Versie historie van WOT (Internet Explorer)

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Veranderingen voor 20120802 - 20130902

  • Removes deprecated rating components
  • Adds support for Enhanced Protected Mode for 64-bit IE 10+

Veranderingen voor v20101220 - 20120802

  • Fixes issues activating the add-on on the welcome page for various IE versions
  • Fixes code page issues on warning and blocking screens for languages that use multibyte characters
  • Fixes pop-up positioning in search results when zooming
  • Uses a smaller 19x19px toolbar button to better fit the IE toolbar
  • Enables ASLR and DEP in the add-on binary

Veranderingen voor 20100830 - v20101220

  • Fixed registry issues with protected mode when IE is run both as administrator and as a normal user.

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