Versie historie van Uxtheme Multi-patcher

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Veranderingen voor v14.1 - v14.2

  • -Updated UxStyle for Windows 10 to version fixing Windows 10 build 9926 compatibility with x64

Veranderingen voor v12.0 - v14.1

  • -Added clearing services before installing UxStyle that should solve common issues
  • Version 14.0
  • -Updated UxStyle for Windows 10 to version release 2 that works on Windows 10 build 9926
  • Version 13.1
  • -Fixed patch execution bug in Windows 10
  • Version 13.0
  • -Added Windows 10 Technical Preview support for both x86/x64
  • -Fixed version detection bug that wont detect beyond Windows 8

Veranderingen voor v11.0 - v12.0

  • -Added startup launcher to handle glass configuration
  • -Added verifying that theme engine works properly on startup
  • -Changed applying permissions program to cacls instead of icacls
  • -Fixed theme changing to Classic occasionally on some systems
  • -Improved service configuration for better compatibility with Windows 7/8/8.1
  •

Veranderingen voor v10.0 - v11.0

  • Added option to not use Aero glass transparency hack in Windows 8/8.1
  • Fixed missing system files bug in Windows XP
  • Fixed potential black screen bugs with UxStyle engine properly
  • Fixed theme engine detection bug in Windows XP

Veranderingen voor v9.1 - v10.0

  • Added Glass transparency support for Windows 8/8.1 with WinaeroGlass
  • Fixed potentials black screen bug caused by strange permission problems

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