Versie historie van Spotnet

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Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.276 - v2.0.0.284

  • [NEW] Added VPN for Spotnet; an implementation with VPN Nederland.
  • [FIXED] Fixed several minor bugs.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.275 - v2.0.0.276

  • Fix for download is broken on some CPU.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.272 - v2.0.0.275

  • Fix for download is broken on some CPU.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.265 - v2.0.0.272

  • [NEW] Decoder performance improvements. SSE2 CPU features are used by default.
  • [FIXED] Show par2 files downloading progress and speed on recovery process.
  • [FIXED] Improve download speed in case of 430 errors from the server.
  • [FIXED] Fix for internal downloader filename determining, so some spots were broken.
  • [FIXED] Provider connections limit "Auto" value wrong determined.
  • [CHANGED] Do not disable provider's settings on database update.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.261 - v2.0.0.265

  • [FIXED] Fix spots category color is wrong on search queries.
  • [FIXED] Now favorites list moved from the file to db. Fix for large favorites list (>1000).
  • [CHANGED] Show full spot size on downloads tab with initial progress for files that are not supposed to be downloaded before the PostProcess (par2 files).
  • [CHANGED] Impoving PostProcess: par2 repair/verification is skipped if QuickCheck is OK.
  • [CHANGED] Impoving PostProcess: files are renamed with QuickCheck based on par2 md5sum info.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.250 - v2.0.0.261

  • [NEW] Notify with tooltip about download complete even if Spotnet is not active. And new option to disable it: "Settings / Advanced / Downloads / Windows tray notification about download complete".
  • [FIXED] Fix the problem downloader removes the second level archive file if the name equals to the first level archive file.
  • [FIXED] Download repair stability fix.
  • [FIXED] Download queue restart stability fix.
  • [FIXED] Fixed some users have problem with smileys on default theme.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.250 - v2.0.0.260

  • [NEW] Notify with tooltip about download complete even if Spotnet is not active. And new option to disable it: "Settings / Advanced / Downloads / Windows tray notification about download complete".
  • [FIXED] Fix the problem downloader removes the second level archive file if the name equals to the first level archive file.
  • [FIXED] Download repair stability fix.
  • [FIXED] Download queue restart stability fix.
  • [FIXED] Fixed some users have problem with smileys on default theme.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.244 - v2.0.0.250

  • [NEW] Ability to use multiple spot themes (see "Settings / View / Spot theme ..." or advanced settings).
  • [NEW] Support for Spotnet 1.8.x/1.9.x themes.
  • [NEW] Ability to use multiple filter lists (See "Settings / View / Filters list ..." or filters panel). Old filters lists saved as "Aangepast" and "Aangepast 2".
  • [NEW] Ability to hide spot tab toolbar (see "Settings / Advanced / Tabs / Show toolbar").
  • [NEW] filters.xml now supports abilities to do not resize images and change background. Example:
  • [CHANGED] IMPORTANT: Spot tab theme files moved to C:/ProgramData/Spotnet/TabThemes/. Old theme files are still in "Theme" folder.
  • [CHANGED] IMPORTANT: Some theme variables changed/depricated. Check for new theme files.
  • [CHANGED] IMPORTANT: Filter images moved to "Filters.v2/Images" folder.
  • [CHANGED] Ability to change avatar via advanced settings and on comment preview panel.
  • [CHANGED] Do not load spot image automatically if keyboard Shift key is pressed on spot tab open.
  • [FIXED] Fix counting for filters new spots.
  • [FIXED] Downloader: do not remove archive files if unpack failed.
  • [FIXED] Minor interface improvements and fixes.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.240 - v2.0.0.244

  • [NEW] Ability to post spots with encrypted NZB. Support for spots posted with Spotnet 1.9 encryption.
  • [FIXED] Filtering performance improved.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.236 - v2.0.0.240

  • Provider settings: ability to change headers/download/upload servers separately.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.235 - v2.0.0.236

  • NEW] Spots post preview ability.
  • [NEW] Spots post, support for:
  • * Beeld / Boeken / PDF
  • * Beeld / Afbeelding / Bitmap & Vector
  • [NEW] Downloads tab: show speed limit and free space for downloads folder disk on status bar.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.232 - v2.0.0.235

