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Versie historie van DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)

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Veranderingen voor v17.0.8.1 - v17.0.8.5

  • -Additional AMD cleanUP by adding a workaround for a "font" file preventing complete removal.
  • -Small GUI update to fix overlapping text for some language.
  • -Russian.xml translation update.
  • -Polish.xml translation update.
  • -French.xml translation update.
  • Known issues:
  • -DDU may be flagged by your AV as a PUA/PUP (potentially unwanted application / potentially unwanted program)

Veranderingen voor v17.0.8.0 - v17.0.8.1

  • -Additional AMD CleanUp.

Veranderingen voor v17.0.7.5 - v17.0.8.0

  • -Additional AMD and NVIDIA CleanUp.
  • -Translation update: Korean.xml
  • -Small log fix.

Veranderingen voor v17.0.6.5 - v17.0.7.5

  • -Additional NVIDIA Cleanup based on users logs.
  • -Fixed "checkupdate" not showing when "enablesafemodedialog" is "True".
  • -Fixed the "-silent" argument not silencing the safe mode message.
  • -Translation updates :
  • Fixed some English typos. (Thanks to Fanis G. Markakis)
  • Greek.xml
  • Polish.xml

Veranderingen voor v17.0.5.4 - v17.0.6.5

  • -Higher timeout for checking new updates + added warnings.
  • -Prevent DDU to abruptly stop cleaning when the 'Task Scheduler' service is disabled
  • -Do not check for updates if we are in safemode (without networking)
  • -French and Ukrainian translation update.

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