Versie historie van TaskSpace

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Veranderingen voor v0.4.1.3 - v0.5.0.0

  • - EULA changed:
  • 1. TaskSpace is provided as freeware, but only for private, non-commercial use
  • (that means at home).
  • 2. TaskSpace is free for educational use (schools, universities, museums and libraries)
  • and for use in charity or humanitarian organisations.
  • 3. If you intend to use TaskSpace at your place of business or for commercial purposes,
  • please register and purchase it.

Veranderingen voor v0.4.1.2 - v0.4.1.3

  • - added "Check updates"-wizard: download latest product version in a few clicks
  • - "Show titlebar" setting of TaskSpace is saved/restored to/from TSF file
  • - fixed bug: restored attached window is not resized when TaskSpace resized

Veranderingen voor v0.4.1.1 - v0.4.1.2

  • - added Italian localization
  • - changed behavior: "Close All" command now closes *ALL* tabs with *ALL* attached windows
  • - fixed bug: shutdown menu is not properly drawn in Windows 7 when TS is running
  • - fixed bug: TS window disappears after ALT key press
  • - removed keyboard shortcuts for recent TSF files

Veranderingen voor v0.4.1.0 - v0.4.1.1

  • - added Arabic localization
  • - fixed bug: preset files were not properly loaded/saved when Unicode path is used
  • - fixed bug: web site not opened in Windows XP
  • - fixed bug: web site is opening multiple times when TS is out of date
  • - fixed visual artefacts(black areas) in the attached Internet Explorer windows
  • - fixed bug: WebStorm support added

Veranderingen voor v0.4.0.0 - v0.4.1.0

  • - added Navigation pane for handy switching between attached windows(Ctrl+~, Ctrl+Shift+~)
  • - added Dutch language
  • - updated Greek, Chinese translations
  • - fixed crash in Windows XP on application startup/quit
  • - fixed bug with improper handling of middle click on TS caption
  • - fixed bug with child window flickering when activated
  • - fixed bug: max search time option was not properly used
  • - fixed bug: initial language changed to comply current shell UI language
  • - fixed buf: settings file was not properly loaded/saved when Unicode path is used
  • - fixed bug: changing of language does not reload children windows system menu

Veranderingen voor v0.3.0.0 - v0.4.0.0

  • - added Win key support, tooltips to the shortcut editor
  • - added system menu option "Move to..." for attached windows
  • - added maximized mode for child windows(expands window to full TaskSpace, Alt+Ctrl+Shift+=)
  • - added TaskSpace system menu option: "Reset Children Layout"(restore default windows position/size)
  • - added navigation shortcuts(previous, next) for attached windows: Alt+Ctrl+Shift+>, Alt+Ctrl+Shift+<
  • - added "Show titlebar" shortcuts for TaskSpace(Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Up) and attached windows(Ctrl+Shift+Up)
  • - added settings tabs with extended options(configurable shortcuts, layout restoring options)
  • - changed default shortcut values to not to conflict with foreign apps(e.g. browser)
  • - added ability to move TaskSpace window clicking on client area(works the same as caption)
  • - changed: TaskSpace system menu option "Show Titlebar when maximized" changed to "Show Titlebar"
  • - changed: "Check updates" is now available in free mode
  • - fixed visual artefacts(black areas) in the attached Chrome windows, Windows Picture Viewer
  • - fixed bug: TaskSpace window sometimes may hang for a while when activated/moved/resized
  • - fixed bug: child window sometimes get hidden when child dialog popup
  • - fixed bug with broken child windows layout after accident maximize/minimize
  • - fixed bug: child windows were not properly saved/restored with "Auto-size option" set to OFF
  • - fixed bug: popup child windows were not properly positioned in the TaskSpace window

Veranderingen voor v0.2.0.1 - v0.3.0.0

  • - added saving/restoring of special folders(My Computer, Network, Control Panel, etc)
  • - added support of MMC applications(e.g. services.mmc)
  • - added saving/restoring of title bar state(visible/invisible) for attached windows
  • - added saving/restoring of selected number of items per row
  • - added recent list of loaded layouts with hotkeys for restoring
  • - fixed visual artefacts(black rectangle) in the attached Shell windows
  • - fixed UI bug: "Drop apps here" is shown in the wrong place in Windows Classic theme
  • - fixed bug: "Apps in a row" setting was missing in the layout file
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace improperly forces attach operation for other windows
  • - fixed bug with Delphi applications:
  • taskbar button disappered while the are some other windows remained on the desktop
  • - removed minimize/maximize buttons for attached windows

Veranderingen voor v0.2.0.0 - v0.2.0.1

  • - added TaskSpace activation when child window activated from it's application
  • request(e.g. click on tray icon, command execution, etc)
  • - added "Close All"-feature(system menu option/Alt+Ctrl+F4/Ctrl+click on Close) - closes TaskSpace with all children
  • - added TaskSpace tab icon
  • - fixed bug when some child windows are not properly resized
  • - fixed bug when tray icon disappeared after explorer crash

Veranderingen voor v0.1.7.0 - v0.2.0.0

  • - changed TaskSpace icon
  • - added new option to "Number of apps in a row"-menu: 1 (single application per row)
  • - fixed behaviour: no reposition for child windows after TaskSpace window proportions changed
  • - fixed bug when "TaskSpace from window"(Ctrl+Shift+T) command creates TaskSpace outside of the visible part of the screen
  • - fixed bug when grandchild windows improperly stationed under its parent window
  • - fixed bug when sometimes child windows continues flickering in a small TaskSpace window

