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Versie historie van f.lux

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Veranderingen voor v4.55 - v4.66

  • ◦Clicking the graph now shows you the “advanced” three-slider mode. A second click previews (like it used to).
  • ◦New darkroom hotkey: Alt-Shift-End
  • ◦Maps display uses a newer browser version for Google Maps compatibility
  • ◦Starting f.lux from the start menu shows the app again
  • ◦Multiple monitor disable now uses color profile
  • ◦0 latitude is now allowed
  • ◦Adjusted long fade timing just a bit
  • ◦Hue brightness is re-calibrated (somewhat brighter)
  • ◦Disable for remote desktop now works faster
  • ◦Stops showing app window on Alt+Shift+PgDn
  • ◦More accurate “disable” timing
  • ◦Options menu now reports more monitor info
  • ◦Fixed a crash bug in the way we use Windows Location (thanks Microsoft app compatibility team)
  • ◦Better crash reporting (it is optional to send)

Veranderingen voor v4.47 - v4.55

  • ◦Several text changes to menus (explaining difference between “current colors” and “effects”)
  • ◦Remote Desktop automatically disables (on remote side)
  • ◦Avoids showing notifiers when f.lux is disabled
  • ◦Fixes for location dialog (Windows 7 especially)
  • ◦Help setting up your wake time, one time
  • ◦About box links to fluxometer
  • ◦“Classic f.lux” is now more like v3: simple graph, wake time features are disabled
  • ◦Hue brightness fixes (when f.lux is disabled)
  • ◦Windows Store apps can be disabled individually now
  • ◦Options menu now can show your video card version (for debugging)
  • ◦Many fixes for disable by app (now shows the full list so you can re-enable)
  • ◦Notifier fixes: layout and text about color changes

Veranderingen voor v4.43 - v4.47

  • ◦Time formatting fixes
  • ◦Fixes for location dialog box
  • ◦Prompt a few times to unlock color range when f.lux starts
  • ◦Use hardware mouse always for fullscreen disable with multiple monitors
  • ◦Fixed a problem with fast transitions and sunset timing

Veranderingen voor v4.42 - v4.43

  • ◦Fixes fullscreen disable bug (sometimes would disable for desktop)

Veranderingen voor v4.41 - v4.42

  • If you want to receive beta builds in the future, please use the About box to opt in
  • ◦Major fixes for Hue lights (White Ambiance)
  • ◦Added About box with info, links and options
  • ◦Made a close button for notifiers
  • ◦Fixed a crash at exit
  • ◦Fixed a sunset timing problem
  • ◦Avoided using bad monitor data

Veranderingen voor v4.39 Beta - v4.41

  • ◦Stopped changing tray tooltips so much, to fix a bug on Windows 7
  • version 4.40
  • ◦Fixed a problem with determining location
  • ◦Added new eyestrain preset

Veranderingen voor v4.36 Beta - v4.39 Beta

  • Fixed a bug that made too many notifiers appears (only for some people)
  • version 4.38
  • New notifiers, so they don’t make tons of entries in Windows “notifications and actions” (and also they work better on Windows 7)

Veranderingen voor v4.35 - v4.36 Beta

  • Can exclude specific Hue lights from f.lux schedule
  • Changing the way we show readmes on update, so not every version will pop a webpage (you’ll get a notifier instead)
  • Fixes for dimmed shadow boosting
  • Fixes for backwards alarm clock while you’re away from the computer

Veranderingen voor v4.33 Beta - v4.34 Beta

  • •Wakeup from sleep fixes
  • •Fixes for northern latitudes
  • •Workaround for a bug in 16215 (insider)
  • •Lower CPU usage

Veranderingen voor v4.31 Beta - v4.33 Beta

  • Easier location finding
  • Some fixes for LAN-based lighting
  • Performance improvements

Veranderingen voor v4.30 Beta - v4.31 Beta

  • •Disable for fullscreen apps (using this allows you to disable one monitor for movies)
  • •Disable by app works for 64-bit apps again

Veranderingen voor v4.29 Beta - v4.30 Beta

  • •Disable by app fade timing is improved
  • •Cursor is set to hardware mode at exit
  • •Minor text edits

Veranderingen voor v4.28 Beta - v4.29 Beta

  • •“Disable by app” only notifies you once per session, not all the time
  • •Actual app names are now shown for “disable by app”. (You may have to disable some apps again.)
  • •Tray icon now stays hidden when you hide it
  • •Some menu text changes

Veranderingen voor v3.3 beta - v3.5 beta

  • The f.lux tray icon now comes back when it goes away.
  • f.lux’s Safe Mode now turns off all background polling for color changes. Why? People with an AMD Radeon have reported hiccups in games due to CCC.exe, which is trying to update its user interface every time we make an API call. With safe mode, we stop watching for changes other apps make to the color settings. When other apps disable our color settings, they won’t be automatically restored until the next transition.
  • If you turn on safe mode, you may have to click on the f.lux icon every once in a while to restore colors.

Veranderingen voor v3.1 beta - v3.3 beta

  • warmer colors, down to 2700K
  • f.lux for Philips Hue
  • support for calibrated monitors
  • movie mode (partially disable to watch a movie)
  • disable until morning
  • screen warms as you dim it
  • fixes for Intel chipsets
  • fixes for Windows 7+

Veranderingen voor v1.0 - v3.1 beta

  • New features
  • Support for color temperatures down to 2700K. Makes you restart your PC, so we can mess with the system a bit.
  • For calibrated monitors, f.lux will now load the profile correctly.
  • Some bugs fixed with Intel chipsets.
  • More options for disabling, including a movie mode and a way to disable until morning.
  • Better support for Windows 7+.
  • A “safe mode” for machines that have touchy graphics drivers.
  • Experimental features
  • These features might move around or change in the future, but here’s a list. Look in the “Experimental” menu to turn them on or off.
  • f.lux can control Philips lights, including the Hue and Color Kinetics intelliWhite. We run this scheme in our living room, but it might not be right for other rooms.
  • For laptops and other screens that dim their backlight, f.lux can get even warmer when your screen dims, whether manually or with automatic brightness.

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