  • [CHANGED] Spots Size column is shown by default.
  • [FIXED] Minor fixes and improvements to advanced settings and comments posting.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.228 - v2.0.0.232

  • [NEW] [color="#CC5555"]Color tag[/color] support for comments.
  • [NEW] Comment preview ability.
  • [NEW] Ability to open spot link via menu item: File / Open Spotlink... (Ctrl+L).
  • [CHANGED] Advanced settings moved to separate window.
  • [FIXED] Fixed comment new line symbol, now it works.
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem download can fail on some computers because of old queue files are not removed ("Failed to find the file with index ..." warning).

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.224 - v2.0.0.228

  • [FIXED] Download par2 files only if required.
  • [FIXED] Fix db locked for a long time on removing a lot of out of retention spots.
  • [FIXED] Fixed image cannot be added on spot post.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.220 - v2.0.0.224

  • [FIXED] Handle possible "Path is too long" error on spot downloading.
  • [FIXED] Fixed nzb file parsing problem that can lead to the failed download.
  • [FIXED] Fix download queue crash if download title ends with dot.
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem spots from spot_whitelist are not displayed with "Show trusted only" mode is ON.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.218 - v2.0.0.220

  • [CHANGED] If unpack is failed for download, it is marked as "Warning", but still moved to "complete" folder, so you can use it.
  • [CHANGED] All download settings are moved to separate menu item (Settings / Download Settings).
  • [NEW] New option: Remove par2 files after download. Enabled by default.
  • [NEW] New option: Download Schedule. Used to set download schedule. So you can start download at night, for example.
  • [FIXED] Fix for users with broken user key cannot login.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.211 - v2.0.0.218

  • [FIXED] Fixed problem spots list is not loaded completely.
  • [FIXED] Process spots counting more accurate on filter.
  • [FIXED] Thumbs list "new" spots special border.
  • [NEW] Ability to manage columns of downloads tab. Also two new tabs added: Added time and Finished time. Hidden by default.
  • [NEW] Support for "400 Session time limit reached" provider message.
  • [FIXED] "Hit connections limit" warning fixed (before it was "Unknown problem").
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem it's not possible to remove from white/black lists if user is in both lists.
  • [CHANGED] Try to move several times from incomplete to complete folder after download is finished. Show message, if it is still failed, but mark the download as success.
  • [CHANGED] Thumbs re-style.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.210 - v2.0.0.211

  • [NEW] Ability to limit download speed. Use "Settings / Advanced / Speed limit..." menu item.
  • [NEW] Ability to set unpack password for download. Available via right click menu on item that is downloading.
  • [CHANGED] "Hit connections limit" warning added to the system state checker.
  • [CHANGED] Connection timeout default value increased from 5s to 10s.
  • [FIXED] External NzbGet: fix download files removed even if "No remove files" option selected.
  • [FIXED] Fix download pausing takes too long time sometimes.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.207 - v2.0.0.210

  • [FIXED] Fix possible OutOfMemory issues.
  • [FIXED] Improve download speed and CPU usage on computers with high internet bandwidth.
  • [FIXED] Fix download speed calculation algo.
  • [FIXED] Fix possible "Limit reached" problem after server timeout.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.201 - v2.0.0.207

  • [NEW] Ability to recreate database files with menu item. It can be used when database files are corrupted or your provider changed header IDs and your database cannot be updated after it. Menu item: Settings / Advanced / Recreate database files...
  • [FIXED] External NzbGet support is now available again. Use menu dialog: Settings / Advanced / Advanced download settings...
  • [FIXED] Problem with connection on network packet lost.
  • [FIXED] Spotnet downloader: accept yEnc articles signed with avast.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.200 - v2.0.0.201

  • [FIXED] Problem downloader network drives are not supported.
  • [FIXED] Open *.nzb with file association does not work.
  • [FIXED] Improve logic for files move on download postprocess, so it should not fail even if files are blocked by external software.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.198 - v2.0.0.200

