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Veranderingen voor v18.6 - v19.1.0

  • * Possibility to play 60fps videos from YouTube.
  • * Now it's possible to search for subtitles typing the name of the movie or show.
  • * Some bug fixes.

Veranderingen voor v18.5 - v18.6

  • * On Windows 10 the key shortcuts for play next/previous left a "busy" mouse cursor on the screen. This is fixed now.
  • * There's a new option in Preferences -> Playlist to choose the type of window for the playlist: dockable (as before) or just a normal window.
  • * The library used by the web server for the chromecast feature has been updated. It looks like the old one had several vulnerabilities so it's recommended to update.

Veranderingen voor v18.4.0 - v18.5

  • * (Windows) A problem which might prevent SMPlayer to open filenames with unicode characters has been fixed.
  • * Fix: the cursor keys should now work in the playlist.
  • * Now it's possible to select which multimedia keys should be used as global shortcuts (Preferences -> Keyboard and mouse).
  • * (Windows) It seems on some systems the multimedia key events are sent twice, making some keys (like volume mute or play/pause) almost unusable. This version tries to detect it and prevent it.
  • * "opus" has been added to to the list of audio extensions.

Veranderingen voor v18.3.0 - v18.4.0

  • * Bugfix: the time displayed by a tooltip when the mouse is over the seekbar is now much more accurate.
  • * There's now an option in Preferences -> Advanced to set the position of the OSD bar.
  • * Now it's possible to turn off the use of the system native file dialog in Preferences -> Interface.

Veranderingen voor v18.2.2 - v18.3.0

  • * Possibility to search for subtitles using the hash and filename methods at the same time.
  • * Fix a bug which prevented to play some YouTube URLs.

Veranderingen voor v18.1.0 - v18.2.2

  • * The option Open -> URL can now also load YouTube playlists.
  • * New option in Preferences -> Subtitles to select the opacity of the background of the subtitles (available when the "border style" is set to "opaque box").
  • * The options to select the preferred number of track for audio and subtitles are back.
  • * (mpv) Now the direct3d is the default video output for Windows, since some users reported problems with the gpu output.

Veranderingen voor v17.12.0 - v18.1.0

  • Fix for YouTube.

Veranderingen voor v17.11.0 - v17.12.0

  • * Two new actions to take screenshots with or without subtitles (they only work when using mpv). Assigned by default to Ctrl+Shift+S and Ctrl+Alt+S.
  • * New action which displays the filename in the OSD for 2 seconds. Assigned by default to Shift+O.
  • * New option osd_bar_pos for smplayer.ini. It specifies the position of the OSD bar (0 = top, 100 = bottom).
  • * The support for DVD menus has been removed. It never worked well and also mpv already removed support for it a long time ago.
  • * The option to open an informative page after an upgrade has been removed.

Veranderingen voor v17.10.2 - v17.11.0

  • * The video equalizer by software has been fixed.
  • * The thumbnail generator is now more precise with short videos.
  • * The audio quality of the audio equalizer has been improved.
  • * The option "add black borders on fullscreen" has been fixed.
  • * The option "AC3/DTS passthrough over S/PDIF" has been fixed.

Veranderingen voor v17.9.0 - v17.10.2

  • * New option in Preferences -> Network to select the preferred quality for streaming sites such as DailyMotion, Vimeo and so on (all those which are handled by youtube-dl).
  • * The audio equalizer is now disabled by default on Linux to prevent a no sound problem for users with old versions of mpv.
  • * Fix some problems with the letterbox filter (the 'add black borders' option).
  • * The HDPI support is now also enabled on the portable package for Windows.
  • * Fix subtitles not disappearing when using the letterbox filter with mplayer.
  • * Fix: now the time is correctly displayed in the thumbnail generator
  • pictures when SMPlayer is built with Qt 5.

Veranderingen voor v17.8.0 - v17.9.0

  • Now it's possible to the search for subtitles using the filename instead of a hash.
  • Fix for the OSD when using SMPlayer with mpv 0.26.

Veranderingen voor v17.6 - v17.8.0

  • * New audio filter for headphone optimization.

Veranderingen voor v17.5.0 - v17.6

  • Possibility to convert automatically subtitles in srt format to vtt when playing on Chromecast.

Veranderingen voor v17.3 - v17.5.0

  • * Fix for YouTube.

