Versie historie van WinXP Manager

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Veranderingen voor v6.0.8 - v6.0.9

  • WinXP Manager 6.0.9 Released!
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v4.0
  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v7.0
  • Registry Cleaner updated to v10.0

Veranderingen voor v6.0.7 - v6.0.8

  • Wallpaper Changer updated to v6.0
  • 1 - Click cleaner updated to v1.2
  • Context Menu Manager updated to v2.0

Veranderingen voor v6.0.6 - v6.0.7

  • IE Manager updated to v4.9, add the auto dial function for IE.
  • Add the function to restore system.
  • System Information updated to v2.1, you can view the Startup and Shutdown date.

Veranderingen voor v6.0.5 - v6.0.6

  • 1-Click Cleaner updated to v1.1
  • Registry Cleaner updated to v9.7

Veranderingen voor v6.0.4 - v6.0.5

  • Registry Cleaner updated to v9.6
  • File Security updated to v2.0

Veranderingen voor v6.0.3 - v6.0.4

  • System Information updated to v2.0
  • Add Context Menu Manager v1.0

Veranderingen voor v6.0.1 - v6.0.2

  • Process Manager updated to v7.4

Veranderingen voor v6.0.0 - v6.0.1

  • Add Repair Center v1.0, add more CPU L2 cache options.
  • Icon Manager updated to v3.8
  • IE Manager updated to v4.8
  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v5.7

Veranderingen voor v5.2.9 - v6.0.0

  • IE Manager updated to v4.7
  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v5.6
  • Registry Cleaner updated to v9.5
  • Duplicate Files Finder updated to v2.1
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.9.

Veranderingen voor v5.2.8 - v5.2.9

  • Process Manager updated to v7.3,
  • you can kill the processes and disable to startup again.

Veranderingen voor v5.2.7 - v5.2.8

  • WinXP Manager 5.2.8 Released!
  • Startup Manager updated to v5.8
  • Wallpaper Changer updated to v4.2

Veranderingen voor v5.2.6 - v5.2.7

  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v5.5
  • Service Manager updated to v5.4

Veranderingen voor v5.2.5 - v5.2.6

  • Registry Cleaner updated to v9.4
  • Auto Shutdown updated to v5.1
  • Fix the bug that can not hide sometimes the login user names.

Veranderingen voor v5.2.3 - v5.2.4

  • Duplicate Files Finder updated to v2.0
  • Privacy Protector updated to v2.5

Veranderingen voor v5.2.1 - v5.2.2

  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.8
  • Privacy Protector updated to v2.4

Veranderingen voor v5.2.0 - v5.2.1

  • Process Manager updated to v7.0
  • Service Manager updated to v5.3
  • Wallpaper Changer updated to v4.1
  • Duplicate Files Finder updated v1.4
  • Perfect some functions.
  • Fix a bug.

Veranderingen voor v5.1.8 - v5.1.9

  • WinXP Manager 5.1.9 Released!
  • Process Manager updated to v6.5
  • IE Manager updated to v4.6
  • Service Manager updated to v5.2.

Veranderingen voor v5.1.7 - v5.1.8

  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v5.2
  • Process Manager updated to v6.3
  • Startup Manager updated to v5.5
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.6
  • Perfect some function

Veranderingen voor v5.1.6 - v5.1.7

  • WinXP Manager 5.1.7 Released!
  • Startup Manager updated to v5.4
  • Live Update updated to v2.5
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.5

Veranderingen voor v5.1.5 - v5.1.6

  • Startup Manager updated to v5.3
  • Registry Cleaner updated to v9.2
  • Icon Manager updated to v3.7
  • Privacy Protector updated to v2.2
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.4
  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v5.0
  • Duplicate File Finder updated to v1.1

Veranderingen voor v5.1.2 - v5.1.4

  • Service Manager updated to v5.1
  • Memory Optimizer updated to v3.1
  • Junk File Cleaner updated to v4.9
  • Process Manager updated to v6.3
  • File Splitter updated to v1.1

Veranderingen voor v5.1.1 - v5.1.2

  • Registry Cleaner updated to v9.0
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.3
  • IE Manager updated to v4.5

Veranderingen voor v5.1.0 - v5.1.1

  • Add some tweaks.
  • Windows Utilities updated to v3.1.
  • Registry Cleaner updated to v8.9.
  • Run Shortcut Creator updated to v1.2.

Veranderingen voor v5.0.9 - v5.1.0

  • Add File Spliter.
  • Registry Cleaner updated to v8.8.
  • Junk File Cleaner update to v4.8.

Veranderingen voor v5.0.8 - v5.0.9

  • Registry Cleaner updated to v8.7, you can clean more keys in Registry.
  • Startup Manager updated to v5.1

Veranderingen voor v5.0.5 - v5.0.6

  • Live Update updated to v2.0
  • Windows Utilities updated to v3.0
  • Perfect some functions.

Veranderingen voor v5.0.4 - v5.0.5

  • Run-Shortcut Creator updated to v1.1
  • Smart Uninstaller updated to v3.2

Veranderingen voor v5.0.3 - v5.0.4

  • Add some tweaks
  • IE Manager updated to v4.2
  • Perfect the setting of boot items
  • System Information updated to v1.1

Veranderingen voor v5.0.2 - v5.0.3

  • Registry Cleaner updated to v8.5
  • Smart Uninstaller update to v3.1
  • Updater updated to v1.2

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