Versie historie van SubDownloader

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Veranderingen voor v1.2.8 - v1.2.9

  • BUG - Fix in __init__ warning returning True
  • BUG - Fix in new_translations_dates (
  • BUG - Fix in
  • BUG - Fix new_BitmapFromImage() in
  • CHG - Removed the FLASH chat box. Not so useful and takes memory resources.
  • NEW - Upload Tab in Options to disable the Image cover retrieval and the Windows after succesful upload.

Veranderingen voor v1.2.4 - v1.2.6

  • BUG - In some internationalisation messages.
  • CHG - txt of uploading message
  • BUG - When saving preferences now it saves the parameters correctly, so no more feedback window + tips window repetition.
  • CHG - Now the list of Subtitle Languages is loaded from the server, that way it remains centralized and updated every day.
  • FEATURE: Added splash screen to avoid show the non-good-looking ENQUEING FILES when somebody call the program from the
  • contextual menu
  • CHG - Improved the Progress windows with the new module thks Andrea Gavana
  • CHG - Improved the choice components with the new module thks Andrea Gavana
  • CHG - Improved interface using the LabelBook class of Andrea Gavana
  • FEATURE: The feedback now shows in WINDOWS a widget directly to chat with me
  • FEATURE: Added sponsor banner
  • CHG - Updated the library of IMDBpy to version 2.9 supporting unicode
  • CHG - Used the CustomTreeCtrl of Andrea Gavana to allow using checkboxes to download the subtitles founded.

Veranderingen voor v1.2.3 - v1.2.4

  • CHG - Message of the Upload Confirmation, now the user know he helped updating the hash.
  • BUG - Fixed dumb while Search IMDB and the name has spaces, this spaces where converted to %20 and app didn't find anything
  • BUG - The Drag and Drop files in UploadWindow now work.
  • FEATURE: Context Menu (Search and Upload Subtitle) now available when u make right click into Windows folders or files. Very useful to search or upload easily.
  • BUG - Big file size movies (More than 2GB) fixed bug.
  • BUG - Default ENG language when LOCALE is not defined on system.
  • FEATURE: Tip of the day
  • CHG: The download transfer is done using XMLRPC method and not HTTP normal download.
  • FEATURE: Autodetection of the Uploaded Subtitle's language for SRT, TXT or SUB formats.
  • FEATURE: Added Language Flags
  • BUG: Py2exe doesn't compress the .exe (compress: 0) anymore, i hope that solves some XP/2000 bugs reported.
  • FEATURE: Feedback window every 5 times when you close the app
  • BUG: Reporting Bad Hashes of subtitles now is available.
  • FEATURE: Added LOG Messages Window for debugging
  • CHANGE: All the connections have been ported using XMLRPC, Update, Download, etc

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