Veranderingen voor v17.2 - v17.3

  • * Add experimental support for subtitles for Chromecast.
  • * Bug fixes.

Veranderingen voor v17.1 - v17.2

  • * Fix for YouTube.
  • * The option to delete files from the disk in the playlist is back but it's disabled by default (you can enable it in Preferences -> Playlist -> Misc.
  • * On Linux SMPlayer now uses a different web server, included in the packages, to serve files for Chromecast. If you installed the package webfs you can uninstall it now since SMPlayer won't use it anymore.
  • * New translation: Norwegian Bokmål.

Veranderingen voor v17.0 - v17.1

  • * Experimental support to play videos on Chromecast.
  • * Support for some of the #EXTVLCOPT options in m3u/m3u8 playlists. This may help to play online streams from playlists intended for VLC.
  • * New options in the context menu of the playlist: "copy URL to clipboard", "open source folder" and "play on Chromecast".
  • * Option to display bitrate information in the status bar.
  • * Possibility to display the playback time with milliseconds in the status bar.
  • * The option to add black borders on fullscreen is back (preferences -> general -> video).
  • * The option to delete files from the disk in the playlist's context menu has been removed.

Veranderingen voor v16.8.0 - v16.9

  • * New option to send the audio to the specified audio device.
  • It can be useful to send the audio to a TV via a HDMI cable
  • or wireless headphones via bluetooth.
  • * Some improvements on the playlist. Now it's possible to hide
  • any column (right click to see the options). The search field
  • is also hidden by default, a new search button shows/hides it.
  • This changes are intended to prevent the playlist window to
  • be too wide.
  • * Due to bugs and problems with Qt 5, the packages for Ubuntu are
  • now built again with Qt 4 by default.
  • * Bug fixes.

Veranderingen voor v16.4.0 - v16.8.0

  • * The playlist has been improved. Now it's possible to sort by any column. There's a new column, with the path of the file (or URL) (this allows you to sort the list by folder). Now it's possible to search (actually filter) in the playlist. And finally there's a new option to load a playlist from internet. As example, you can enter this URL: It will download a playlist with some online TV streams.
  • * Bug fixes.

Veranderingen voor v14.9.0 - v15.9.0

  • Support for the 3D stereo filter.
  • We added support for mpv, which is a player based on mplayer with new features and bug fixes.
  • Now it's possible to select a secondary subtitle track which is displayed on top of the screen (mpv only).
  • New option to set a template for screenshots (mpv only).
  • Now it's possible to play videos from streaming sites (besides Youtube) like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo and many more (mpv only).
  • Option to step back one frame (mpv only).
  • The Windows installer now allows to choose the playback engine to install: mplayer or mpv.
  • Better support for YouTube (VEVO videos).
  • Possibility to set a proxy.
  • New action (assigned by default to key "I") shows the current playback time, total time and percentage, for 2 seconds on the OSD.
  • Add the possibility to use the mouse buttons for "next chapter" and "previous chapter".
  • New option to delete a file in the playlist from the filesystem.
  • Support for MPRIS2.
  • Possibility to compile SMPlayer without MPlayer or mpv support.
  • The new H2O theme is now the default theme.

Veranderingen voor v14.3.0 - v14.9.0

  • Fix for Youtube.
  • New option to shut down the computer when playback has finished.
  • The themes and skin icons are loaded from resource files (*.rcc).
  • New fix for searching subtitles from that should return more results.

Veranderingen voor v0.8.6 - v14.3.0

  • Possibility to play (non-protected) blu-ray discs.
  • The control for fullscreen mode has been rewritten and improved. Now it is displayed over the video.
  • (Windows) New option in Preferences -> Subtitles to enable or disable the use of the Windows font directory. Disabling this option prevents the annoying font scanning.
  • Some presets have been added to the audio equalizer.
  • Better support for multimedia keys. This can help control SMPlayer with a remote control.
  • The option "Move the window when the video area is dragged" has been fixed.
  • (Windows) Now it's possible to open Windows shortcuts (symlinks).
  • Better support for Youtube encrypted signatures.
  • (Windows) Better screensaver disabling.
  • Many bugfixes.
  • Possibility to compile with Qt 5.

