Versie historie van Photivo

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Veranderingen voor v2013.10.30 - v2013-12-09

  • Fixed creation of TIFFs with metadata. Files were slightly broken and could not be read again by some programs, including Photivo.
  • Fixed a crash when loading an image with PTS autoloading activated and another image already being loaded.

Veranderingen voor v2013.03.17 - v2013.07.01

  • Major overhaul of the file manager
  • Added aspect ratio options for 2560x1080 wallpapers
  • When resizing width and height can now be set individually
  • Thumbnail images can be loaded like “full” images

Veranderingen voor v2012.12.27 - v2013.03.17

  • Updated dcraw to version 9.17/1.454.
  • Batch manager: new “Reset status” button and a “send to batch manager” entry for the Save button’s context menu.

Veranderingen voor v2012-10-06 - v2012-12-12

  • Features
  • Added output file name suffix that gets appended to the name of a processed image file or job file. Can be configured in Output › Output Parameters.
  • Introduced a batch processing manager accessible via Ctrl+B, bottom bar button or the image right-click menu.
  • Filters
  • After a long development and test phase spot tuning(formerly known as “local spot adjust”) is officially released. Find it on the new Local edit tab.

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