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Veranderingen voor v7.17.00.6037 - v7.18.00.6071

  • Crash on 64-bit CPUs without support for AVX It was impossible to install and/or use the application on some hardware configurations (like no or disabled AVX support on CPU).
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Veranderingen voor v7.15.00.5947 - v7.17.00.6037

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Error copying/exporting multiple selection from Raw Data View Copying/exporting multiple selection produced incorrect data.
  • Application crash on empty HID descriptors Application crashed trying to display descriptors for HID device if it had empty descriptors.
  • Additional checks for temporary folder locations If for some reason the default temporary disk location is unavailable, Device Monitoring Studio falls back to %TEMP% folder.
  • Improved support for unknown pipe handles Monitoring of data transfers with invalid (or unknown) pipe handles are now supported.
  • Updated Features
  • New column in exporter output New column containing packet time stamps has been added to Raw Exporter and Text Exporter.
  • TypeScript 1.4 Built-in compiler for TypeScript language has been updated to version 1.4.

Veranderingen voor v7.13.00.5866 - v7.15.00.5940

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Various bug fixes. Several reported bugs have been fixed.
  • New Features
  • Custom Visualizer support (BETA). This release brings (beta) support for creating custom data visualizers.
  • Updated Features
  • Protocol & Script Editor. Built-in script and protocol definition files editor now has auto-indentation feature and brace match feature.

Veranderingen voor v7.12.00.5582 - v7.13.00.5866

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Several reported bugs have been fixed, including application crashes.
  • New Features
  • Improved scripting support
  • User scripts may now create, configure and start monitoring sessions. Full programming access to all monitoring session aspects, including multiple devices, source configuration, capture filters and visualizers and their configuration is provided. Scripts may be written in TypeScript language (superset of Javascript), which gives better syntax and error checking. VBScript support has been discontinued.
  • Monitoring session initialization script may be automatically generated from the New Session window.
  • Built-in script editor
  • Device Monitoring Studio now has a built-in script file editor, which supports syntax highlighting and marking of error locations.

Veranderingen voor v7.12.00.5526 - v7.12.00.5582

  • Various playback bugs
  • Several bugs and inconsistencies in Playback module have been fixed.

Veranderingen voor v7.10.00.5490 - v7.12.00.5526

  • Playback of sub-range
  • Playback of the portion of log file in USB Monitor has been fixed. Note that this release changes the format of log file.
  • Playback improvements
  • The performance and stability of Playback on high speeds have been improved.
  • Coloring page fixed
  • Changing font size on the Coloring page has an effect now (Tools » Settings).
  • Protocol List window fixed
  • Delete now works correctly in Protocol List window.
  • Updated Features
  • Log file format change
  • Due to fixing a bug in USB Monitor Playback, the format of log files has been changed. Old log files are still supported, but new log files will not be playable in previous versions of Device Monitoring Studio.

Veranderingen voor v7.07.00.5214 - v7.09.00.5372

  • Context menu not working in Devices window You could not invoke a context menu in Devices tool window using keyboard. Only right mouse click worked.
  • New Features
  • · Built-in protocol definition editor This release introduces the built-in protocol definition editor. Now you may modify any built-in protocol definition or define your custom protocol directly inside Device Monitoring Studio. Automatic re-compilation and rich error reporting are provided by the DMS.

Veranderingen voor v7.06.00.5156 - v7.07.00.5214

  • This release fixes a number of discovered and reported errors, including application crashes.

Veranderingen voor v7.05.00.5090 - v7.06.00.5156

  • Crash on session change Device Monitoring Studio crashed when you changed the root protocol on newly added visualizer on a running session.
  • Data visualizers did not work in Playback sessions HID View, Audio View and Video View did not show any data during USB log playback.
  • USB Monitor did not properly support composite devices This resulted in decrease of the number of discovered devices compared to DMS 6.xx.
  • New Features
  • UsbPayload protocol This release adds UsbPayload protocol. When used in data visualizers, binds to the monitored data directly, skipping packet headers and control pipe transfers. This is now a default root protocol for Raw Data View visualizer.
  • DMS 6 Log Converter Beta Device Monitoring Studio 6.xx Log Converter Beta added. This console utility may be used to convert log files from DMS 6.xx format to DMS 7.xx format.

