Versie historie van PinNotes

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Veranderingen voor v1.3 Beta 1 - v1.3 Beta 2

  • Fixed a massive fault that caused the remembered list not to open.
  • The remembered list has been renamed and now uses true XML (will require all previous lists to be re-created).
  • Added 'Window' to the main window (which now contains 'Always On Top').
  • Added 'New Instance' support to the new 'Window' menu (will spawn another instance of PinNotes).
  • Added support to show an alert when PinNotes is minimized to the system tray (optional).
  • Fixed a small fault that caused the resized section of the main window to show when status messages are shown.
  • Lots of small and big enhancements here and there.

Veranderingen voor v1.2 Build 1161 - v1.3 Beta 1

  • All directory accessing and controlling codes has been completely re-written from the ground up.
  • All file accessing and controlling codes have also been re-written.
  • All object handling code has been restructured.
  • MAJOR: All settings are now stored in 'settings.xml' (all previous settings will not work).
  • All >> symbols in the buttons have been removed as they were no longer needed.
  • Updated the 'About' window (better appearance and does not get confused with other windows).
  • MAJOR: All note settings are now stored in XML files (all previous settings will not work).
  • You can now Drag & Drop files onto the 'Opened Notes' section of the main window.
  • Fixed a fault that caused Note windows to open slowly.
  • The main window now shows 'No Entry' panels when there are no items in the lists.
  • Massive enhancements to all start-up code (should be faster and more efficient).
  • The search field is now disabled when there are no items in the list(s).
  • When a note is opened (via drag & drop or 'Open'), it is immediately focused.
  • The 'Check For Updates' window now defaults to the new PinNotes website as an alternative update source.
  • Lots of small changes to improve speed and performance.

Veranderingen voor v1.2 Build 1105 Beta 2 - v1.2 Build 1161

  • You can now move text around in the notes via Drag & Drop.
  • Text that is selected in a note when not focused will now remain visible.
  • Minor code improvements.

Veranderingen voor v1.2 Build 1065 Beta 1 - v1.2 Build 1105 Beta 2

  • PinNotes v1.2 Beta 2, Build #1105 is now available for download. Lots of small changes have been made to this new release, with a few extra features included. A full list of changes is shown below:
  • Added access to the new PinNotes website via the 'About' window.
  • Clicking on a link in a note window will now open the address in the default browser.
  • Fixed tabbing faults in every window (due to GUI changes made earlier in development).
  • Fixed a delay fault when hovering the mouse over the main windows menus.
  • Added a small splash screen, its very fast, but for older computers, it shows it has not crashed.
  • Added support to turn the new splash screen off via the 'Options' window.
  • Slight layout change with the menus and buttons on the main window.
  • Added "Allow multiple instances of PinNotes to be used" to the 'Options' window.
  • Better organization in the 'General Settings' of the 'Options' window.
  • General code improvements, etc.

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