  • Problem KPN users cannot download

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.172 - v2.0.0.198

  • [NEW] Do not use NzbGet, use internal downloader instead.
  • [FIXED] Spotnet cannot start in Windows 10 Insider Preview.
  • [FIXED] Database lock.
  • [FIXED] Memory leaks.
  • [FIXED] Toolbar is not shown in the spots list with "Open NZB" / "Save NZB" download action enabled.
  • [FIXED] Problem Spotnet cannot start on filters file corrupted. Now default filters list is used in this case.
  • [FIXED] Shutdown PC once downloads are finished: "Shutdown PC scheduled" alert shown even if Spotnet is in background.
  • [CHANGED] Shutdown PC once downloads are finished: option autoreset to false on Spotnet start, so shutdown performed one time only.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.168 - v2.0.0.172

  • Now all database update limitations are removed except "01 Feb 2010" start date limitation when spots are started. It's more than 2200 days. So if your provider's retention is less than that, it's highly recommented to set the retention in settings (Settings / Advanced / Retention period...). In this case you will not have spots that are out of retention in your database and it will increase Spotnet performance.
  • [FIXED] Fix the problem using comment's Smileys panel affects windows clipboard.
  • [FIXED] New spots wrong count if db update is cancelled before spots db update.
  • [FIXED] Fix for db lock on removing a lot of spots because of retention changed.
  • [FIXED] Fix possible "De tekenreeks is nt als geldige DateTime herkend" error on start for some users.
  • [CHANGED] Database update order changed. Now if a lot of spamreports to receive, update is rescheduled on after spots database updated, as spots are more important.
  • [CHANGED] Spot tab "Copy link to the spot" button now copies full UBB code with the title included.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.165 - v2.0.0.168

  • [FIXED] Bold font for the new spots back.
  • [FIXED] Try to restore user settings and shortcuts on the start after upgrade even if upgrade hooks are blocked by virusscanner (the fix will work for the next upgrade only, so you can still lost your settings if you have an evil virusscanner).

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.159 - v2.0.0.165

  • [NEW] New hotkeys: Ctrl-F4 to close the tab (Ctrl-W works as well). Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, ..., Ctrl-9 to change the tab selected.
  • [NEW] Ability to remove spots posted by you. Available via spot context menu and toolbars. You can use it when you think it is wrong posted and you want to hide it from other users. Also please note:
  • it is supported in Spotnet 2.0 only, so other clients still is able to see removed spot;
  • for security reasons you can remove spot in 5 days after the spot is posted only. So, it is not possible to remove all your spots even if your key is compromised.
  • [NEW] New option: "Settings / Advanced / Do not load image on spot tab open". If the option is enabled then image is not loaded automatically on spot tab open, but you still have an ability to load it after the tab open.
  • [FIXED] Providers list updated.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.158 - v2.0.0.159

  • [FIXED] Sort by format back.
  • [CHANGED] Update comments database scheduled automatically on loading spot's comments.
  • [CHANGED] Now it's possible to resize left panel.
  • [CHANGED] New font sizes added: 20 and 24.
  • [CHANGED] Button for a link to another spot within the comment added (see comment Smileys panel).

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.150 - v2.0.0.158

  • [FIXED] Fix encoding automaticaly for invalid encoded spots.
  • [FIXED] Fix for wrong encoding on posting new spots.
  • [FIXED] Fixed spots sort by size broken in previous version. Sort by size performance fix.
  • [FIXED] ScrollBar arrows back for spots list.
  • [NEW] Colors in overview. You can disable it in menu: "Settings / Advanced / Spots list coloring" and "Settings / Advanced / Filters list coloring".
  • [FIXED] User with some special characters in the password (for example EURO symbol) cannot login.
  • [FIXED] Stop Spotnet and NzbGet on Spotnet uninstall. Reinstallation was failed sometimes because of this.
  • [FIXED] Awesomium renderer is not disposed on spot tab close. It was leading to sound is still playing after the tab close.
  • [FIXED] Fixed possible exception on modulus update in case of provider data inconsistent (er is al een item met dezelfde sleutel toegevoegd).

