Versie historie van NirSoft Volumouse (Portable)

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Veranderingen voor v2.02 - v2.03

  • 'Mouse cursor is over the taskbar' now also works with the taskbar on secondary monitor (Windows 8).

Veranderingen voor v2.01 - v2.02

  • When trying to use Volumouse 32-bit on 64-bit systems, Volumouse now displays a warning.

Veranderingen voor v2.00 - v2.01

  • Fixed a problem with the percent label of on-screen indicator in some systems.

Veranderingen voor v1.72 - v2.00

  • Volumouse now allows you to configure up to 12 rules, in 2 pages.
  • Volumouse x64 now supports both x64 applications and 32-bit applications.
  • On Windows Vista/7/2008 you can now change the volume of specific application.
  • On Screen Display indicator now allows you to add your own text that describes the rule.
  • Added 'Send Hot Keys' component, which allows you to send the specified keys combination to the active application on every wheel move. (Be careful with this feature: Don't use it with Ctrl/Shift/Alt keys on the rule's condition)
  • Added "Don't restrict the indicator position to screen size" option for TrackBar indicators. This feature may be useful for users with multiple monitors.

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