Versie historie van FreeCommander

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Veranderingen voor v2009.02a - 2009.02b

  • Bug: Drag&drop operation fail if FreeCommander window is not active
  • Bug: Crash when entering '\' into address bar
  • You can now control auto complete with the following line in the freecommander.ini:
  • [Form]
  • PathEditAutoCompleteSource=x
  • where
  • x=0 - auto complete off
  • x=1 - auto complete list from FC
  • x=2 - auto complete list from Shell
  • Bug: IP address and computer name doesn't work when entered in address bar
  • Bug: Multirename replace function doesn't work on folder names if you want replace the dot char
  • Bug: Tooltips for the TABs are mostly not visible
  • Bug: Problem with drives mounted to folders
  • New: 64 bit context menu will be showed on Windows 64 (XP, Vista, 7)
  • You can now control 64 bit context menu with the following line in the freecommander.ini:
  • [Form]
  • ShowContextMenu64Bit=1
  • AutoCloseTimeContextMenu64Bit=10
  • You can call 64 bit context menu with right click
  • For calling 32 bit context menu use LeftWin+RightClick
  • If you prefer to see for right click always 32 bit context menu: define ShowContextMenu64Bit=0; with LeftWin+RightClick you can call then 64 bit context menu

Veranderingen voor v2009.02 - v2009.02a

  • Bug: Mouse scroll wheel does not work in viewer for RTF
  • Bug: AV bei closing multirename window if hoover time > 0 (selection option)
  • Changed: multirename - not renamed items are not changed in the list
  • Bug: Quick filter off shortcut (Alt+Y) does not work in the left pane
  • Bug: Sort by path in flat view doesn't work
  • Bug: Internal viewer "eats" multimedia keys
  • Bug: Drag&drop operation doesn't work with some other applications
  • Bug: Drag&drop operation with context menu fails on some PCs
  • Bug: The position of the main window on the desktop will not be restored (W2K only)
  • Bug: Selection bug in NC-Mode on XP

Veranderingen voor v2008.06b - v2008.06c

  • Bug fixed: On some PCs the using of copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) functions is not possible due to a crash of FreeCommander.

Veranderingen voor v2008.06a - v2008.06b

  • Bug fixed: Interface bug
  • Bug fixed: Descending sort on type and extension do not work
  • Bug fixed: Multi rename - DEL key always removes current line in the file list
  • Bug fixed: Changes in "Define favorite tools window" caused no refresh on toolbar
  • Bug fixed: Ftp option "Right as number" is saved only with the option "List files in Log (slower)"
  • Bug fixed: Define favorite tools issue
  • Bug fixed: It is not possible to use "=" character in quick search
  • Bug fixed: Sometimes file names are truncated
  • Bug fixed: Difficult selection with enabled Folder Size in NC-mode
  • Bug fixed: Wrong file order when using drag&drop to other program in NC-mode
  • Bug fixed: Define favorite tools issue
  • Bug fixed: AV bug in multi rename dialog
  • Bug/New: FTP upload not possible for some servers; try to define the line "Command4FileExists=SIZE" in the server section of freecommander.ftp
  • New: File->Attributes/Timestamp... the checkboxes for attributes now have 3 states: checked, unchecked and not changed
  • New: Quick search - press the same key repeatedly for skipping to the next item (like Explorer)
  • New: Custom columns option "Autosize for 'Name' column"

Veranderingen voor v2007.10a - v2008.06

  • New: Multi rename tool
  • New: Built in FTP: activate FTP under Settings->Drives: Show FTP as drive
  • New: Synchronize folders - exclude filter possible
  • New: Synchronize folders - option for "ignore 1 hour time delay"
  • New: Lock toolbars
  • New action: Create new file
  • New action and pushbutton in toolbar: New file
  • New: Settings->Toolbar: Show menu as toolbar
  • New: Settings->Toolbar: Drawing style
  • New: Settings->Icons: Icons in main menu (Use small icons; Use the same size as in toolbar)
  • New item in the popup menu for tabs: Lock - navigation to subfolders
  • New: Settings->View: Width of Go Up strip
  • New: Settings->View->Toolbars: Use big icons
  • New: Settings->View->Splitter: Show "Swap panels" button; Width of splitter
  • New: Settings->Quick search/filter: Deactivate filter for folder change
  • New: Save scroll bar position for tabs
  • Changed: F5/F6 shortcuts changed to copy/move with dialog
  • Bug: High CPU Usage after taking Desktop Snapshots
  • Bug: Password is shown, when user enter password for unRar files
  • Bug: Favorite folders - multibyte characters do not work
  • Bug fixed: Vista folder e:\windows\winsxs can not be open if "View folder size" option is active
  • Some other small bugs fixed