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.103 - v2.0.0.105

  • [NEW] New filters schema is used by default. Special thanks to Vinny27 and Ruudje. To use new filters you should mouse right click on Filters panel and select Reset.
  • [NEW] Ability to copy spot image to clipboard (from spot tab toolbar).
  • [NEW] Ability to open spot tab from Downloads (by double click to Subject).
  • [NEW] Bad words filter for comments. Now bad words are shown as "***" for comments. You can turn it off with the option: "Use bad words filter for comments". The list of bad words: "C:/ProgramData/Spotnet/badwords.txt"
  • [NEW] New option: "Automatically give the link to new Spotnet within the comment". Enabled by default.
  • [CHANGED] Do not refresh spots list on spot added/removed from/to black/whitelist.
  • [FIXED] Fixed [SN:NEW] tag support for filters. Usage in a filter rule: rowid > [SN:NEW]
  • [FIXED] Fixed error could happen on spot tab close.
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem with db update after provider settings change.
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem comment posted by user himself is not shown after spot tab reopen.
  • [FIXED] Now it is possible to use IPv4 for provider address.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.91 - v2.0.0.102

  • [NEW] Ability to change "Show trusted only" mode on Filters panel. Enabled by default.
  • [NEW] Whitelist / blacklist support for separate spots. Downloaded from the server automatically.
  • [CHANGED] Spot view changed.
  • [CHANGED] Reset columns sort to date/age on Spotnet restart due to performance issues with sorting by other columns.
  • [FIXED] DB lock problem that happens sometimes fixed.
  • [FIXED] Not all spots are loaded to the list on search queries.
  • [FIXED] DB update failure on provider domain change.
  • [FIXED] Thumbs view stuck load if a lot of filters applied.
  • [NEW] New flags for poster in spots list:
  • * W (whitelisted) for locally whitelisted poster.
  • * T (trusted) for poster from external whitelist.
  • * F (fake) for poster that use name of another well known user. Most probably it's a virus or spam.
  • * B (blacklisted) for locally blacklisted poster.
  • [NEW] New option: "Show spots from trusted or whitelisted posters only".
  • [CHANGED] Spot tab toolbar with buttons: download, complain, copy title, copy message ID to clipboard
  • [CHANGED] Hide comment body and avatar for the user added to blacklist from the spot tab.
  • [FIXED] Restore filters open/closed state on Spotnet restart.
  • [FIXED] Thumbs visibility problem.
  • [FIXED] Filters performance improved.
  • [FIXED] Sort by title added and sort by Message ID problem fixed.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.89 - v2.0.0.91

  • [NEW] Smileys added to comment post.
  • [NEW] Warning on the spot tab when open the spot from blacklist.
  • [CHANGED] External blacklist is loaded and used by default.
  • [FIXED] Spotnet images are restored if they are removed, for example by removing old Spotnet version.
  • [FIXED] Fixed Spotnet start speed if it's run via file association.
  • [FIXED] Fixed first symbol removed after the "[/quote]" tag in comment.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.86 - v2.0.0.89

  • [NEW] Ability to copy spot title and content to clipboard.
  • [NEW] Comment reply and quote.
  • [NEW] New UBB code tags support.
  • For comments: [i], [u] and [b]. Example: [i]italic[/i], [u]underlined[/u], [b]bold[/b]
  • For spot description:
  • * img. Example: [img][/img]
  • * color. Example: [color=#55CC55]green text[/color]
  • * url. Example: [url=]Go to google[/url]
  • [NEW] New menu options:
  • * "Enable UBB code for spot description". Enabled by default.
  • * "Enable UBB code for comments". Enabled by default.
  • * "Enable smileys". Enabled by default.
  • [NEW] New menu option: "Spam / Do not show blacklisted spots". Disabled by default.
  • [CHANGED] Do not go to Download tab automatically on Download button click from spots list.
  • [CHANGED] Complain dialog changes.
  • [FIXED] Fixed the problem some spots have no Genre displayed.
  • [FIXED] Fixed video is not stop playing on tab close.
  • [FIXED] Show spots from newer to older as the second sort order if non default order is used.
  • [FIXED] Fixed nzb file name downloaded to tmp folder has tmp file name.
  • [FIXED] Fixed smiles in spot content are wrong parsed.
  • [FIXED] Sqlite database files automatic recovery after "database is malformed" state.
  • [FIXED] Other minor UI fixes.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.83 - v2.0.0.86

