Versie historie van HyperSnap (64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v8.05.00 - v8.05.01

  • Fix: transparent background color setting on the Edit ribbon tab was not remembered when switching between images, if the drawing toolbar was not visible at the same time (which is the default setting)
  • Fix: Color substitution was not remembering transparency (alpha) and not applying it when doing auto-replacement on each capture.

Veranderingen voor v8.04.08 - v8.05.00

  • New option under Image - Color Substitution, to replace pixel color if the original color does not match the source color. This would let you e.g. to convert all but red pixels on an image to white (or whatever you want)
  • Correction - copying an image of irregular shape or with transparent areas would turn into solid background color on the target image.

Veranderingen voor v8.04.07 - v8.04.08

  • Updated Firefox add-on to work with the latest release of Firefox.

Veranderingen voor v8.04.06 - v8.04.07

  • Fix: incorrect paste of 24 bit images (was pasted with transparent white color)
  • Fix: pasting to the left, right, top or bottom of current selection did not work correctly.

Veranderingen voor v8.04.05 - v8.04.06

  • Fix: was crashing when saving a JPEG file previously opened for a JPEG, if the opriginal JPEG had some mal-formatted EXIF data.

Veranderingen voor v8.04.04 - v8.04.05

  • Bug fix in stamp creation from image selection (was crashing the program)

Veranderingen voor v8.04.03 - v8.04.04

  • Small change to the way the "Paste as new image" command works - now all the image processing and auto- operations for this command are the same as for screen captures. Makes automating some tasks easier and more consistent.

Veranderingen voor v8.04.02 - v8.04.03

  • Firefox v. 35 was released with a bug that prevented our add-on from working. In this release I work-around that bug to make it possible to use the add-on again.

Veranderingen voor v8.03.00 - v8.04.02

  • Several interpolation modes and an extra parameter added to Image/Scale function
  • Bug fix - crash when saving configuration to existing .ini file in a folder where the current user has no write permission
  • Updated and expanded online manual in the German edition of HyperSnap 8

Veranderingen voor v8.02.04 - v8.03.00

  • Auto-paste image - New feature: define custom keys for image paste operation, which lets you insert extra Return characters, text before and after the image (with macro expansion for date, time, image name, user name etc.) and even activate additional windows and paste the image in one operation into several documents.
  • Loading next/previous file with page up/down keys now takes into account any changes, like file deleted, added or renamed in the folder. It now also rotates through all graphics files, instead of only one type of files like .jpg or .png.

Veranderingen voor v8.02.02 - v8.02.04

  • Fix: images wider (or higher) than 32767 pixels were not displayed correctly.
  • Small change to the behavior of "Delete file" function on File menu (ribbon interface only), now if will load the next file from the same directory, if available. The "next" in the sense of alphabetic sequence of image file names.

Veranderingen voor v8.02.01 - v8.02.02

  • Fixed crash on Windows 8, when image captured or opened, and moving the mouse over HTML label in color selector part of the Edit ribbon tab.

Veranderingen voor v8.02.00 - v8.02.01

  • Fix: send by email as PDF, and possibly some other formats, was broken. Now works correctly.

Veranderingen voor v8.01.01 - v8.02.00

  • Added "Delete and close" function on File menu (ribbon only), to both close an image/document and delete its file
  • Added "Close and delete files" function to the right-click menu on a thumbnails, when one or more thumbnials are selected.
  • Fixed "Extended active window capture" - previously worked only in 32-bit version of HyperSnap 8, and only for 32-bit windows. Now both 64 and 32 bit windows are handled correctly from both versions of HyperSnap 8.
  • Fixed "Email selected" on thumbs right-click menu, previously did not work on Windows 8 and/or for MS Outlook 2013.
  • Fixed thumbnail reordering with drag-drop, previously displayed an error if the "image tabs" at the bottom were hidden.

Veranderingen voor v8.01.00 - v8.01.01

  • Fix for running only a single instance of HyperSnap 8 64-bit by default, when clicking on its shortcut or opening image files with a double-click.
  • Added option to prefer either PNG or JPEG file format, when dragging out images from the Thumbnails bar to any folder or other app accepting image file drop - see under Customize - Tabs.

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