Versie historie van VSO ConvertXtoVideo (formerly VSO Video Converter)

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Veranderingen voor v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.0.9

  • [Bug] Unable to read audioless faststone capture video (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] do not limit simultaneous conversion setting to 1 with with virtual drives (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Add the useful profile "MKV Audio remux" (encode video, copy audio) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] pad and crop values are not correct - not being used like as show in preview window (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.5.0.7 - v1.5.0.10

  • [Feature Request] Add 50p and 60p in available framerate list for Blu-ray/AVCHD 720p format (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] optimize "remove black bars" function by choosing best crop values (between top/bottom and left/right) to apply (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] AAC doesn't convert to 8 channels (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] blu-ray disk never loads into software and it crashes (felicia) - resolved. (Blu-ray Tranformers)
  • [Suggestion] When using "remove black bars" with output resolution forced (DVD, Blu-ray), adjust left/right crop values to keep original AR (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.5.0.4 - v1.5.0.7

  • [Bug] setting not saved when checking quick sync software encoding (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.5.0.3 - v1.5.0.4

  • [Bug] De-interlacing filter seems to be applied on progressive frames (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] DVD menu text not always reduced (felicia) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Can't load an ISO image file (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Getting "Invalid data type for 'Gen_PollPeriodDays" error on launch (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.4.0.18 - v1.5.0.0

  • 0008530: [Suggestion] Add an option to abort conversion on first encoding error (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008529: [Bug] DVD menus rendered in 4/3 when DVD PAL 16/9 or NTSC 16/9 profiles are selected (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008512: [Bug] cant check cuda in settings (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008509: [Bug] ipad h264 conversion much slower than previous versions (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008517: [Bug] Bad aspect ratio in thumbnail when converting (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008507: [Bug] settings not applied to dvd output (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008494: [Crash] conversion error when adding subtitles to Ipad conversion (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008505: [Bug] mkv remux + 2 pass conversion doesnt finish (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0008506: [Bug] letterbox always saved in advanced editor even when custom values entered (cedric) - resolved.
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Veranderingen voor v1.4.0.4 - v1.4.0.18

  • [Bug] CUDA H264 presets (veryfast->veryslow) gives low quality results (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add Trellis, mixed-refs, 8x8 and loop filter settings in custom profile editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Add motion estimation settings in custom profile editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Video Aspect Ratio in custom settings doesn't work (greyed out). (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.3.0.0 - v1.4.0.4

  • missing desktop icon
  • [Feature Request] add dts as an audio output (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] refresh drive list does not work (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] change time display of preview by clicking on it (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] delete files before conversion - problem (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] crtl A in treeview in minimal view does not work (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] error with custom file conversion, and when profile reopened values are modified (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Crash] crash during conversion with custom profile (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] add divx codec (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] " Total converted files size: 0 b." false as file size is bigger than 0 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] play automatically starts when navigating tabs in advanced editing window (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Information] check to see if user gets pop up about deactivating simultaneous conversions (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] add aspect ratio setting in custom profile editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Burn process doesn't start automatically after conversion (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Enable aspect ratio picker for all outputs in custom profile editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add "Fit on destination" choice in aspect ratio picker (custom profile editor) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Can't convert SubRip subtitles to DVD subtitle format (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] "Same as source" framerate choice not used (custom profile editor) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Support for subtitles animation (SSA) when source framerate is higher than output framerate (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Maximum bitrate usable not set for conversion (and too small output file size) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add full subtitles overlap support for Blu-ray and DVD outputs (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Integration of new VSO burn engine (totally rewritten) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] No audio detected in a .mp4 file (not detected in VLC too) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add an option in installer to do a "clean" installation (registry clean, old and cache files deletion) (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.2.0.10 - v1.2.0.18

  • [Bug] interface scrambled after burning (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] crazy checkboxs have a mind of their own in advanced editing window (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Subtitles are not shown in conversion preview even if I select one in the list (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] Display final output format in info hint (for each item) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] When a target size is requested, apply an adaptive video bitrate distribution (using output resolution) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Crash] Memory leak in ASS subtitles renderer (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] target size not respected (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] cannot select desired audio stream (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] subtitles are converted as dvd subtitles despite request for them to be merged in video (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.2.0.6 - v1.2.0.10

  • [Bug] DVD/Blu-ray/AVCHD menu encoding fail or never finish (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Getting random write engine errors. Burning process fail (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] use video for menu thumb at 2min playing time to avoid (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] error converting specific file no matter what profile used (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] refresh problem when creating cut sections when entering time manually (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] conversion not complete converting with default simple menu to blu ray/avchd structure (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Get "time offset" setting back in video editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add Blu-ray/DVD video remux containers in custom profiles editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] display problem in treeview in minimal view (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] conversion not complete converting with default simple menu to blu ray/avchd structure (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] add vc1 remuxing (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] GET PROFILE FROM SAMPLE FILE (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add FLAC audio format in custom profiles editor (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Add CD+G format input support (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] add MPEG-1/VCD profiles (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] custom profile editor add bluray and avchd as a container (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] treeview display problem [ ] instead of drop down arrow in treeview, xp sp2 (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] custom profile if 'limit bitrate" checked and 2 pass used conversion fails (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] change location of "clear dialogs defaults" button (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] use same text as cxd for reset dialogs (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] can't manually enter output folder (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] merge not working correctly (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Allow program to use up to 3.7Go of RAM (Large address aware feature) (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] correct log file for dxva2 when not h264 codec (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Suggestion] if conversion fails with "Use hardware decoders" checked propose to reconvert without this option checked (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.1.0.29 - v1.2.0.6

  • Highlights:
  • new display of videos when loaded
  • added burn ISO feature
  • added Blu-ray and AVCHD menus
  • video editing window improved
  • long list of other improvements and bugs corrected (see below)
  • 0007647: [Bug] converts only a couple seconds when external subtitles added (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007769: [Bug] Quality advisor on main interface don't works (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007768: [Feature Request] if conversion fails with "Use hardware encoders" checked propose to reconvert without this option checked (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007767: [Suggestion] if conversion fails with "mutlitple instantces of hardware optims..." checked propose to reconvert without this option checked (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007765: [Bug] jump to chapter points (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007762: [Bug] cut section is longer than video in timeline (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007761: [Suggestion] use dxva2 only for h264 decoding (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007758: [Information] use same text as in CXD for adding ISO to drive list (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0007760: [Bug] Can't enable hardware encoding (Nvidia CUDA) (cedric) - resolved.

Veranderingen voor v1.1.0.20 - v1.1.0.29

  • [Information] harmonize top menu buttons (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Information] add "2 pass" to hint in settings (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Getting "AV LOADER: ... can't be opened in protocol hd" error (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] Subtitle settings (color, size...) changed in video editor not taken in account (cedric) - resolved.
  • [Bug] subtitles not same size on preview and conversion (cedric) - resolved.

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