars Beta, The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff, The Sims Pet Stories, Overlord, Monster Madness - Battle for Suburbia, Lost Planet Extreme Condition.

Veranderingen voor v1.76 - v1.77

  • New Xfire In-Game interface, using the mouse, is in beta testing! It is enabled for all Dawn of War games.
  • Fixed a game detection issue for some people with World of Warcraft and Warcraft III.
  • Displaying friends' screenshots in the infoview was enabled last release, but it was so popular that it caused some server problems. We expect to reenable this within days.
  • Improved the profile page web interface to display screenshots.
  • New games supported: Crazy Taxi, Last Chaos USA, The Sims 2 Deluxe, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon, Syberia, Syberia2, Voyage Century Online, Sauerbraten, Dogz 4, Freeciv - beta, Tibia, UFO - Extraterrestrial, Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, Halo 2, Attack on Pearl Harbor, Red Alert - A Path Beyond, Entropia Universe, World of Padman, Populous - The Beginning, Populous - The Beginning - Undiscovered Worlds, Tomb Raider - Anniversary, Baldur's Gate II, Birth of America, Neverwinter Nights 2 AMD 64 Version, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup, and Sword of the Stars - Born of Blood.

Veranderingen voor v1.75 - v1.76

  • Added notifications in the Xfire application when a *beta* clan/guild event is about to happen.
  • Added upcoming clan events to the infoview when you select a clan.
  • Added kill/death statistics to Call of Duty United Offensive. If you play CODUO online, check out your profile page to see your statistics soon after you finish a game session.
  • Added the ability to drag and drop files to a chat window to send a file.
  • Reduced the CPU usage of Xfire when it polls for games every 5 seconds.
  • Added a gaming blog feature which is displayed on your profile page as well.
  • Fixed a problem with the automatic update system that could cause abort/retry/ignore prompts.
  • Changed screenshots on profile pages to .jpg files to display much faster.
  • Fixed several small problems with group voice chats.
  • Improved Xfire In-Game performance with Lord of the Rings Online.
  • Fixed a huge possible CPU usage problem with accessing World of Warcraft armory data when viewing a user playing that game.
  • New games supported: Resident Evil 4, Ancient Wars - Sparta, Spider-Man 3, Frontline - Fields of Thunder, Broken Sword - The Angel of Death, Cricket 07, Chess Titans, Inkball, Mahjong Titans, Purble Place, Hold 'Em, Brian Lara International Cricket 2007, LMA Manager 2007, UEFA Champions League 2006-2007, FIFA Manager 07, Virtua Tennis 3, Boiling Point, Cellfactor Revolution, and Infernal

Veranderingen voor v1.74 - v1.75

  • Added support for /me in chat windows. Type /me likes updates in a chat window to try it out.
  • Fixed a problem with Xfire In-Game with Quake 4 in multiple CPU mode.
  • Added *beta* support for Xfire In-Game in Vista when the game is not launched from Xfire. If you are running Vista, please help us test by following these instructions.
  • Added different server types for Call of Duty, Call of Duty United Offensive, and Call of Duty 2. This will fix display issues with server IPs that run multiple of these server types at different times.
  • Fixed a slowness problem when launching Xfire after Internet Explorer 7 is running.
  • Fixed a crash bug when blocking certain users from contacting you.
  • Fixed a bug updating Xfire while running from a U3 memory stick.
  • Fixed a bug causing personal file transfers to fail when you had an invalid default download directory.
  • Fixed several display bugs with the World of Warcraft infoview.
  • Fixed Xfire In-Game with Dungeons & Dragons Online - Stormreach.
  • New games supported: Baseball Mogul 2008, Genesis Rising, Call of Juarez, The Lord of the Rings Online, The Sims 2 Celebration! Stuff, ArmA, Tortuga - Two Treasures, Europa Universalis III, Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007, and Race - The WTCC Game.

Veranderingen voor v1.72 - v1.74

  • Added the ability to show off your World of Warcraft characters in Xfire infoviews.
  • Go to your profile page and add your WoW character name/realm/region to your account
  • You must have WoW hours on your profile to see the input area.
  • Your friends will now see your character data in the infoview.
  • To view your own data, add yourself to your friends list and view yourself.
  • All data is provided by The Armory.
  • More details are available in the FAQ.
  • Added kill/death statistics to Call of Duty. If you play CoD online, check out your profile see see your statistics soon after you finish a game session.
  • When many game installers finish, we can now automatically detect that the new game is installed immediately without requiring an Xfire restart. If you find installers where this does not work, please post this information in our forums.
  • Chat rooms with auto-selected voice servers now continue even when the voice host leaves.
  • Changed the add friend dialog to be embedded in the main window.
  • Improved the post-game dialog when you've taken a screenshot with Scroll Lock + S; it should now work properly even when switching a game between windowed mode and full screen mode.
  • Added the "last seen" day to profile pages when the user is offline.
  • Added the beginnings of an event calendar system to the *beta* Clans & Guilds system.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a bad login loop with auto-login enabled when you enter an incorrect password.
  • Fixed a bug with uploading Xfire crashes to help us fix bugs.
  • Fixed the game names of numerous Steam titles which were incorrectly listed either without colons or as version 1.6.
  • Added support for Steam versions of Civilization IV, Battlestations Midway, and Silverfall and the EA Link version of The Sims 2 Seasons.
  • New games supported: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl, TMNT, Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific, Silverfall, Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars, Test Drive Unlimited, 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin, rFactor, and Half-Life Deathmatch: Source.

