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Veranderingen voor v2.14.544 - v2.14.555

  • Revised update function and several referrer issues due to server migration of

Veranderingen voor v2.13.513 - v2.14.537

  • - Revised loading of individual categories (function added in v2.13.515)
  • - Optimized restore process in some case scenarios
  • - Fixed bug in saving to settings file cloneapp.ini
  • - Opened GitHub repository for CloneApp @
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.19.790 - v1.20.812

  • - Optimized Detection Mode of Installed Apps (detected Apps are logged in Status windows during detection)
  • - Removed Contextmenu "List selected" (entry "mnuListPlugs" can be removed from localizatzion)
  • - Optimized support for Paint.NET
  • - Update Copyright Info
  • - Minor UI Improvements
  • Changelog v1.20.800
  • ========================
  • - Several internal code Optimizations
  • - Optimized support for Windows 10
  • - Updated support for Paint.NET
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.17.760 - v1.18.778

  • - Added DEP (Data Execution Prevention) compatibility (several startup problems of CloneApp which are reported in the community forum "" should be fixed now)
  • - Optimized editing of Plug-ins with the internal §AppEditor§ (the Editor can be leaved with key)
  • - Optimized MouseOver events in left UI Navigation panel
  • - Edited #EXAMPLE PLG.txt in Plug-ins directory
  • - Minor Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.16.737 - v1.17.760

  • - Changed program caption now to "CloneApp" only
  • - Optimized "Backup Plug-ins" (Advanced) function
  • - Optimized Contribution function
  • - Fixed minor Bug in Plug-in Import function
  • - Added support for AnyDesk, FastStone Capture, PTGui, STDU Viewer
  • - Updated support for Fences
  • - Added Russian Localization (Download:
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.15.715 - v1.16.737

  • - Optimized Update check function
  • - Optimized Contribution function
  • - Optimized Statusbar (Moved Contribution button from left Navigation panel to Statusbar)
  • - Added support for GOM Player, MusicBee, mIRC, Sublime Text
  • - Updated support for UltraVNC
  • - Minor Bug fixes
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.14.684 - v1.14.700

  • - Several internal code Optimizations
  • - Added support for Bandizp, PeaZip, Vivaldi
  • - Updated support for WinRAR

Veranderingen voor v1.13.663 - v1.14.684

  • - Enhanced Command-line options (Added Custom Backup/Restore arguments)
  • - Optimized Plug-in Import function
  • - Removed "BackupFileFolder" command (unnecessary, because of presence of "BackupFile" and "BackupFolder" command)
  • - Added support for AudioSwitcher, Beyond Compare, DesktopOK, Kodi, Ketarin, MP3tag, Mumble
  • - Updated support for AIMP, iTunes
  • - Updated Documentation
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.12.642 - v1.13.663

  • - Added One-time Backup feature to manually backup single App configurations (Right-click Apps window > Backup)
  • - Added One-time Restore feature to manually restore single App configurations (Right-click Apps window > Restore)
  • - Re-sorted Context-menu of Apps window
  • - Optimized Dark Theme
  • - Added support for Any Video Converter, CDex, Cheat Engine, PDF24 Creator, PowerArchiver, Winyl
  • - Optimized Donation form
  • - Minor UI Improvements
  • - Minor Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.12.633 - v1.12.642

  • - Added feature to Send Plug-in files via Outlook
  • - Enhanced Context-menus in Apps window
  • - Enhanced Context-menus in Status Log window (Added Copy command, Optimized Log Export)
  • - Minor Versioning improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.12.622 - v1.12.633

  • - Enhanced Contextmenu of Apps window (Added Share and Copy to Clipboard feature)
  • - Enabled UI highlighting of active Button/tab
  • - Added support for Everything

Veranderingen voor v1.11.600 - v1.12.622

  • - Added new feature-rich Context-Menu to Apps tab and Status window
  • - Revised Controls order (removed "Save" and "Clone again" buttons etc. Instead please use the Right-Click menu)
  • - Removed Keyboard shortcuts (instead please use the Right-Click menus of the controls itself)
  • - Optimized Backup Plug-ins function (Right-Click menu > Apps tab)
  • - Refreshed UI Header and Button Colors
  • - Moved Localization import from "Get started" tab to "Options" tab
  • - Updated Documentation
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.11.582 - v1.11.600

  • - Optimized Windows 10 support
  • - Optimized Internal Plug-in Editor for discarding changes use "ESC" button. Added "Save as new Plug-in" feature)
  • - Optimized some Controls for better MUI support
  • - Added support for DisplayFusion
  • - Optimized donation form
  • - Updated Documentation
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.10.561 - v1.11.582

  • - Added internal Plug-in Editor (which is enabled by default as long as $AppEditor$ is used in Options > Editor Path)
  • - Optimized some Controls for Localization purposes
  • - Fixed critical Bug in Custom > Registry Key section > opening of regedt32.exe
  • - Fixed UI Bug in 7z Compression control
  • - Added support for SmartFTP
  • - Optimized Update function
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.09.529 - v1.10.561

  • - Optimized Localization support
  • To import a Localization/Language file goto "Get started" tab and use the link "Import Localization" at the bottom right corner.

