Versie historie van Dexpot (Portable)

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Veranderingen voor v1.6.12 Build 2416 - v1.6.13 Build 2429

  • Dynamic Taskbar Reordering for Windows 8.1
  • Per-monitor DPI awareness for further Dexpot plugins
  • Ukrainian language file
  • Fixed
  • Fixed rare issue with hidden windows after desktop switch
  • Improved compatibility for My Avira notifications
  • Enhanced handling of Photoshop palettes
  • Certain Windows hotkeys could unhide the Dexpot main menu

Veranderingen voor v1.6.11 Build 2394 - v1.6.12 Build 2416

  • DexControl: Keep taskbar visible
  • DexControl: Show desktop names
  • DPI awareness per monitor
  • DexTab: Consider High DPI settings
  • Updated Chinese (Traditional) language file
  • Updated Russian language file
  • Fixed
  • DexControl: Enhanced compatibility with high contrast themes on Windows 8
  • DexControl: Changing 'Combine same-sized monitor' did not take effect without a restart
  • DexControl: Fixed start-up issues with MouseEvents plugin enabled
  • DexControl: Rare crash on start-up fixed
  • DexControl: Do not show minimized windows without taskbar button
  • Compatibility improvements for XYplorer
  • Enhanced icon recovery after Explorer restart
  • Fixed 'Select all items' in Desktop Windows
  • Improved Skype compatibility
  • Fixed issues when changing switching sounds in Configure Desktops

Veranderingen voor v1.6.10 Build 2373 - v1.6.11 Build 2394

  • New
  • Combine same-sized monitors in Full-screen preview
  • Restore desktop background on exit
  • Hotkey: Restore last minimized window to tray
  • Fixed
  • Fixed wrong Taskbar Pager position on resolution changes
  • Fixed Taskbar Pager blinking on integration
  • Rare crashes of third-party applications on Windows XP fixed
  • Start button was hidden on Windows 8.1
  • Improved Clover compatibility

Veranderingen voor v1.6.10 Build 2362 - v1.6.10 Build 2373

  • New
  • Goodbye, lousy UIAccess!
  • Fixed
  • Fixed issues with Winamp and Windows Media Player in Full-screen preview
  • Hidden desktop icons were made visible again on Dexpot start

Veranderingen voor v1.6.9 Build 2285 - v1.6.10 Build 2362

  • New
  • DexControl touch support: Pinch to zoom windows and desktops, two-finger tap for tile view
  • MouseEvents: Leap Motion Controller support
  • Distribute elevated windows without elevating Dexpot
  • Find-as-you-type search for Desktop Windows
  • Distribute desktop icons via Desktop Manager's context menu
  • High DPI support for tray and SevenDex icons
  • Hotkey: Close window (On all other desktops)
  • Hotkey: Find window
  • MouseEvents: Use 'Find window' as corner action
  • SevenDex: Context menu - Gather windows, Change desktop name, etc.
  • Span wallpaper style on Windows 8
  • Call hotkey functions via the command line
  • Updated Portuguese language file
  • Updated Simplified Chinese language file
  • Fixed
  • Winamp was not visible in Full-screen preview
  • Fixed wrap around mouse switching
  • Compatibility improvements for Windows 8 Metro start menu parts
  • Fixed Adobe Reader activation issues with persistent taskbar enabled
  • Improved wallpaper preview on multiple monitor systems in Configure Desktops
  • Wallpapers in SevenDex weren't previewed properly on multiple monitor systems
  • Fixed a delay when enabling Full-screen preview tile view for all desktops
  • Minimized windows could wrongly pop up on different monitors in Full-screen preview
  • Fixed Desktop Windows gathering windows crash
  • Window copies in Desktop Windows overview mode were missing
  • Fixed a DexControl crash with unexpected wallpaper sizes
  • Improved support for scaled windows
  • Plugins were not activated on super slow Dexpot start-ups
  • Redraw taskbar on Windows 8 to prevent wrong icons
  • Fixed monster font desktop names with different charsets

Veranderingen voor v1.6.8 Build 2266 - v1.6.9 Build 2285

  • New
  • Mouse switching follows the Dexgrid rows and columns layout
  • Updated Russian language file
  • Fixed
  • IObit Start Menu 8 support
  • Fixed Taskbar Pager positioning
  • Better window recovering after session unlock
  • The grinning Dexpot monitor was missing from the profile list screen
  • Enhanced fault tolerance for wrong profile data
  • Windows moved to previous desktops in Full-screen preview classic mode

Veranderingen voor v1.6.3 Build 2157 - v1.6.4 Build 2186

  • New
  • Dexgrid hotkeys: Move window and switch
  • Automatically refresh window titles and icons in Desktop Preview
  • Updated Russian language file
  • Fixed
  • Desktop colors weren't changed when desktop icons were hidden
  • Dexpot Updater didn't update several files with the same name
  • Fixed UAC Data Redirection issues with the Dexpot Updater
  • Desktop icons were missing after Explorer restart
  • Enhanced support for larger font sizes in the splash and about dialog
  • Fixed a DexControl problem when a primary monitor was excluded
  • The contents of excluded monitors in Taskbar Pager were visible for the current desktop only
  • Setup added too many shortcuts to Metro start menu in Windows 8
  • Improved depiction of windows without or with broken icons in Desktop Preview
  • Ability to double-click iconic previews in Desktop Preview led to unexpected behavior
  • Improved compatibility with Terminal4Plus

Veranderingen voor v1.6.1 Build 2121 - v1.6.2 Build 2143

  • New
  • Better readability of both systray and SevenDex icons
  • Auto start option for Desktop Slideshow
  • Desktop Preview: Adjustable auto-hide delay (via registry key 'VorschauAutoHideDelay')
  • Windows 8 support
  • Fixed
  • Fixed an issue where the Beta feedback entry could be visible in the Dexpot main menu
  • Improved compatibility with PotPlayer
  • Missing individual settings no longer cause reset of all settings

Veranderingen voor v1.5.15 Build 1799 - v1.5.16 Build 1853

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