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Veranderingen voor v2.4.4 - v2.4.5

  • Added DTS can now be transcoded to AC3 in AVCHD mode (if you want to reduce filesize).
  • Fixed "unsupported" or "out of memory" error on ps3 with some split files.
  • Fixed old ac3 encoder which causes stuttering still used when downsampling/fixing ac3.
  • Fixed DVD-5 split sometimes a few bytes too large.

Veranderingen voor V2.4.3 - v2.4.4

  • Added DTS can now be played from file without transcoding (Disc/Streaming). *
  • Added support for MKV with XviD/DivX video.
  • Fixed Drag and Drop not recognize ts and rar files.
  • Fixed AC3 skipping/stutter on some decoders.
  • Fixed Drag and Dropping a folder with "delete folder" checked may delete wrong folder.
  • Fixed "Error Transcoding Video" on MKV missing bitrate flag.
  • Fixed "Insufficient Disk Space" error when splitting to small fat32 drives.
  • Do not change any settings in the ps3 that effects audio playback. The PS3 must pass the DTS to your audio receiver untouched. The options when you press triangle must be Audio: Left + Right and Volume: Normal.

Veranderingen voor v2.4.2 - V2.4.3

  • Added support for SSA subtitles.
  • Added ability to browse network folders.
  • Added Drag and Drop support (both files and directories).
  • Added XviD transcodes are now XBOX 360 compatible with full 5.1 AC3 playback.
  • Added support for video with variable frame rate (it will be transcoded to CFR).
  • Added AVCHD 720p with height above 584 can now be converted without transcoding.
  • Added support for audio which is not 48Khz in AVCHD mode (eg. MP3).
  • Added "Use 448kbps AC3" will now downconvert 640kbps AC3.
  • Added detect if temp/dest folder is writable to avoid strange errors if its not.
  • Added detect and abort if temp folder is on a FAT32 formatted drive.
  • Added abort if "transcode: never" is selected and video would be unplayable.
  • Added display reason video is being transcoded. *
  • Added assume subtitles in mkv without a language flag is your preferred lanaguage.
  • Fixed runtime error in AVCHD mode if subtitles contain bad time codes.
  • Fixed error converting some DTS-ES tracks to AC3/PCM.
  • Fixed unable to choose a temp/dest directory in the root of an empty drive.
  • Fixed subtitles incorrectly displayed on DBCS windows (eg. traditional chinese).
  • Fixed error transcoding or very large output on non-english windows.
  • Fixed muxing failed on MAC when used in vmware.
  • Fixed audio lanaguage preference not working with vorbis/mp3.
  • Fixed parse error with some H.264 mkv's which were not encoded with x264.
  • Fixed PCM conversions which are larger then 4GB not working.
  • Fixed tsmuxer crash/partial output in AVCHD when subtitles contains long line.
  • Fixed no subtitles visible in AVCHD when first subtitle starts at 00:00:00
  • Fixed "Skip Already Converted" not detecting AVCHD conversions.
  • Fixed mencoder crash at end of some files.
  • Fixed detect if tsmuxer crashes for any reason during AVCHD muxing.
  • Transcoding reason display:
  • REF = Too many reference frames (Not Level 4.1)
  • VFR = Variable Frame Rate
  • SUB = Subtitles
  • RES = Bad AVCHD resolution
  • CFG = You set transcode to Always

Veranderingen voor v2.4.0 - v2.4.1

  • Fixed Audio/Video transcoding fails on CPU's with more then 6 cores.
  • Fixed AVCHD mode results in Muxing Failed under some conditions.
  • Due to the PS3 downscales 720p which is not exactly 1280x720 in AVCHD mode to 480p, such videos are now transcoded and black bars added.
  • The green bar removal patch appears to work fine with odd resolution 1080p video so no transcoding needed.