Veranderingen voor v1.08.508 - v1.09.529

  • - Revised Backup Routines of "BackupRegKey" command including Registry Access. These can now also be backed up in the short root key format (HKCU, HKLM etc.) Access with none Administrator Privileges has also been optimized and is given to root keys such as HKCU.
  • - Optimized UI and added horizontal Scrollbars to Apps and Status,- Log window
  • - Added support for DUMo, eMule, Greenshot, InfraRecorder, Inkscape, SUMo, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Edge Favorites, Paint.NET, Rainmeter, RJ TextEd, SUPERAntiSpyware
  • - Optimized Advanced usage of CloneApp (Backup/Display of own Plug-ins is done in "My Apps" folder. More about this feature in the official Documentation, Chapter 5.5 of CloneApp)
  • - Optimized Backup of Custom RegKeys
  • - Updated Version details in file information of CloneApp.exe (last build 508 has faulty file version information)
  • - Updated Documentation
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.08.501 - v1.08.508

  • - Optimized Restore function (Added function to select "Restoration file" if it isn't automatically detected)
  • - Added function to indicate wheter logged user has administrator privileges to do a more complete backup (hint will be shown in Status-, Log window)
  • - Added support for LibreOffice
  • - Optimized support for iTunes, Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 (Added support for Custom dictionary, and AutoCorrect Entries, ACL), Resource Hacker
  • - Minor Improvements in Custom Backup of Files
  • - Minor Logging Improvements
  • - Updated Documentation
  • - Updated file information of CloneApp.exe
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.07.477 - v1.08.501

  • - Fixed minor but critical Bug in Restoration function (which could lead CloneApp in some cases to load faulty restoration settings)
  • October/21/2015
  • Changelog v1.08.500
  • ========================
  • - Optimized support for Windows 10
  • - Optimized Restore function (Better handling and detection of Restoration file "cloneapp2.ini")
  • - Several Stability Improvements
  • - Optimized support for iTunes, JDownloader 2, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks, Mozilla Thunderbird, Sandboxie
  • - Added support for Windows Window Metrics

Veranderingen voor v1.07.444 - v1.07.456

  • - Fixed critical Bug in Detection/Preview function of Command "ExternalPlug"
  • - Optimized Unload events/Exiting CloneApp and its Process.
  • - Optimized Donation watermark
  • - Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.07.427 - v1.07.444

  • - Optimized "Select Installed" function (More accurate check function)
  • - Renamed Main tab Apps > Supported and tab Windows > Installed
  • - Addes support for Windows Public Music, Windows Public Pictures, Windows Public Videos, Windows Public Documents, Windows Public Desktop, Windows Public Downloads

Veranderingen voor v1.06.400 - v1.07.427

  • - Changed Rules for CloneApp's Custom "Special" Variables (here $AppClonePath$, $Date$). The "%" (percent sign) defines Windows Environment Variables. The "$" (dollar sign) defines Custom/Special Variables of CloneApp based on Windows API
  • - Added several Custom "Special" Variables based on Windows API ($Documents$, $AppData$, $LocalAppData$, $System$)
  • - Revised File exists function which supports now also Wildcards (here also the Backup routine has been optimized and the creation of output/backup folders)
  • - Added support for Total Uninstall, Windows Libraries, Recuva
  • - Optimized support for CloneApp, PrivaZer, Windows Firewall, Product Keys
  • - Updated Documentation
  • - Minor Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.05.371 - v1.06.400

  • - Optimized Backup and Restoration Routines
  • - Added support for Variable usage of the Clone Path/Backup directory (e.g. %UserProfile%\Desktop\CloneApp (Backup)-%Date%\)
  • - Added support for automatic creation of Backup/Output folders (known as Clone Path), if they don't exist
  • - Added support for 7zip Compression through command-line options (Options tab)
  • - Added support for Variable usage of Log Path and Plug-in Editor Path
  • - Fixed critical Bug in backing up files masked with Wildcards (e.g. *.ini)
  • - Added support for TweetDeck, f.lux, Handbrake, Speccy, WinDirStat, Windows Hosts
  • - Renamed Info "BackupCommand" into "RunCommand" (Now Info Name has the same Name as the Command itself. All Plug-in files has been updated.)
  • - Minor internal Code Optimizations
  • - Minor UI Improvements
  • - Updated Documentation

