Versie historie van TEncoder Video Converter (64-bit Portable)

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Veranderingen voor v4.1.0 - v4.1.1

  • -Added: A tool to add watermarks to video (thx to joby_toss)
  • -Added: A text to show video downloading progress
  • -Added: TEncoder will now check downloaded files too
  • -Added: A link to the list of supported video sites (thx to joby_toss)
  • -Added: TEncoder will save encoder logs into "logs" sub-folder (thx to joby_toss)
  • -Added: A few small interface changes
  • -Fixed: Stopping video downloader didn't reset progress informations
  • -Fixed: Update checker caused a message box to be shown when settings window was opened
  • -Fixed: Couldn't clear some logs
  • -Updated: Youtube-dl
  • -Updated: FFmpeg

Veranderingen voor v3.6.0 - v3.7.0

  • Added: A new GUI layout
  • Added: An option to disable track id options for mpeg sources with MEncoder
  • Added: Subtitle and audio delay step values are now 100 ms instead of 500 ms
  • Added: Audio volume option (works for MEncoder only)
  • Fixed: Encoding failed with MEncoder if container was mp4 and video codec other than x264
  • Fixed: Encoder selection in profile editor wasn't saved
  • Fixed: Exit shortcut was "X" instead of "Ctrl + X"
  • Fixed: Subtitle font option was ignored
  • Fixed: Player will follow subtitle and audio stream selections
  • Fixed: "Clear Selected Log" option in "Logs" window didn't work
  • Removed: Translations due to GUI changes
  • Updated: AlphaControls to 8.53

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