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Versie historie van Shotcut (64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v18.08.11 - v18.08.14

  • Fixed two regressions in v18.08.11:
  • Fixed selecting a clip that contain clips whose speed was changed may corrupt the project file.
  • Fixed selecting an existing Text filter with animation breaks the position and size of the text.

Veranderingen voor v18.08 - v18.08.11

  • Fixed new crash in v18.08 changing Settings > Video Mode with nothing opened.
  • Fixed crash while adjusting position or size in Text and Size and Position filters.
  • Fixed position and size information incorrect if resolution or aspect ratio changed in Export.
  • Fixed Text animation (keyframes) when not the first clip in the timeline.
  • Fixed track name not editable after the track head had been selected at least once.
  • Fixed right-clicking a timeline clip breaks automatic timeline scrolling during playback.
  • Added Quicktime Animation Export preset to export video with alpha channel.
  • In Export, let option values in Other tab override values generated by other fields.

Veranderingen voor v18.07 - v18.08

  • Added the timecode of failure to the Jobs panel when an export job fails (makes locating problem areas in the project easier).
  • Added an Unpremultiply Alpha video filter (handy to fix compositing for video clips with an alpha channel that has had its color pre-multiplied with its alpha).
  • Fixed various crash regressions since v18.05.
  • Fixed audio distortion during preview (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed custom Export presets broken if name contains parentheses (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed Properties > Reverse... broken if numeric region setting uses comma for decimal (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed Overlay HTML editor easily destroys default scripts (introduced in v18.07) if WebVfx JavaScript extension enabled.
  • Fixed custom interlaced Export presets loading as progressive (regression in v18.07)
  • Fixed Timeline > Copy Timeline to Source > Export fails on unsaved (Untitled) project.
  • Fixed Text filter has aliased edges (regression in v18.07).
  • Fixed Stabilize video filter not available on Linux (regression since v18.06).
  • Fixed changing Speed in Properties breaks all filters on that clip (regression since v18.05).
  • Fixed Fade Out Video (and keyframes in general) broken on still images whose in point is > 0 (regression since v18.03).
  • Fixed accuracy of Properties > Duration for image clip on the timeline.
  • Some fixes for changing Settings > Video Mode after starting a project.
  • Fixed compositing of upper video tracks becomes broken if bottom video track is deleted.
  • Fixed images with alpha channel (e.g. PNG) on upper video tracks have dark edges after compositing if the Size and Position or Rotate and Scale filters are not used

Veranderingen voor v18.05 - v18.07

  • Numerous fixes as usual.
  • Changed shortcut for Add Video Track to Ctrl+I.
  • Changed shortcut for Redo to Ctrl+Y on Windows.
  • Added 10% to the player zoom menu.
  • Hide the VUI (video user interface) when the play head is not over the clip with the current filter.
  • Renamed the Rotate filter to Rotate and Scale.
  • Keyframes are now saved in the project file using time clock values instead of frame numbers to make them adaptive to frame rate.
  • Reverted memory manager change from v18.05 pending further testing to improve stability.
  • Added advanced keyframes to the Size and Position filter.
  • Added simple and advanced keyframes to the following video filters:
  • Rotate and Scale
  • Text
  • Glow*
  • Contrast*
  • Sharpen*
  • Vignette*
  • * = including the (still experimental) GPU filter
  • Added Copy Timeline to Source to Timeline menu.
  • Changed the audio codec to AC-3 for the edit-friendly and reverse MP4 file format.
  • Changed J and K key behavior to change speed up or down before changing direction.
  • Added categories to the Export presets (custom presets can start their name with "category)" to use a category).
  • Added View > Layout menu for custom and stock layouts:
  • Timeline Project
  • Playlist Project
  • Clip-only Project
  • Player
  • Changed the default, first-time user UI layout to Timeline Project.
  • Changed Properties > menu > Reverse... to work on a trimmed clip from either Source or Timeline.
  • Added Properties menu items to the context menus for Timeline and timeline clips.
  • Added logic to sort GoPro files when multiple files are opened or dropped.
  • Added support for setting project file name (using File > Save) for empty project.
  • Added new HTML template for WebVfx JavaScript extensions enabled in Overlay HTML video filter.
  • Added search field to the filter chooser in Filters.
  • Upgraded MLT to v6.10.0