Veranderingen voor v1.71 - v1.72

  • Added kill/death statistics to Medal of Honor Allied Assault (plain and Spearhead).
  • Improved Tools | Options | Games to let you set a game as automatically detected, never detected, or to manually set the directory of the game.
  • Chat rooms with voice chat now select the best voice host automatically by default. You may still choose to manually specify the host if you prefer.
  • Added a new default infoview when you login that shows you helpful links and your installed games.
  • The Friends of Friends category now includes friends of clan/guild members and clan/guild members of friends, unless you disable friends of friends in Tools | Options | Privacy.
  • Fixed several serious bugs in Xfire In-Game that caused mouse problems or worse.
  • Reenabled Xfire In-Game for Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Neocron 2, Second Life, and Delta Force Black Hawk Down.
  • Added the ability for users behind some uncommon symmetric NATs (Xfire type 2) to send files and perform voice calls with other users.
  • Added a cancel button to the Tools | Add Friend | Search Xfire Users dialog.
  • Fixed support for Rose Online.
  • Fixed a display issue in Xfire In-Game when a friend's nickname was maximum length.
  • Added the ability to set your status message from the tray icon context menu.
  • New games supported: Jade Empire, The Sims 2 Seasons, Space Rangers 2, Railroad Tycoon II, Railroad Tycoon II Platinum, Sonic Riders, Sonic Heroes, and the recently released version of Dystopia.

Veranderingen voor v1.70 - v1.71

  • Added kill/death statistics to all Medal of Honor: Allied Assault games.
  • Added the most recently played game to the top of the Tools | Launch menu.
  • Added the ability to detect all games at the bottom of the Tools | Launch menu.
  • Fixed Xfire screenshots (Scroll Lock + S) for Battlefront 1 & 2 and games with 2x and 4x antialiasing.
  • Simplified the add friend interface.
  • Added reporting of errors when opening a file to save a personal file transfer from a friend.
  • Fixed problem with extra line ending characters in chat logs.
  • Fixed extraneous lines when ending a chat in chat logs.
  • Fixed detection of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
  • Fixed joining servers with an rcon password.
  • Fixed scrolling problem when resizing chat windows horizontally.
  • Fixed drawing problem with maximized chat windows when the infoview is open or closed.
  • Fixed support and in-game issues with Trackmania Original and TM Sunshine.
  • New games supported: Mythos, Soldier Front, The Sims Life Stories, Maelstrom, The Curse of Monkey Island, Escape from Monkey Island, TMNT Demo, Warhammer Mark of Chaos MP Demo, Trackmania United, Absolute, Doyles, Everest, Full Tilt, Paradise,, Ultimate,, and Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Demo.

Veranderingen voor v1.68 - v1.69

  • Vastly increased speed of taking screenshots (Scroll Lock + S while playing a game).
  • Added a sound when you take a screenshot in game.
  • Added the capability for us to send system messages to users. We plan to use this to warn everyone about system restarts and updates.
  • Added kill/death statistics to Quake 4; they are automatically added to your profile page.
  • Increased the maximum number of favorite servers you can save to 100.
  • Changed the tray icon and tooltip to indicate when you are not connected to Xfire.
  • Fixed display problem in the Tools | Manage Screenshots dialog when you take screenshots while playing a game in a window.
  • Improved the user interface while downloading Xfire updates (you will see this when version 1.70 is released).
  • Added the ability to associate favorite games with your clan or guild (*beta*).
  • Fixed game detection of Silkroad Online and Lineage II.
  • New games supported: Titan Quest Immortal Throne, Supreme Commander Beta, Goonzu Online, 25 to Life, Battlestations Midway, Bad Day LA, Let's Ride! - Silver Buckle Stables, and James Bond 007 Nightfire.

Veranderingen voor v1.67 - v1.68

  • Integrated the login process into the main Xfire window.
  • Added kill/death tracking for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
  • Pending clan and guild invitations in the *beta* Clans and Guilds system are now displayed when you login to the Xfire application.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a chat window to not stay scrolled to the bottom.
  • Reduced the start up and exit time of Xfire.
  • Fixed detection of R.O.S.E. Online Evolution and WarRock.
  • Added the ability to edit your birthday on the Edit Profile page (certain old accounts never had a birthday and display age 15; you can now fix this).
  • Fixed an alignment issue with docking the Xfire window to the edge of the monitor (it used to be 3 pixels beyond the screen).
  • Worked around problem with some routers that caused user to user file transfers to hang.
  • New games supported: ijji GunZ (North America), Vanguard - Saga of Heroes Beta, CABAL Online (Europe), Trickster Online, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dark Age of Camelot - Labyrinth of the Minotaur, Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo, Battlefield 1942 Singleplayer Demo, and Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII Demo.

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