  • [FIXED] Fixed right mouse click on spot title in spots list.
  • [FIXED] Fixed problem with old style filter query change is not saved after Spotnet restart.
  • [CHANGED] Save search ability should work for all queries now. Also new filter name asked on it.
  • [NEW] Toolbar to the spots list added with buttons:
  • * Download;
  • * Complain (spam report);
  • * Add and/or remove from white/black list.
  • Also you can hide it with the new option "Settings / View / Visible Controls / Toolbar".
  • [NEW] New column: Poster ID.
  • [NEW] Ability to search by poster ID from the spot tab.
  • [FIXED] Ability to switch back to original filters. Please use the icon on FILTERS panel. So, now it's possible to have two different filter sets.
  • [FIXED] Speed up spots list loading and filtering.
  • [CHANGED] Filters style changed to be more compact.
  • [NEW] The number of users complains (virus/spam reports) to the spot displayed in spots list.
  • [NEW] New option: Hide spot on the number of spam reports more than threshold. 5 by default. Spots that have more than that are not shown in spots list.
  • [NEW] New option: Hide comments with links. To prevent spam in comments. Enabled by default. Comments that contain URLs are not shown. The only exception is the author of the spot that allowed to add backup URL.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.81 - v2.0.0.83

  • Advanced filters functionality to use by default:
  • * new filters, new icons;
  • * ability to organize it as a tree;
  • * ability to edit filters;
  • * ability to reset to simple filters list.
  • [CHANGED] The latest SABnzbd version 0.7.20 included with UnRAR 5.11 and Python 2.7.
  • [CHANGED] Context menu on comment author can be open with mouse right click also.
  • [FIXED] Spots list loading and sorting problems fixed.
  • [FIXED] Filters save problem solved.
  • [FIXED] Comments posting and showing problem solved.

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.80 - v2.0.0.81

  • Fix: Zoeken op afzender
  • Fix: Avatar wijzigen
  • Fix: Error HeaderSettings: Load_lis
  • Feature: Instelling om links te openen in externe browser

Veranderingen voor v2.0.0.80 - v2.0.0.81

  • Fix: Zoeken op afzender
  • Fix: Avatar wijzigen
  • Fix: Error HeaderSettings: Load_lis
  • Feature: Instelling om links te openen in externe browser

Veranderingen voor v1.8.1 - v2.0.0.80

  • [NEW] Spots list "With Details" and "Images Only" new interface types.
  • [NEW] Shortcuts to most common User Interface operations.
  • [NEW] Headers compression on database update.
  • [NEW] English localization.
  • [NEW] Spotnet automatic updates.
  • [NEW] NZB files association with Spotnet.exe.
  • [NEW] Advanced filters functionality. Now it can be structured like a tree. Ability to edit filters.
  • [NEW] Spots information caching for fast spots open.
  • [NEW] Allow user to show/hide User Interface elements.
  • [NEW] Other new configuration options.
  • [CHANGED] Updating spots database, schedule new download, etc does not block User Interface.
  • [CHANGED] SABnzbd new version 0.7.19 included.
  • [CHANGED] Now advanced SABnzbd settings could be changed via SABnzbd interface and they are not overriden by Spotnet.
  • [CHANGED] Spam filters schema improved.
  • [FIXED] Installer improvements: Spotnet run / Uninstall from Programs menu, option to add Spotnet to desktop, etc.
  • [FIXED] Detailed error messages on problems with connection to the server, wrong login/password, etc.
  • [FIXED] Spotnet stuck problem during spots, comments database update.
  • [FIXED] Download folder change problem.

