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Versie historie van SideSlide (Portable)

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Veranderingen voor v4.0.10 - v4.1.00

  • New and Changes
  • - Quick expression calculator Improvements:
  • - Continue the calculation after the result is shown.
  • - Improved calculation function and bug fixes.
  • - Added the ability to calculate powers (^).
  • - You can use a comma (,) instead of a dot in the expression.
  • - New setting "Speed Launch" under the General section in the Settings dialog: Select (default) to use the number keys to speed launch selected shortcuts; Deselect to use the number keys to start the expression calculator, in addition to entering the equal sign ('='). Use Ctrl+Number for Speed Launch when this setting is unselected.
  • - Tags listed under the Tags Menu and the Edit Tags dialog are now sorted alphabetically.
  • - The message asking whether to apply style settings or not when multiple shortcuts are selected has been replaced by a checkbox in the Shortcut Properties dialog.
  • - Added "Shortcut Properties" item to the 'Select Color' menu (in the shortcut mini-toolbar) that allows you to quickly open the Shortcut Properties dialog.
  • - New theme: Alien Planet.
  • - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes:
  • - Problems preventing automatic selection of files/folders right after adding them to the workspace from the right-click menu (New >> File/Folder Shortcut).
  • - Wrongly positioning shortcuts with small icons after drag & drop.
  • - Problem that prevented the workspace from undocking when the mouse was over the docking border (when Normal and Small sizes were used).
  • - Trying to move around detached containers with the mouse could sometimes fail.
  • - Picture Preview and Slideshow didn't work with shortcuts with ".jpeg" extension (as opposed to ".jpg").

Veranderingen voor v4.0.01 - v4.0.10

  • - Added the ability to open files from Windows (Desktop, etc) by dragging and dropping them on top of shortcuts in the workspace. The file you want to open with a program that is already in SideSlide does no longer have to be in the workspace as well. Example: Add a shortcut to the workspace to Notepad++ and drag a text file from the desktop to the Notepad++ shortcut within SideSlide.
  • Reminder: This can also be done when both file and program are in the workspace by dragging a shortcut icon and dropping it on top of another shortcut name label (also works when dragging multiple shortcuts).
  • - Added the ability to use the number keys (0-9) with the Global Hotkey. Example: You can now select [Alt]+[1] (and many others) to be used as the Global Hotkey to show and hide the workspace using they keyboard.
  • - Added information to the "Open with..." confirmation that it can be disabled from the Settings dialog.
  • - Changed tooltip when dragging a shortcut to start with another in case multiple shortcuts are selected.
  • - Other misc. minor changes.
  • Fixes
  • - Some changes to the way the workspace indicates when it's in focus or not for keyboard input.
  • - Duplicate tags could sometimes be listed in the Edit Tags dialog.

Veranderingen voor v4.0.0 - v4.0.01

  • Fix for a bug introduced in SideSlide v4 related to displaying pictures in the workspace.

Veranderingen voor v4.0.00 Beta - v4.0.00 Beta 2

  • New and Changes
  • - See the change log for v4.0.00b below for a complete list of new features, changes and bug fixes.
  • Fixes:
  • Bugs introduced in the first beta:
  • - Reminders didn't work when one of the new docking bar sizes (Normal, Small) was selected and the workspace was tucked away.
  • - Crash when trying to pin a non-existing picture (when hovering over a picture file shortcut).
  • - Crash when pasting already existing shortcuts.
  • - The "Flash" setting was re-enabled when opening the Settings dialog.
  • - "Flash" remained enabled when switching from visible to invisible docking bar while size "Normal" was selected.
  • - "Fold effect" is now disabled when folding/unfolding containers by double-clicking the container name.
  • - Converting a picture to a shortcut will first check if a shortcut to that picture doesn't already exist in the workspace/container.
  • - Other misc. minor GUI related fixes.

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