Versie historie van TAudioConverter (64-bit Portable)

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Veranderingen voor v0.8.8 - v0.8.9

  • --0.8.9
  • -Added: Trimmer tool
  • -Added: TAC will now ignore files in the list that do not exist
  • -Fixed: TAC tried to save some text files to "C:" (thx to Capsbackup)
  • -Fixed: TAC will now use UTF-8 when saving logs (thx to ChronoSphere)

Veranderingen voor v0.8.7 - v0.8.8

  • -Added: Support for encoder FLACCL (thx to ChronoSphere)
  • -Added: Support for pre-processor lossyWAV
  • -Added: Support for ".dtsma" extension (thx to hubblec4)
  • -Added: Channel options for lame (thx to Trinket)
  • -Added: Replaygain option to FLAC encoder
  • -Added: Option to play a sound after encoding was done
  • -Added: Option to overwrite if output file alread exists (thx to ChronoSphere)
  • -Fixed: Temp wav files couldn't be deleted right after an encode
  • -Fixed: SoX temp files weren't deleted right after an encode (thx to kolpotoru)
  • -Fixed: Logs weren't saved in "logs" folder by portable TAC (thx to o-l-a-v)
  • -Fixed: SoX effects weren't shown in the summary
  • -Fixed: Output folder edit was enabled after an encode to source folder (thx to ChronoSphere)
  • -Fixed: "Clear All" button in log window didn't work
  • -Updated: TAK to 2.3.0
  • -Updated: AlphaControls to 8.40 Stable

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