Versie historie van TEncoder Video Converter

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Veranderingen voor v4.1.0 - v4.1.1

  • -Added: A tool to add watermarks to video (thx to joby_toss)
  • -Added: A text to show video downloading progress
  • -Added: TEncoder will now check downloaded files too
  • -Added: A link to the list of supported video sites (thx to joby_toss)
  • -Added: TEncoder will save encoder logs into "logs" sub-folder (thx to joby_toss)
  • -Added: A few small interface changes
  • -Fixed: Stopping video downloader didn't reset progress informations
  • -Fixed: Update checker caused a message box to be shown when settings window was opened
  • -Fixed: Couldn't clear some logs
  • -Updated: Youtube-dl
  • -Updated: FFmpeg

Veranderingen voor v3.6.0 - v3.7.0

  • Added: A new GUI layout
  • Added: An option to disable track id options for mpeg sources with MEncoder
  • Added: Subtitle and audio delay step values are now 100 ms instead of 500 ms
  • Added: Audio volume option (works for MEncoder only)
  • Fixed: Encoding failed with MEncoder if container was mp4 and video codec other than x264
  • Fixed: Encoder selection in profile editor wasn't saved
  • Fixed: Exit shortcut was "X" instead of "Ctrl + X"
  • Fixed: Subtitle font option was ignored
  • Fixed: Player will follow subtitle and audio stream selections
  • Fixed: "Clear Selected Log" option in "Logs" window didn't work
  • Removed: Translations due to GUI changes
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.53

Veranderingen voor v3.4.1 - v3.5.0

  • Added: CRF encoding with x264
  • Added: TEncoder will now create a temp folder in output when muxing to mp4
  • Added: New skins
  • Fixed: Video and audio settings didn't resize properly (thx to bug reporters)
  • Fixed: Video only encoding with MEncoder failed
  • Fixed: Custom general options for MEncoder and FFMpeg weren't saved
  • Fixed: Disabling skin caused text to be invisible
  • Fixed: Enabling subtitles when no subtitle existed caused problems
  • Fixed: Mp4 output with MEncoder was placed in wrong folder
  • Fixed: Tray icon didn't work
  • Fixed: "Export to script" didn't work
  • Fixed: Selecting items from file list with more than one audio track caused problems

Veranderingen voor v3.4.0 - v3.4.1

  • Fixed: Copying video while encoding audio caused extension to be wrong (thx to woody345)
  • Fixed: Couldn't copy video without encoding audio
  • Fixed: Couldn't encode to huffyuv with MEncoder

Veranderingen voor v3.3.2 - v3.4.0

  • Run up to 8 simultaneous processes and/or make FFMpeg and Mencoder to do internal multithreaded encoding.
  • Hard-code subtitles with same name as video using Mencoder
  • Do two passes to improve quality
  • Pass custom options to encoders
  • Extract audio or video
  • Extract parts from file
  • Convert audio files (mp3 to aac etc)
  • Select audio track from files with multiple audio tracks
  • Extract jobs to .bat file so they can be run later
  • Preview files with all options applied
  • Edit/create presets
  • Works under Wine
  • 64bit support (FFMpeg only)

Veranderingen voor v3.2.3409 - v3.2.1.3432

  • Added: FFMpeg will now use Soxr for resampling
  • Added: "Donation" and "Send mail to author" buttons
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.17
  • Updated: FFMpeg to latest from

Veranderingen voor v3.1 - v3.2.3409

  • Added: TEncoder will save encoder logs to AppData folder now
  • Added: New skin "AlterMetro"
  • Added: An option to disable CPU usage bar
  • Added: Advanced video settings (only for x264 at the moment)
  • Improved: Audio track ID detection
  • Improved: Audio codec detection for "Direct Stream Copy"
  • Fixed: Wrong container format for some profiles (thx to MilesAhead)
  • Fixed: Moving files up/down in the list caused problems
  • Fixed: Main window disappeared if minimized after an encode (thx to LigH)
  • Fixed: A few minor UI problems
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.16
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB49 from
  • Updated: FFMpeg to latest from

Veranderingen voor v3.0.3270 - v3.1

  • --3.1
  • -Added: Turkish translation (Translators, please see "To translators.txt")
  • -Added: Profiles are now stored in different files under "Profiles" folder
  • -Added: User created Profiles will be saved in a differen directory
  • -Added: Custom video and audio options to profiles
  • -Added: Container options to profiles
  • -Added: Parent folder of input file will be created in the output folder
  • -Added: Option to use 32bit FFmpeg eventhough the OS is 64bit
  • -Added: New skin "Mint"
  • -Fixed: FFMpeg could not open AVS files (thx to goorawin)
  • -Fixed: Some settings were not saved
  • -Fixed: Preview window taskbar progress state problem
  • -Fixed: When a profiles was added/deleted/edited, profile lists would become empty
  • -Updated: AlphaControls to 8.04
  • -Updated: FFMpeg to 20-11-2012
  • -Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB43

Veranderingen voor v2.8.3128 - v2.9.3221

  • Added: Support for audio codec Opus
  • Added: Support for .opus files
  • Added: Decreased main window dimensions (will reset position info)
  • Fixed: Custom arguments were not passed if codec is "Copy"
  • Fixed: MEncoder "Direct Stream Copy" container problem
  • Fixed: Minor UI problems
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder to SB41
  • Updated: MediaInfo to 0.7.61
  • Updated: FFmpeg to latest from

Veranderingen voor v2.6.2968 - v2.7.3036

  • Added: Support for 3gp container
  • Added: Video options won't be passed if source is audio file
  • Added: Some UI changes to "Logs" and "Settings" windows
  • Fixed: "Canvas does not allow drawing" errors
  • Fixed: Audio to audio convertion failed
  • Fixed: Wrong file extension if video options were set for audio only source
  • Fixed: Flickers due to excesive output from backends
  • Fixed: Errors occur when Logs were created
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.01 Beta
  • Updated: FFMpeg
  • Updated: MPlayer and MEncoder
  • Updated: JVCL to 3.47
  • Updated: MadExcept to 4.0.5

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