Veranderingen voor v18.03.06 - v18.05

  • Added Keyframes for Filters:
  • Gain / Volume
  • Brightness
  • Circular Frame
  • Color Grading (no simple)
  • Opacity
  • Size and Position (simple only)
  • Added support for mono and 5.1 surround sound: Settings > Audio Channels and Export >Audio > Channels.
  • Added Finnish translation.
  • Restored GIF Animation for Export.
  • Reduced memory footprint (especially for Rotate and Size and Position filters).
  • Changed Export default settings to reduce output size by increasing GOP and number of B frames.

Veranderingen voor v18.03 - v18.03.06

  • Added a Sketch filter.
  • Added numeric fields to the Color Grading filter.
  • Added All option to Properties > Audio > Track.
  • Added Estonian translation.
  • Improved image loading speed on Windows.
  • Improved mouse-wheel & trackpad scrolling in Timeline.
  • Improved support for JACK Audio (Linux and macOS only).
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to version 3.4 and latest vpx for much faster VP9 encoding.
  • Upgrade MLT to v6.6.0.
  • Upgraded SDL to version 2.0.

Veranderingen voor v18.01 - v18.03

  • Added a Sketch filter.
  • Added numeric fields to the Color Grading filter.
  • Added All option to Properties > Audio > Track.
  • Added Estonian translation.
  • Improved image loading speed on Windows.
  • Improved mouse-wheel & trackpad scrolling in Timeline.
  • Improved support for JACK Audio (Linux and macOS only).
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to version 3.4 and latest vpx for much faster VP9 encoding.
  • Upgrade MLT to v6.6.0.
  • Upgraded SDL to version 2.0.

Veranderingen voor v17.12 - v18.01

  • Added Audio Spectrum Visualization filter.
  • Added support for font size and italics to Text filter.
  • Added a Mask filter.
  • Another important fix for accuracy of XML time values for non-integer frame rates.

Veranderingen voor v17.11.07 - v17.12

  • Added icon, progress bar, and time remaining/taken to Jobs panel.
  • Increased maximum resolution to 8192x8192.
  • Indicate if variable frame rate is detected in Properties.
  • Added Convert to Edit-friendly... dialog when variable frame rate or non-seekable file opened.
  • Added Convert to Edit-friendly... to Properties menu for video and audio files.
  • Adding, removing, and adjusting Fade In/Out filters now updates fade controls on the Timeline.
  • Major speed improvements for Timeline rendering, especially when changing zoom level.
  • Stop showing waveforms on muted tracks.
  • Fixed audio crackling on some systems.
  • Fixed accuracy of reading and writing time values, particularly for non-integer frame rates.

Veranderingen voor v17.10 - v17.11

  • Changed add-filter menu to be embedded instead of popup.
  • Added Master label to Timeline.
  • Show filters icon on track heads if track is filtered.
  • Prioritize ‘0’ shortcut for Timeline over Playlist.
  • Do not adjust timeline zoom until slider is released.
  • Added warning dialog to Export if file cannot be written (e.g. due to permissions).
  • Added warning dialog to Export if chosen file is in the project.
  • Added warning dialog to Export if the drive is low on space.
  • Added Nepali translation.

Veranderingen voor v17.09 - v17.10

  • Fixed multi-threaded decoding with FFmpeg v3.2.
  • Added 1080p 59.94 and 60 fps video modes.
  • Added support for NVENC to Export panel.

Veranderingen voor v17.05 - v17.06

  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v17.04 - v17.05

  • This version just fixes some bugs and updates translations. In particular, it fixes a long standing bug that, on Windows, files with non-Latin characters in the name or path can not be opened or saved.

Veranderingen voor v17.02 - v17.03

  • Converted the track toggle buttons to icons.
  • Now, you can press Del or Backspace to delete a selected item in the Recent panel.
  • Playback now pauses at the out point in the Source player. (After pause, you can press play again to continue beyond the out point.)
  • Some stability improvements
  • Performance boost for Size & Position and Rotate filters on multi-CPU systems.