Veranderingen voor v6.44.00.4825 - v7.05.00.5090

  • New Features
  • Multi-source Monitoring: Device Monitoring Studio supports joining monitored data from multiple sources of the same type into a single monitoring session. It is possible to monitor two or more serial ports, USB devices or network adapters. Device Monitoring Studio makes sure packets are correctly sorted and presented through a number of supported data visualizers. Data logging also supports multi-source sessions.
  • Remote Monitoring: DMS 7 supports monitoring USB and serial devices connected to remote servers. A single client may monitor several servers and a single server may be monitored by multiple clients. A separate server installation is provided. It includes a server access module, serial and usb monitoring modules, administration and management module and documentation. A server is managed using the MMC Snap-In or from Windows Scripting Host or PowerShell.
  • Windows 8 Support: DMS 7 officially supports Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • USB 3.0 Support: USB Monitor introduces support for USB 3.0 host controllers and devices.
  • Built-In and Custom Protocol Parsing: DMS 7 extends protocol parsing support for all monitoring modules: network, USB and serial. In addition, this version has new implementation of protocol parsing, which is more flexible and greatly improves performance.
  • New Data Processing Category: New processing category is introduced: data exportes. These are components that process monitored data in some way, but do not produce any visible output on the screen. Data recording module now belongs to this category. Other data exportes are Raw Data Exporter and Text Exporter. Both these exporters are capable of using built-in or custom protocol definitions to parse monitoring data before exporting.
  • Parallel Processing: New version of Device Monitoring Studio utilizes multiple cores for more responsive monitoring session operation. It basically allows the user to still perform real-time monitoring of 1 Gb network transfer without packet loss and slowdowns while having such "heavy" processing like Capture Filter and Display Filter configured for a monitoring session.
  • Device Tool Window: New tool window that displays all devices the user can monitor in a single customizable view. For each supported device, its image, type and current state are displayed. The user may start, stop and configure monitoring sessions, view device properties, restart and rename devices.
  • Sessions Tool Window: New tool window lists all currently running sessions and their properties. It allows you to close data visualizers, add new data processing modules, pause, resume or stop sessions. It also allows you to quickly change data processing modules configuration. For example, for data recording, the current log file size is displayed. By clicking "End Stream", the user ends the current stream and starts a new one.
  • Protocol-Based Data Visualizers: Structure View and Raw Data View data visualizers for USB, Serial and Network with additional filtering (Display Filter) and ability to specify root protocol.
  • Automatic Layout Loading: DMS 7 automatically loads separate tool window and command layout when monitoring session is started. Thus, until a session is started, a layout which simplifies device discovery and information retrieval is used. After the session is started, another layout is automatically loaded streamlining monitoring session usage. Both layouts may be customized by the user.
  • Global Configuration Switch: Device Monitoring Studio provides you with a global switch to quickly turn it into Serial Monitor, USB Monitor or Network Monitor. This switch may be used in combi installations to temporary hide unneeded components.
  • Updated Features
  • Session Configuration Window
  • New Session Configuration window greatly simplifies session creation and modification. There is a list of configured sources at the top of the window. Below are optional device configuration settings, buttons to add more devices and remove existing ones.
  • Depending on the type and number of configured sources, a list of available processing modules is populated. It is divided into two main categories: visualizers and exporters.
  • Double-click on the processing module to add it to the current session. Some of modules support configuration. Customized processing modules may be saved for future use.
  • Finally, the user specifies a capture filter, a generic (protocol-based) conditional expression used to filter out specific monitored packets.