Veranderingen voor v0.8.5.5592 (development version) - v0.8.6

  • SMPlayer can now update its internal Youtube code from internet so it's not necessary to update smplayer everytime Youtube makes a change.
  • A section "Updates" has been added to the preferences dialog, where it's possible to configure or disable the update checker.
  • SMPlayer could still fail to find some subtitles from Hopefully this is fixed.
  • (Windows) The autoload of subtitles with non latin1 filenames has been fixed.
  • The Windows installer gives the possibility to delete most of the configuration files of smplayer. This can be useful if the configuration files have been corrupted or smplayer has been misconfigured. Linux users can use the command "smplayer -delete-config".
  • Several other bugfixes. See the Changelog for details.

Veranderingen voor v0.8.4 - v0.8.5

  • Due to changes in, smplayer couldn't find subtitles anymore. This has been fixed.
  • The interface with support for skins is now the default.
  • An option to enter url(s) in the playlist has been added.
  • The options to change the size of the main window work now even if the autoresize is set to never.
  • Two new options for Audio -> Stereo mode: Mono and Reverse.
  • The option "Move the window when the video area is dragged" is now disabled by default because it has some issues that need to be addressed.
  • (Linux) The problem with mplayer2 and the -fontconfig option has been fixed (sort of).
  • New translation: Malay.
  • Some configuration options are changed to new defaults after installation to ease upgrade from old versions.

Veranderingen voor v0.8.3 - v0.8.4

  • New option to select the fps for external subtitles.
  • The video equalizer dialog has been rewritten.
  • Now smplayer checks for updates automatically and notifies the user if a new version is found.
  • Support for encoding ISO-8859-16 for subtitles.
  • New translations: Thai and Hebrew.
  • Some bugfixes.

Veranderingen voor v0.8.2 - v0.8.3

  • Fix for Youtube playback

Veranderingen voor v0.8.1 - v0.8.2

  • A skinnable interface has been added. Several skins are included.
  • Support for 6.1 and 7.1 audio output.
  • A "Privacy" section in the preferences dialog has been added. You can disable saving the recent files or URLs.
  • The main window can be moved by dragging the video area.
  • Fix for a freeze that may happen on Windows XP.

Veranderingen voor v0.7.1 Rev 2 - v0.8.0

  • A toolbar editor has been added. Now it's possible to select the buttons and controls that want to appear in the toolbars.
  • New video filters: gradfun, blur and sharpen.
  • Now it's possible to change the GUI (default, mini, mpc) at runtime, no restart required.
  • sub files from opensubtitles should work again.
  • (Youtube) Recognize short urls (like this one:
  • Better support for chapters in video files.
  • Bug fix: remote m3u files work from the favorites menu or command line.
  • Internal changes in the single instance option (switch to QtSingleApplication).

Veranderingen voor v0.7.0 - v0.7.1

  • This version includes some bug fixes, some of them important. It's highly recommended to update.
  • Fixes:
  • SMPlayer took more than 10 seconds to show when running for the very first time.
  • The links to download subtitles from Opensubtitles were wrong.
  • SMPlayer crashed in the favorite editor when trying to select a file if the KDE open dialog was used.
  • Some translations were missing in the Windows package.
  • New:
  • By default the screenshots are saved in the user's pictures folder instead of the SMPlayer's config folder.
  • Now it's possible to change the opensubtitles server.
  • Youtube: seeking is slow with flv videos, so now flv videos have the lowest priority.
  • Youtube: now it's possible to search and download videos from youtube. This is provided by an external application (in linux you have to install an independent package: smtube).

Veranderingen voor v0.6.10 - v0.7.0

  • New favorite menu, where you can add your favorite videos, music, streams, youtube videos... It's also possible to add submenus.
  • Support for youtube. Now you can open urls like using the Open -> URL dialog or dragging a link from a browser to the smplayer window.
  • Support for mplayer2 ( It's a fork of mplayer with interesting features like precise seeking, ordered chapters in mkv videos and better pause handling (e.g. seek works while the video is paused).
  • New translation: croatian.

Veranderingen voor v0.6.8 - v0.6.9

  • A serious bug has been fixed: sometimes smplayer failed to find subtitles in
  • Implemented the possibility to mark an A-B section, to play a part of the file only.
  • (Linux) smplayer doesn't use alsa as default audio driver anymore. It should fix freezing problems on Ubuntu.
  • Possibility to display the video resolution and frames per second in the status bar.
  • Audio: selection of left or right channel does work now.
  • (Linux) Improved support for vdpau.

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