Veranderingen voor v0.1.6.2 - v0.1.7.0

  • - added error prompt when TaskSpace failed to attach to active window
  • - fixed behavior when "TaskSpace from window"(Ctrl+Shift+T) command preserves child window's screen position
  • - fixed bug when "TaskSpace from window"(Ctrl+Shift+T) command mistakenly works for popup windows
  • - fixed bug when child windows get disabled/inaccessible after TaskSpace window was closed
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace disturbs with child windows(causes flickering, hiding of menus, e.g.: Paint.NET)
  • - fixed bug when foreign "yes-no-cancel" messageboxes were mistakenly customized with "remember my choice" checkbox
  • - fixed bug when sometimes TaskSpace's icon not changing after focus switched from one child to another

Veranderingen voor v0.1.6.1 - v0.1.6.2

  • - added system menu option: "Number of apps in a row"
  • - added TaskSpace accelerators to add/switch tabs(Ctrl+T, Ctrl+1...0)
  • - removed window flashing when detached from TaskSpace window
  • - fixed bug when skin change causes switching of TaskSpace tabs
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace window disappeared after dragging
  • - fixed autorun startup: initial TaskSpace window removed
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace window is always restored by clicking on taskbar button(instead of switching minimized/restored state)
  • - updated Chinese Simplified language

Veranderingen voor v0.1.6.0 - v0.1.6.1

  • - added Settings dialog with next options supported:
  • 1. Set of Windows hotkeys
  • 2. AutoRun at Windows startup
  • - added hint functionality in Aero mode (text is provided at the status bar area)
  • - fixed bug when attached Explorer window breaks the Glass effect at the status bar area of the TaskSpace window
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace window occasionally loses its focus

Veranderingen voor v0.1.5.3 - v0.1.6.0

  • - "None" theme changed to "Native" (with extended Aero support)
  • - reduced flickering when moving/resizing TaskSpace window
  • - fixed bug for Delphi applications (taskbar icon remained after attaching to TaskSpace)
  • - fixed crash on application exit when incompatibility prompt is displayed
  • - added drag-drop functionality for TaskSpace tabs

Veranderingen voor v0.1.5.2 - v0.1.5.3

  • - fixed bug in Chinese languages switching (was always Simplified)
  • - fixed bug when application's incompatibility prompt may hang the Windows Explorer
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace failed to automatically attach to Windows Explorer prompts
  • - fixed bug when TaskSpace failed to extract icon from x64 apps
  • - enhancement: user is able to attach incompatible applications to TaskSpace
  • - enhancement: real-time sequential numbering of TaskSpaces was implemented
  • - enhancement: mini icon added to child's icon when it is attached to TaskSpace
  • - enhancement: improved tab switching (flickering free), change active tab with mousewheel
  • - language menu items changed to always show native text (e.g. English, Русский)

Veranderingen voor v0.1.5.1 - v0.1.5.2

  • - fixed bug when tray menu accidently hiding on mouse key release (actual for Windows 8.1 x64)
  • - fixed bug when language change was not applied to already attached windows (system menu options related to TaskSpace)
  • - fixed UI bug when restoring TaskSpace from minimized state (improper position of caption buttons)
  • - fixed bug while saving minimized TaskSpace layout
  • - fixed bug when startup prompts does not respect user's regional language
  • - improved TaskSpace layout restoration logic
  • - added Chinese languages (Simplified, Traditional)
  • - updated Greek language

Veranderingen voor v0.1.5.0 - v0.1.5.1

  • - reduced flickering when moving children windows/switching between TaskSpace tabs
  • - added intelligent children window position functionality
  • - added intelligent children window autosize functionality ("Auto-size window" system menu option)
  • - added list of forbidden applications due to bad compatibility with TaskSpace
  • Current list of incompatible applications in Windows Vista and higher:
  • - Internet explorer
  • - MS Outlook 2010, MS Word 2010
  • - fixed bug when click on tray icon changes active tab of invisible TaskSpace window
  • - fixed bug in "Always on Desktop"-mode
  • - "Show TitleBar" system menu option added for attached windows: this allows to economize space on the screen

Veranderingen voor v0.1.4.1 - v0.1.5.0

  • - fixed bug when Detach operation failed on x86 applications
  • - fixed UI drawing bug after Explorer window attached when Aero mode enabled (transparent/black TaskSpace caption)
  • - improved UI drawing when working with Aero graphics
  • - initial TaskSpace size changed to 800x600
  • - "Create TaskSpace as Tab" system menu option added to TaskSpace
  • - "Check for updates" logic changed to bypass proxy caching
  • * THIS IS IMPORTANT: TaskSpace license type changed to liteware *
  • Feel free to use free version of the TaskSpace. If you like this product you may want to register it and get next features:
  • - TaskSpace window mode switching: Normal/Always On Desktop/Always On Top
  • - Tray icon for specific TaskSpace
  • - "Check for updates" feature
  • - "Load presets"/"Save presets"/"Close All" feature: loading/saving of TaskSpace layouts

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