Veranderingen voor v2007.10 - v2007.10a

  • Bug fixed: some folders or drives can not be opened
  • Bug fixed: adding separators to categories list
  • Bug fixed: folder synchronize function break with the message '00:00:02: is not a valid time'
  • Bug fixed: thumbnail of Open Office files crash the program
  • Bug fixed: wrong display of zip content for some zip files
  • Bug fixed: synchronize folders - compare files process very slow
  • Bug fixed: context menu in address bar not available, wenn path in the address bar is longer than the address bar width
  • Bug fixed: wrong folder size display if sorting by size
  • Bug fixed: change of the font visible only after program restart
  • Bug fixed: viewer plugin dialog doesn't let you specify %FcSrcDrive% as the drive
  • Bug fixed: Favorite Tool - %FcSrcDrive% parameter does not work for "Start folder"
  • In file search dialog: display file icons
  • New setting options (now only in freecomander.ini, later in program)
  • SplitterSmallWidth= allowed Values 3-12; default is 6
  • SplitterSmallHideSwapButton= allowed 0 or 1; default is 0
  • AddrBarButtonWidth= allowed Values 12-25; default is 17
  • GoUpStripWidth= allowed Values 0-10; default is 0
  • ShellOperationInclConnectedElements= allowed values 0 or 1; default is 1: copy/move/delete operation on folder and connected html file
  • New items added to address bar context menu
  • Edit
  • Paste from clipboard
  • Some other small bugs fixed

Veranderingen voor v2007.05a - v2007.10

  • Address bar editable with auto completition and auto suggest (Alt+G or middle mouse button click)
  • Function key bar
  • DoubleClick on locked tab - go to locked folder, if not in tab
  • New settings:
    • Shell menu: add 'FreeCommander' item to context menu
    • Start program: TEMP folder can be defined
    • Programs: more options for define programs
    • Select items: Hover time for select items with mouse pointer; open files with one click
    • Folder Tabs: Folder history per Tab
    • Function Key Bar: Show icons
    • Drives: Show with drive select (3 options)
    • Confirmations: Use dialog window for rename
    • Color/Font: Color for striped lines in detail view
    New sorting options:
    • Folders always at the end of the list
    • Natural sorting (as Explorer)
    • Folder like files (except for name)
    Shortcuts saved as text and not as number
  • Favorite tools renewed (Categories, Toolbar, Drag&Drop)
  • New toolbar button: Window splitting
  • Desktop and Thumbnail button with drop down list
  • View button with drop down list - you can use this button for toggle views between list and details. You can define more views for toggle in the freecommander.ini in the [Form] section, e.g. ToggleViews=1,2,5 if you want toggle between list, details and thumbnails.
  • Localized Vista folders (reparse point folder) can be opened now
  • New command line parameters /NewIni=, /Ini=, /NoPlugins, /Lng=, /N, /C, /Z
    • /NewIni= Starts FC with a different INI file instead of freecommander.ini. A new file will always be created. If defined file exists, it will be deleted first.
    • /Ini= Starts FC with a different INI file instead of freecommander.ini. A new file will be created if the defined file does not exist.
    • /NoPlugins Starts FC with disabled plugins
    • /Lng= Starts FC with a different language file instead of that defined in config file
    • /N Starts FC in any case as new instance
    • /C Starts FC and passes the command line parameters to the already running instance
    • /Z For usage with /C parameter - interprets the passed paths as source/target instead of left/right.
    Many small bugs fixed

Veranderingen voor v2007.05 - v2007.05a

  • Fixed bug - hotkeys work suddenly no more
  • New settings for folder tabs: multiline, close not locked, colors
  • New folder tab property - "Lock - no navigation", 'Lock' property changed to 'with navigation'
  • Auto refresh less sensitive. For some software (e.g. TortoiseCvs/SVN) you should define DirMonSensitive=1 in the "Form" section of FreeCommander.ini
  • Some other bugs fixed

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