Veranderingen voor v1.8.4.3 - v1.8.5.0

  • ### Toegevoegd
  • - Zoek naar updates (nieuwere Spotnet versie)
  • - Scheldwoorden in reacties verbergen
  • - Externe black/whitelist … aan/uit, bewerken
  • - Spam instellingen, toon/verberg blacklisted spots/reacties
  • - Spotter ID zichtbaar in overzicht venster
  • - Thema’s
  • ***
  • - Afbeeldingen in spotinfo [ img ]
  • - Tekstkleur weergeven in spotinfo
  • - Creëer Spotnet ID na aanmaken nieuwe database, als er geen ID is gevonden
  • - x-newsreader in header spot cliënt
  • ***
  • - Antwoord en Citaat in reacties + weergeven van citaat
  • - BBCode [ u ], [ i ], [ b ] & [ color ] in reacties + color-picker voor reacties
  • - Smileys
  • - Spotters ID’s verifiëren
  • - Aantal Spam meldingen tonen
  • - Verbergen van spam in reacties: --- Dit bericht... Avast... / ...Spotnet v2...
  • - Extra spotinfo: NZB Informatie toon Bestandsnaam, Nieuwsgroep(en) & aantal bestanden.

Veranderingen voor v1.8.4.1 - v1.8.4.3

Veranderingen voor (Mini Update) - v1.8.4.1

  • Externe provider lijst (providers.xml), incl. nieuwe usenet providers
  • SABnzbd upgraded naar versie 0.7.20 o.a. support RAR5 formaat (uitpakken van WinRar 5 archieven)
  • SQLite library's upgraded naar versie 3.8.6
  • Tijdelijke bestanden aangemaakt door Spotnet in de %temp% map opruimen
  • Uniek-ID is voortaan zichtbaar in spotinfo en reacties
  • Verwijderen van corrupt user.config bij opstarten Spotnet
  • Kleine interne veranderingen
  • Bewerken => Instellingen:
  • Externe browser gebruiken
  • Maximaal aantal headers per keer...
  • 500.000 Spots en 1.000.000 Reacties laden per keer houden het geheugengebruik onder de 512 Mb.
  • De max. ligt ongeveer op 7.000.000 voor reacties en voor spots is dat minder, ongeveer ± 3.500.000
  • Reacties: 0 = Reacties uitschakelen!
  • Deze instelling zorgt ervoor dat reacties in het geheel niet meer opgehaald worden, dit is een andere instelling als: Bewerken => Instellingen: Reacties
  • automatisch ophalen (bij het openen van een spot)
  • Opnieuw opbouwen index (voor gebruikers die 1.8.4 al geïnstalleerd hebben)
  • Bug fixes:
  • Corrupt user.config
  • Laatste geselecteerde rij en .NET 4.5 (niet blauw)
  • Menu-items: zwarte checkboxes Windows 8.1
  • Out of Memory: bij het openen van een spot en het laden van de bijbehorende reacties.
  • System Out of Memory: na een nieuwe installatie van Spotnet of het veranderen van provider waarbij ALLE reacties initieel worden geladen.
  • Enkele kleine bugs verholpen

Veranderingen voor v1.8.1 - (Mini Update)

