Versie historie van ZoneAlarm Free

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Veranderingen voor v15.4.260.17960 - v15.6.028.18012

  • New: Web Secure, blocks phishing attacks and safely download documents in Chrome
  • •Fixed: Bug fixes and Improvements
  • •Removed: Find My Laptop
  • •Removed: Online Backup

Veranderingen voor v15.653.17211 - v15.1.501.17249

  • New: Support for Windows 10 Creator’s Update
  • Improved: New and improved AV engine
  • Improved: performance enhancements

Veranderingen voor v143.119.000 - v15.123.17051

  • •Improved: Product update notifications.
  • •Improved: Stability and performance enhancements.

Veranderingen voor v14.2.255.000 - v143.119.000

  • Now Compatible with Windows 10 Anniversary Update (build 14393)

Veranderingen voor v14.1.011.000 - v14.1.048.000

  • •Improved: New Blur version
  • •Fixed: Cloud AV event logging
  • •Fixed: Localization fixes
  • •Fixed: Security fixes
  • •Misc: Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Veranderingen voor v14.0.522.000 - v14.1.011.000

  • •Fixed: Compatibility with Windows 10 fall update.
  • •Misc: Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Veranderingen voor v14.0.508.000 - v14.0.522.000

  • •Fixed: Upgrade to Win 10, installer bug fixes.
  • •Fixed: Other Non-Win10, installer bug fixes.
  • •Fixed: Blur bug fixes and improvements.
  • •Misc: Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Veranderingen voor v13.3.209.000 - v14.0.508.000

  • Windows 10 compatible

Veranderingen voor v13.1.211.000 - v13.2.015.000

  • •Improved: Anti-Virus improvements
  • •Improved: Minor performance and stability fixes

Veranderingen voor v11.0.000.504 - v11.0.768.000

  • •New: Updated AV Engine.
  • •New: Web scanner - blocks web threats before they reach your browser or hard drive.
  • •New: Forcefield removed, replaced with new and improved Site Check technology and security toolbar.
  • •New: Latest version of Firefox is supported.
  • •Improved: Stability and performance enhancements.

Veranderingen voor v11.0.000.054 - v11.0.000.504

  • Added: Windows 8 - ELAM protection (Early Launch Anti-Malware)
  • Updated: Antivirus Engine
  • Improved: Rootkit detection
  • ZoneAlarm version
  • Optimized: Installer

Veranderingen voor v11.0.038.000 - v11.0.000.054

  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with XP SP2
  • Fixed: Parental controls installation exception error.

Veranderingen voor v11.0.000.018 - v11.0.000.020

  • Improved: AV engine
  • Fixed issue: Installer screens not displayed properly on some systems

Veranderingen voor v10.2.081.000 - v11.0.000.018

  • Added: Windows 8 compatibility
  • Added: Firefox 16 support
  • Fixed: Java 7 compatibility

Veranderingen voor v6.5.737.000 - v7.0.302.000

  • Product set-up process has been redesigned and shortened
  • A pre-scan has been added to the start wizard that scans the user's PC for program files, compares programs with ZoneAlarm's SmartDefense Advisor database, and applies policy to said programs, both legitimate and malicious
  • The UI has been refreshed, with new ZoneAlarm/Check Point branding

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