Veranderingen voor v6.43.00.4475 - v6.44.00.4768

  • Corrupt log file handling Device Monitoring Studio may crash when it encounters corrupted log file. · Installation problem Installer may fail with 0x8007000a error code in HHD Setup Log File.txt.

Veranderingen voor v6.41.00.3860 - v6.43.00.4475

  • Several bugs in Structure View, Raw Data View and URB View: Several bugs in USB Monitor Structure View, Raw Data View and URB View data visualizers were fixed.
  • Video descriptors rendering bug: Some USB video class descriptors (Configuration Descriptor tool window) were parsed and displayed incorrectly. Fixed.

Veranderingen voor v6.35.01.3748 - v6.41.00.3860

  • New data visualizer: Structure View (USB) New data visualizer has been added to USB Monitor. It parses monitored data according to a set of loaded protocol definition files and displays the parsed data in tree view and raw binary view.
  • Capture filter (USB) It is now possible to define a capture filter — an expression which is evaluated against each monitored packet. If expression's result is false, the packet is discarded, otherwise, it is sent for further processing.
  • Display filter and root protocol (USB) Each opened Structure View window may additionally have its own "display filter" to further filter incoming data. In addition, each window may use its own "root" protocol for each monitored packet.
  • Custom protocol (USB) In addition to a set of pre-defined protocols, a user may now create his own protocol definition files and have USB Monitor automatically parse monitored data according to them. Capture and display filters are also capable of using these new protocol definitions in their expressions.

Veranderingen voor v6.31.00.3724 - v6.35.01.3748

  • Bug in Hex Editor Neo integration DMS could not find Hex Editor Neo if it was installed for all users. Fixed.

Veranderingen voor v6.23.00.3373 - v6.25.00.3687

  • Several reported bugs fixed This release fixes several reported bugs, including application crashes.
  • Updated Features
  • Improved setup speed Speed of Device Monitoring Studio setup application has been greatly improved. Installer now needs to update less files and system settings and operates much quicker. · Improved application start-up time We have improved the applicaiton start-up time by reducing time required by various components to initialize and allowing several components to initialize in parallel. · Improved performance This release has improved performance thanks to optimization of various core components and the use of new compiler.

Veranderingen voor v6.18.00.3086 - v6.19.00.3134

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Possible BSOD. A system may crash when power policy is changed for some USB devices with USB Monitor installed. Fixed.
  • Application may fail to start: Sometimes an application may fail to start. Fixed.
  • New Features
  • Integration with Windows Error Reporting: Application now fully integrates with Windows Error Reporting. If it ever crashes or hangs, you can submit the report, which will allow us to fix a bug and provide a solution.

Veranderingen voor v6.17.01.3036 - v6.18.00.3086

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Several reported bugs have been fixed. This release also has different stability and performance imrovements.
  • Crash in Packet View
  • USB Monitor may crash in Packet View in some rare situations. Fixed.
  • Updated Features
  • New column in Packet View
  • Packet View now has a new column "Time Diff" that displays the time difference between packets.

Veranderingen voor v6.17.00.3017 - v6.17.01.3036

  • Invalid data filtering in Packet View
  • Packet View incorrectly filtered data. In addition, filtering is now ignored for visualizer if it is inside Packet View.

Veranderingen voor v6.15.00.2384 - v6.17.00.3017

  • Packet View incorrectly filtered data. Fixed.

Veranderingen voor v6.14.00.2358 - v6.15.00.2384

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Invalid data exported from Packet View: When filters apply to Packet View and you export selected rows, incorrect data is exported. Fixed.
  • Updated Features
  • Improved Packet View visualizer: Packet View visualizer is now much faster and smoother.
  • Improved support for composite devices: USB Monitor's data visualizers now correctly work with multiple interface USB devices. Previous versions failed to correctly display "older" packets exchanged over the previous interface endpoints after the new interface was selected. Now application operates correctly in this case.

