DIKO v2.47

Win2k / WinXP
DIKO is a one click DVD/DivX to KDVD/KSVCD conversion tool. It works with many other softwares to achieve the best quality and efficiency possible.

DIKO stands for DivX / DVD in, K DVD /K SVCD out. DIKO is an automation tool: it command many other software to get the best result in this conversion. DIKO allows you to get up to two hous in 1 K SVCD or 10 hours in 1 K DVD with good quality, depending on the content. DIKO is freeware, and everything it needs is also freeware and bundled in the install package.

Video Encoding via One Pass VBR Size prediction fully integrated, using CinemaCraft Encoder 2.66 or 2.67, ou using 1 or 2 Pass VBR throught FreeEnc (bundled in DIKO installation package).
Does automatically all bitrate calculation needed.
Convert audio to 48000 Hz automatically if needed.
Do automatically framerate conversions from 23.976 to 25 fps and 25 fps to 23.976, including audio and subtitles. This feature also works with 5.1 audio.
Automatic DVD authoring with user-created menu via linux ported DVDAuthor or leave video audio and subs ready to be imported to other authoring packages.
Automatic DVD image creating via MKISOFS and burning in a DVD+R / DVD-R / DVD+RW / DVD-RW blank disc via DVDDecrypter if dvdauthor authoring is selected.
Creates switchable subtitles from commom srt and sub files.
Join subtitles for originally 2-CD DivX / XVid movies on the fly.
Stops if Q Factor is too low (over 40), avoiding bad quality encodes.
Automatically checks and fixes AC3 errors via AC3FIX
Enables pulldown flag via Pulldown.exe automatically.
It can fully work in background.
Do AC3 audio encoding via SoftEncode or MP2 audio encoding via BeSweet
Full avisynth script support, comes with latest Dialhot Script V4 for DivX.
Takes care of the annoying Softencode dying bug.
DVD support via D2V projects and Full DVD support with DVD Decrypter ripping in DIKO Gold.
Crash Recovery
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DIKO v2.47Bestandsgrootte: 22.61 MB
Licentietype Freeware1
Datum waarop toegevoegd 21 Mar 2009
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Bestandsgrootte 22.61 MB (3min @ 1Mbps)
Besturingssystemen Win2k / WinXP1

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