Veranderingen voor v2.3.2 - v2.4.0

  • Added AVCHD: Disc output mode (note: AVCHD is same as Blu-Ray so you can burn to BD-R too).
  • Added AVCHD: USB output mode (AVCHD on a usb drive).
  • Added AVCHD: USB output mode automatic splitting and playback for FAT32 without movie interruption.
  • Added AVCHD: DTS + Subtitles support without transcoding.
  • Added AVCHD: Automatically import chapter information from MKV.
  • Added AVCHD: Patch TSmuxeR AVCHD output to remove green bar without re-encoding.
  • Added AVCHD: Patch TSmuxeR AVCHD output to make subtitles play automatically.
  • Added AVCHD: Patch TSmuxeR AVCHD output to fix wrong m2ts file size indicator (causes freezing on splits).
  • Added x264 High Quality transcoding mode (almost lossless, file size is about 3x original),
  • Added option to convert incompatible audio to PCM instead of AC3 (requires HDMI audio decoder).
  • Added support for ASS subtitles.
  • Added Stop/Pause button.
  • Added detection of bad manual installation (cause of mkv parse error, please use the installer).
  • Added option to disable automatic update.
  • Added use standard Win32 API to run tools, should help with running in emulator on MAC/Linux.
  • Added support for DTS-ES audio.
  • Added support for VORBIS audio.
  • Added support for multi-core XviD encoding.
  • Improved x264 transcoding speed on multi-core processors.
  • Improved x264 transcoding speed by optimizing settings.
  • Fixed VirtualDubMod error when transcoding codec is set to XviD but no transcoding was required.
  • Fixed wrong audio codec muxed in XviD when the source mkv did not have an AC3 track.
  • Fixed progress bar not working in XviD muxing stage when no splitting required.
  • Fixed some letters missing in some subtitle languages.
  • Fixed Arabic subtitles not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed Unexpected Operation error on some files with AAC audio.
  • Fixed too big/small MPEG2 transcoded files.
  • Fixed file splitting was undersized by 2.34% (note: a little undersizing is normal).
  • Fixed "Installation ended prematurely" error with installer on some systems.
  • Fixed transcoded audio unplayable or with dropouts/clicks on some decoders.
  • Fixed various other minor bugs.
  • Removed file extension option, it is now set automatically (rename it manually if you want).
  • NOTE: PS3 Firmware 2.53 or higher is required, earlier version you will get no audio.

Veranderingen voor v2.3.1 - v2.3.2

  • Fixed wrong subtitles when using SRT file.
  • Improved Automatic Level 4.1 detection

Veranderingen voor v2.2.4 - v2.3.1

  • Fixed Overflow in DTS/AAC conversion.
  • Direct AAC to AC3 conversion (400% faster)
  • Direct DTS to AC3 conversion (300% faster)
  • H.264 level detection for files missing the x264 header. (eg. sample files)

Veranderingen voor v2.2.3 - v2.2.4

  • Fixed bug where subtitle SRT filename that contained a comma would result in no subtitles in resulting conversion.
  • Disabled return code checking (this caused mencoder error for some people), instead its only treated as a warning of possible failure.
  • Improved "Repairing AC3" step, should keep all channels from the original ac3, this is a work-around to a tsmuxer bug, tsmuxer author please fix it!

Veranderingen voor v2.2.2 - v2.2.3

  • Fixed some ac3 streams not accepted by tsmuxer (muxing failed error).
  • Added check if your windows regional settings interfere with math decimal functions and show a warning to change it (can cause disk space errors or out of sync if not fixed).
  • Added check on the return values of some tools, to better detect crashes that still result in a "success" status even though it failed.
  • Updated tsmuxer to 1.8.4(b)

Veranderingen voor v2.2.1 - v2.2.2

  • Fixed sometimes xvid output not playable on ps3.
  • Fixed low quality x264 transcoding if source bitrate > 10mbps.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Updated tsmuxer to 1.7.3(b)

Veranderingen voor v2.2.0 - v2.2.1

  • Sorry in last version it was working fine then before uploading i updated tsmuxer to latest version which caused problems.
  • Fixed crash on .ts files (due to tsmuxer changed the format of the "stream info" line).
  • Downgraded tsmuxer to 1.6.3(b) due to bugs in latest version causing it to completely not work on some files.

Veranderingen voor v2.1.2 - v2.2.0

  • Added multi-core transcoding support.
  • Added support for .TS as input file, will automatically join split .ts files in the format abc.0001.ts etc...
  • Added Hebrew subtitle support.
  • Added AAC 2 channel (stereo) support.
  • Fixed bug where rar set would not be deleted if you select the delete source option.
  • Fixed bug where some x264 transcoded files would be small filesize and very bad quality.

Veranderingen voor v2.1.1 - v2.1.2

  • Added check if write access is allowed on temp and destination folder (would cause mkv parse error in previous versions).
  • Fixed "File not found" error.

Veranderingen voor v2.1.0 5 - v2.1.1

  • Added option to increase subtitle size.
  • Added missing vorbis.dll and ogg.dll (for avi splitting).
  • Removed automatic xvid 2GB splitting as no longer needed with new ps3 firmware.
  • Updated tsmuxer to 1.6.3(b)
  • Splitting now uses tsmuxer's new split function for added speed.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.5 - v2.1.0 5

  • Added XviD and x264 transcoding options.
  • Fixed wrong center/right channel order in AAC conversion.
  • Fixed some subtitle letters in latin character set incorrectly rendered (French, Spanish, etc...).
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of Chinese and Arabic characters.
  • Fixed out of sync on files mixed with NTSC video and PAL audio (untested, someone send me a sample if it doesnt work).
  • Work around tsmuxer bug with comma in file or directory name (causes Muxing Failed error).
  • Various other small code changes I forgot.

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