Versie historie van Dynamic Audio Normalizer (DLL)

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Veranderingen voor v2.07 - v2.08

  • CLI front-end: Very short files (shorter than Gaussian window size) are now handled properly
  • Core library: Fixed case when flushBuffer() is called before internal buffer is filled entirely
  • Core library: Workaround for the FMA3 bug in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 runtime libraries
  • Makefile: Various improvements

Veranderingen voor v2.06 - v2.07

  • Implemented .NET API ? Dynamic Audio Normalizer can be used in, e .g., C#-based applications
  • Implemented JNI API ? Dynamic Audio Normalizer can be used in Java-based applications
  • Implemented Pascal API ? Dynamic Audio Normalizer can be used in Pascal-based applications
  • Core library: Added new getConfiguration() API to retrieve the active configuration params
  • Core library: Fixed a bug that caused the gain factors to not progress as "smoothly" as intended

Veranderingen voor v2.04 - v2.06

  • Implemented Winamp wrapper ? Dynamic Audio Normalizer can now be used as Winamp plug-in
  • VST wrapper: Fixed potential audio corruptions due to the occasional insertion of "silent" samples
  • VST wrapper: Fixed a potential "double free" crash in the VST wrapper code
  • ore library: Fixed reset() API to actually work as expected (some state was not cleared before)
  • Core library: Make sure the number of delayed samples remains constant throughout the process

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