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Versie historie van Resource Hacker (portable)

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Veranderingen voor v4.5.30 - v4.6.32

  • Bugfix: Fixed bugs when extracting text resources to RC files from the commandline (related to ansi/unicode conversion).
  • Update: More logical naming of binary files when extracting to RC files.
  • Bugfix: Occasionally the pop-up display of menu resources was too narrow to show all the menu items.
  • Update: Numerous other minor cosmetic changes and fixes.

Veranderingen voor v4.4.26 - v4.5.30

  • Update: Very minor cosmetic improvements
  • 4.5.28
  • Update: Major changes (and improvements) to the commandline syntax (see above)

Veranderingen voor v4.4.24 - v4.4.26

  • Bugfix: The toolbar state wasn't being preserved between sessions
  • Bugfix: Minor bug decompiling some version info resources

Veranderingen voor v4.3.20 - v4.4.24

  • Bugfix: The toolbar state wasn't being preserved between sessions

Veranderingen voor v4.2.5 - v4.3.20

  • Bugfixes: Numerous fixes to commandline processing
  • Bugfixes: Other minor fixes

Veranderingen voor v4.2.4 - v4.2.5

  • Bugfix: Adding a resource to a file without any resources was broken
  • New: Can now change a text resource's format (unicode, UTF-8, ANSI)
  • Bugfix: Some Delphi forms were not being decompiled or recompiled correctly
  • Bugfix: An occasional PNG image was not being displayed
  • Bugfix: Shrinking the main window very small caused a divide-by-zero error

Veranderingen voor v4.2.3 - v4.2.4

  • Bugfix: Error when compiling ansi encoded *.rc files
  • Bugfix: RCDATA resources not displayed in their optimal format
  • Bugfix: Error when trying to display 'compressed' resources
  • Bugfix: 'Compressed' files can no longer be modified and saved

Veranderingen voor v4.2.0 - v4.2.2

  • Bugfix: Some monochrome images weren't being displayed
  • Bugfix: Removed extraneous button in "Import Resources" dialog
  • Bugfix: Manifest resources were being converted to UCS-2 format.
  • Modified: Increased font sizes in all dialogs
  • Changes in 4.2.1
  • Bugfix: Some Delphi forms were not being decompiled
  • Bugfix: Hiding the toolbar disabled hide/show dialogs/menus menuitem.
  • Bugfix: Some images were not being displayed

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