Versie historie van mp3splt-gtk (GUI version)

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Veranderingen voor v0.9.1 - v0.9.1b

  • Bug fix: make sure to separate artist and performer in CUE files for use of @p and @a
  • Bug fix on CUE: from INDEX format MM:SS:FF, handle FF as frames instead of hundreths
  • Bug fix: issue when having input file inside several recursive symlinks
  • Small improvement on CUE: also accept INDEX 1 and not only INDEX 01

Veranderingen voor v0.9 - v0.9.1

  • FLAC internal cue sheets support
  • simple MP3 chapter marks support (with no overlap)
  • added #161 FLAC option to compute and write MD5 sum in the STREAMINFO metadata block
  • fixed bug #159 with some FLAC files being detected as MP3; also look for the file extension when detecting a file for a plugin
  • fixed bug '#160 ---last cue splitpoint--- created at 99 59 99 for mp3 files >100mins' (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug with FLAC & pretend to split option
  • patch #8 to fix Werror=format-security in snprintf

Veranderingen voor v0.8.2 - v0.9

  • experimental FLAC support added
  • fixed bug: when importing the exported cue file, set splitpoint name if REM NAME found (libmp3splt)
  • fixed progress bar of ogg vorbis when using the auto adjust option (libmp3splt)
  • applied patch of #153 [PATCH] mp3splt-gtk 0.8.2 has issues with Automake 1.13(.1), too
  • fixed bug #151 - remove deprecated category 'Application' from mp3splt-gtk .desktop file

Veranderingen voor v0.8 - v0.8.1

  • fixed important bug: application was crashing when pushing the split button without any splitpoint (libmp3splt)
  • fixed important bug: split by time was in hundreths of seconds instead of seconds

Veranderingen voor v0.7.2 - v0.8

  • added tags edition from the splitpoints table - closes feature #92
  • added cloning features for mass copying of tags using right click on the splitpoints table
  • enhanced the CUE export to export the tags as REM comments and also the splitpoint names
  • automatically save & restore splitpoints in '~/.mp3splt-gtk/splitpoints.cue'
  • better amplitude wave display (wave does not "shake" anymore)
  • done issue #37 & #138 - nicer GUI for the option 'same output directory as the input file'
  • fixed amplitude wave to be more precise with ogg vorbis files (libmp3splt)
  • fixed important bug on mp3splt-gtk 'Queue to player' button
  • fixed bug #128 - hash symbol in filename breaks the player
  • done feature #38 - reorder filenames in mp3splt-gtk (description_here_partXX)
  • fixed bug #133 - updated GPLv2 COPYING file
  • fixed bug #137 - should run libtoolize before aclocal/automake
  • fixed bug #143 - be able to add splitpoint at the end from the player
  • fixed bug #136 - various compilation issues
  • fixed issue #90 - added back the icons to split preview and play preview in the splitpoints table
  • added a lot of tooltip and GUI renamings
  • done feature #91 - amplitude wave now persists in preferences
  • added one more interpolation level for the amplitude wave (level 6)
  • more precise wave preview in preferences
  • fixed bug when detecting the input tags version - output had no tags when the input only had ID3v1
  • (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug #141 - when input file is a symlink and output directory is the one of the input file
  • (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug on mp3 trim silence scan: last frame was skipped (libmp3splt)

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