Veranderingen voor v6.12.00.2322 - v6.14.00.2358

  • New option to hide packet tooltip in Raw Data View
  • Raw Data View visualizer now has additional option that allows you to disable packet information popup.

Veranderingen voor v6.11.00.2310 - v6.12.00.2322

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Crash in Raw Data View visualizer
  • A crash in Raw Data View visualizer has been fixed.
  • Updated Features
  • New filtering options
  • This release adds more filtering options to Request View (Serial & Bridge), URB View (USB) and Packet View. It also changes the default color settings for Request View and URB View data visualizers.
  • Default filtering has also been modified: it now does not display Read DOWN and Write UP requests by default. You can change this behavior in the Tools » Settings… » Filtering Tab.

Veranderingen voor v6.02.01.2160 - v6.11.00.2310

  • New Features
  • Raw Data View Visualizer: This new data visualizer, called Raw Data View is similar to Serial Monitor's Data View in that it also has two windows, one of which displays data sent to a device, and another one displays data received from a device. All subsequent packets are concatenated into a single data stream, which is displayed as a sequence of hexadecimal, decimal, octal or binary numbers. Alternatively, the stream may be displayed as a sequence of floating-point numbers with single or double precision. This new data visualizer is very flexible and allows you to customize both its layout and appearence. It has a built-in pattern coloring, powerful find capabilities and Clipboard/exporting support.
  • Updated Features
  • Filtering for Packet View. You may know apply filtering to a Packet View data visualizers.
  • Quiet installation mode: A new command line switch, "/q" may be passed to the USB Monitor's installer to perform a non-interactive installation/uninstalltion of the product.

Veranderingen voor v6.02.00.2150 - v6.02.01.2160

  • A crash that occurred sometimes during monitoring has been fixed.

Veranderingen voor v6.01.00.2141 - v6.02.00.2150

  • A crash in data logging module has been fixed.

Veranderingen voor v5.24.00.1848 - v6.01.00.2141

  • Fixed reported bugs
  • A lot of reported bugs have been fixed in the product.
  • New Features
  • New driver installation framework
  • This release features a new driver installation mechanism. Setup now uses built-in Windows services to install the filter drivers for USB monitoring, resulting in much lower risks of permanently disabling USB devices.
  • Filtering by endpoints
  • URB View visualizer provides a list of all device's endpoints in the popup menu. You may select the endpoints to be filtered using this menu. Combined with an ability to have as much URB View visualizers as you need, you may open one data visualizer for each endpoint, for example.
  • Appearance customization
  • This release brings you the possibility to change the appearance of visual elements of the following data visualizers:
  • Audio View
  • Communications View
  • HID View
  • Mass Storage View
  • URB View
  • Still Image/MTP View
  • Video View
  • Updated Features
  • Configuration Descriptor window updates
  • A configuration descriptor window's behavior has been fixed and updated to comply with USB 2.0 specification. In particular, a better support for HID and MIDI Streaming devices is provided.

Veranderingen voor v5.23.00.1833 - v5.24.00.1848

  • Toolbar bugs
  • Several toolbar customization bugs have been fixed.
  • Incorrect version determination
  • Incorrect version determination has been fixed.
  • Toolbar bugs
  • Several toolbar customization bugs have been fixed.
  • HID View visualizer bug
  • HID View visualizer not working on x64 systems bug has been fixed.

Veranderingen voor v5.22.00.1627 - v5.23.00.1833

  • This release fixes several reported bugs.
  • This release updates functionality and behavior of several included modules as well as some portions of user interface.

Veranderingen voor v5.02.00.972 - v5.02.00.1008

  • Notification rendering bug in Windows Vista has been fixed.
  • Some minor bugs and inconsistenses have been fixed.
  • Setup now creates an error log file in case of an error.
  • Statistics Visualizer now offers several new data counters.

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