Veranderingen voor v1.05.355 - v1.05.371

  • - Optimized Backup Routines (Apps are ONLY backed up if their Configuration files, folders or Registry keys exists, otherwise none Backup folders are created)
  • - Optimized Detecion Mode (Added new Detect Command, which is preferred if enabled)
  • - Optimized Preview/What is being backed up Mode when working with Custom Backup/Output folders.
  • - Added Initial support for Microsoft Office 2016
  • - Fixed critical Bug in KeyCode Events which has also worked when not simultaneously pressed with CTRL
  • - Optimized Apps Detection Mode when working with Custom Backup/Output folders.
  • - Added support for Audacity, 7 Sticky Notes, FreeCommander, FastStone Image Viewer, QuiteRSS, Internet Explorer Cookies
  • - Optimized support for PotPlayer
  • - Optimized Detection of Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016, Windows Firewall
  • - Enhanced Logging Output
  • - Minor UI Improvements
  • - Updated Documentation

Veranderingen voor v1.03.283 - v1.03.303

  • - Fixed critical bug in 2 Plug-in files
  • - Fixed cosmetic bug in new Preview/What is being backed up? function
  • June/21/2015
  • Changelog v1.03.300
  • ========================
  • - Revised "What is being backed up?" function. It works as a Preview fuction Now! Configuration files of selected Applications/Plug-ins are checked for existence.
  • - Revised BackupFolder command. Eliminates redundancies and more variable usage. (Look into the Documentation for more Information)
  • - Revised BackupFile Command
  • - Revised logging completely. Slimmed and eliminated redundancies in log actions.
  • - Added support for Adguard, MyPhoneExplorer
  • - Optimized support for Windows Themes
  • - Minor UI enhancements (Added Edit Button, next to "What is being backed up?/Preview" Button)
  • - Updated Online Documentation

Veranderingen voor v1.02.256 - v1.03.283

  • - Optimized loading events of Apps/Plug-ins and Installed Software
  • - Added Environment support to Custom section
  • - Enhanced Logging for Custom Backup/Restoration processes
  • - Enhanced Plug-in engine and added triggering of Custom Section with Commands (BackupFileCustom, BackupFolderCustom, BackupRegKeyCustom, BackupCommandCustom and also RestoreFileCustom, RestoreFolderCustom, RestoreRegKeyCustom, RestoreCommandCustom)
  • - Enhanced function for retrieving OS Version (Detects also Editions including support for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)
  • - Added link to "Download Community Plug-ins" to "Get started" tab
  • - Added support for Pale Moon, iTunes, Cyberduck, Adobe Brackets, Q-Dir, TortoiseSVN
  • - Revised Links in About tab
  • - Option "Clone Apps in separate folder" is enabled by default
  • - Minor Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.01.211 - v1.02.245

  • - Optimized Backup/Restoration function (CloneApp saves the last Backup Settings and loads them automatically for Restoration purposes, also if you change in the meantime the Configuration of CloneApp > See documentation and look for "cloneapp2.ini" for more Information about this process)
  • - Redesigned UI of Custom section
  • - Optimized Backup Routines of Custom section (e.g. changed also internal Variable %AppBackupPath% to %AppClonePath%)
  • - Optimized reading of .INI Configuration files (Filenames has been changed to lowercase. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR OLD CONFIGURATION FILES IN THE DATA FOLDER OF CLONEAPP)
  • - Fixed some Bugs in logging (false output of executed Commands "BackupFolder")
  • - Added support for Media Player Classic Home Edition (MPC-HC), PDF-XChange Editor, PDFCreator, TeamSpeak, Windows Local Group Policy
  • - Optimized Dark Theme Mode
  • - Added ToolTip Text property to App/Windows and Status window
  • - Several Minor UI (New Icons for left Navigation)/Font Improvements
  • - Minor Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.01.201 - v1.01.211

  • - Fixed several Bugs in Restoration function related files/folders masked with Wildcards
  • - Fixed some Bugs in FileExist function for Restoration purposes
  • - Optimized Several UI Controls (i.e. Theme Mode)
  • - Added Support for Adobe Photoshop CS5, Microsoft Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker, Windows Command Prompt, Windows Explorer, Windows ODBC Connections
  • - Extended Logging language and added filetype/wildcard check
  • - Added Link to the Online Documentation >
  • - Minor Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v1.00.171 - v1.01.201

  • - Added Restoration function
  • - Numerous internal Code Optimizations
  • - Several Minor UI Improvements

Veranderingen voor v1.00.157 - v1.00.171

  • - Optimized Export of command-line parameters (Added new Variable %AppBackupPath% to the RunCommand function which uses the default CloneApp Backup directory)
  • - Fixed critical Bug in Export of RegKeys with Spaces
  • - Optimized support for Windows Firewall
  • - Several Stability Improvements (Fixed some crashes on x64-bit Systems)
  • - Optimized Custom section (Better behaviour when adding Entries, Added function to Edit entries by Double-clicking on it)
  • - Enhanced Backup Destination Path (Optional selection between "Desktop, Userprofile,Default" directories)
  • - Added support for Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote (2010 + 2013)
  • - Minor UI Improvements

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