Versie historie van NirSoft MozillaCookiesView

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Veranderingen voor v1.45 - v1.50

  • Added secondary sorting support: You can now get a secondary sorting, by holding down the shift key while clicking the column header. Be aware that you only have to hold down the shift key when clicking the second/third/fourth column. To sort the first column you should not hold down the Shift key.
  • Fixed to display date/time values according to daylight saving time settings.
  • Fixed a crash problem occurred in some systems.

Veranderingen voor v1.41 - v1.45

  • Added option to copy the selected cookies in Netscape cookies.txt format (Ctrl+N)

Veranderingen voor v1.40 - v1.41

  • Fixed to work with Firefox 22.

Veranderingen voor v1.36 - v1.40

  • Added new columns: 'Last Accessed' and 'Created Time'.

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