  • SABnzbd is geüpdatet naar versie 0.7.17 o.a. support RAR5 formaat.
  • Toegevoegd:
  • SABnzbd settings voor Spotnet is een tool voor het 'finetunen' van SABnzbd voor Spotnet
  • Modificaties:
  • Out of Memory exception - probleem
  • Bij een nieuwe installatie van Spotnet 1.8.1 worden alle spots en reacties geladen, bij het opslaan van de reacties wordt er een foutmelding gegeven:
  • oplossing: Spotnet.exe.config
  • Deze fix werkt alleen op 64bits machines i.c.m. Net framework 4.5
  • Een andere oplossing is de reacties lader voor Spotnet 1.8.1 te gebruiken (DBCLoader.exe)
  • zie map: ..\Extras\Spotnet 1.8.1 Reacties lader
  • * Start DBCLoader.exe
  • * Server node: Headers (standaard instelling)
  • * Klik op de knop "Vul reacties"
  • "jouw-provider.dbc" wordt aangemaakt
  • Externe browser vanuit Spotnet openen
  • Voortaan wordt de standaard browser geopend bij het kikken op een (encrypted) link.
  • Kan de server niet bereiken - probleem
  • Sinds kort treedt er in spotnet een nieuw probleem op tijdens het spotten: "Kan de server niet bereiken", ook probleem is in deze versie opgelost. Dit probleem staat ook wel bekend als het "ExternalSigning - probleem".
  • Google Analytics - uitgeschakeld
  • In deze nieuwe versie staat Google Analytics (GA) uit. GA is een statistieken programma waarmee de ontwikkelaars van Spotnet kunnen zien op welke manier jij het programma gebruikt zoals; zoekopdrachten, geopende spots, gespotte spots, uit welk land je komt e.d.
  • Installatie map is selecteerbaar, Spotnet is te installeren op andere schijven.
  • Houd er rekening mee dat de Spotnet database nog steeds aangemaakt wordt op je SystemDrive!
  • Win XP >> C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Spotnet
  • Win / Vista / 7 / 8 >> C:\ProgramData\Spotnet
  • Bij het deïnstalleren /verwijderen van Spotnet worden alle Spotnet folders en restanten verwijderd
  • ook localappdata\Spotnet (Gebruikerspecifieke applicatie-instellingen folder)

Veranderingen voor v1.8.1 - v1.8.1.1b

  • SABnzbd 0.7.7. - vernieuwd
  • Naast zoeken in Spotnet is het ook mogelijk om te downloaden met Spotnet via SABnzbd, dit programma is geüpdatet naar de laatste versie.
  • Kan de server niet bereiken - probleem
  • Sinds kort treedt er in Spotnet een nieuw probleem op tijdens het spotten "Kan de server niet bereiken", ook probleem is in deze versie opgelost. Dit probleem staat ook wel bekend als het "ExternalSigning - probleem".
  • Google Analytics - uitgeschakeld
  • In deze nieuwe versie Spotnet staat Google Analytics (GA) uit. GA is een statistieken programma waarmee de ontwikkelaars van Spotnet kunnen zien op welke manier jij het programma gebruikt zoals; zoekopdrachten, geopende spots, gespotte spots, uit welk land je komt e.d..
  • Installer UI vernieuwd & installatie map selecteerbaar
  • De nieuwe installer heeft een nieuw uiterlijk gekregen en is te installeren op andere schijven.

Veranderingen voor v1.8.0 - v1.8.1

  • Knippen/plakken werkt weer in het reactie-veld
  • HTML werd per ongeluk toegestaan in spots/reacties
  • Ondersteuning voor providers die geen authenticatie vereisen

Veranderingen voor v1.7.6 - v1.8.0

  • Nieuw database formaat - Het nadeel is dat je de spots eenmalig opnieuw moet ophalen, en sommige filters (op categorie) opnieuw zult moeten aanmaken. Maar de snelheidswinst die er tegenover staat, maakt veel goed.
  • Nieuwe NNTP engine - Vorige versies lieten de verbinding nooit open staan, hierdoor kon het openen van een spot soms lang duren, omdat er telkens opnieuw ingelogd moest worden. Deze versie laat de verbinding continu open staan, en hergebruikt deze verbinding bij het ophalen van het plaatje en de reacties, waardoor spots veel sneller openen.
  • Whitelist / Blacklist - Spots van vertrouwde spotters verschijnen in het groen, standaard staan er al een aantal op de lijst.
  • Avatars - Je kunt een plaatje instellen dat bij al je reacties verschijnt.
  • Thema's - Wie verlost ons van die saaie grijze spot-pagina's?
  • Bugs - Er is een hele waslijst aan kleine foutjes verholpen, en hopelijk niet al te veel nieuwe geintroduceerd.

Veranderingen voor v1.7.5 - v1.7.6

  • - Sneller filteren
  • - Genres zijn aanklikbaar
  • - Filters geven aantallen weer
  • - Spots aanmelden weer weer correct
  • - Erotiek staat niet meer in overzicht
  • - Robuuster tegen dubbel downloaden database
  • - Filtert spam weg (bij nieuwe databases)

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