Veranderingen voor v16.10 - v17.02

  • fixed drag-n-dropping files from other than C: drive on Windows
  • fixed '/' being added to front of file paths on Windows
  • fixed some regressions on the MLT XML repair tool
  • fixed opening a network stream
  • improved support for image sequences
  • improved device capture
  • added Slovenian translation

Veranderingen voor v16.09 - v16.10

  • Added 32-bit Windows build.
  • Changed Linux build to be more compatible.
  • Added LUT (3D) video filter.
  • Added Lens Correction video filter.
  • Added Merge with next clip to Timeline clip context menu.
  • Fixed Paste Filters for Timeline clips and tracks.
  • Removed File > Open Other > Screen.

Veranderingen voor v16.08.12 - v16.09

  • Added Tiles, Icons, and Details view modes to Playlist.
  • Added Copy Filters and Paste Filters.
  • Upgraded Qt to v5.6.1 with HiDPI support. (Set environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 to turn it off.)
  • Converted some 16x16 icons to 32x32 for HiDPI.
  • Moved the Timeline Zoom slider to the toolbar.
  • Various fixes

Veranderingen voor v16.06 - v16.08

  • Added count-down (or up) generator: File > Open Other > Count
  • Major performance boost for opaque clips on video tracks higher than V1 with track Composite enabled and Blend mode: Over.

Veranderingen voor v16.05 - v16.06

  • •Show red outline on scrub bar of Source player to indicate selection.
  • •Added Cut, Copy, and Paste to Edit menu and Timeline tool bar.
  • •Changed double-click on Timeline clip to select+seek instead of copying to Source player.
  • •Changed Timeline keyboard shortcut A to append.
  • •Changed Timeline keyboard shortcut C to copy.
  • •Changed Timeline keyboard shortcut Enter to seek to start of clip.
  • •Added Peak and True Peak meters to the Audio Loudness scope.
  • •Added version/upgrade-checker.
  • •Added check for missing files when opening .mlt XML project file.
  • •Added dialog to locate and resolve (relink) missing files in project file.
  • •For clips with speed changed, added support for saving and loading relative path and file names.
  • •Added Export EDL to the File menu.
  • •Added YouTube preset to Export (which does the same thing as not changing any export settings, not selecting an export preset, or clicking Reset).
  • •Updated Blackmagic Design SDI/HDMI output to work with recent driver updates.

Veranderingen voor v16.04 - v16.05

  • Added Remove to Jobs panel.
  • Added 25% option to player’s Zoom button-menu.
  • Improved application logging.
  • Moved status messages front and central and removed status bar.

Veranderingen voor v16.03 - v16.04

  • Fixed frequently reported problem with black video on Export.
  • Fixed a few crashing bugs.
  • Added an option to Windows installer to remove registry settings to help people with new crash-on-launch problems.
  • Reduced memory usage when exporting a playlist or mulitrack project.
  • Added Normalize: One Pass audio filter (existing Normalize renamed Normalize: Two Pass.
  • Added Audio Loudness to View > Scopes.
  • Added Brightness video filter for CPU and GPU.
  • Added Contrast video filter for CPU and GPU.
  • Added Reduce Noise video filter for CPU only.
  • Install ffplay and ffprobe executables.
  • Improved visual feedback about what is selected in Timeline, Properties, and Filters views.
  • Added More Information to clip Properties overflow-menu.
  • Added Start Integrity Check Job to clip Properties overflow-menu.
  • Added auto-rotate for video clips with orientation metadata.
  • Added a Ukranian translation.

Veranderingen voor v16.02 - v16.03

  • •Changed player tab Program to Project.
  • •Changed panel name Encode to Export.
  • •Added a From field to the Export panel to allow exporting the project, a clip loaded in the Source tab of the player, or or each playlist item as a batch of jobs.
  • •Added an export preset for animated GIF.
  • •Upgraded FFmpeg to v3.0.
  • •Upgraded MLT to v6.0.0.

Veranderingen voor v16.01 - v16.02

  • Audio waveforms on timeline are updated incrementally as progress is made.
  • • Allow dual pass encoding for CBR.
  • • Added Show Video Thumbnails option to the timeline menu.
  • • Added Rebuild Audio Waveform to a timeline clip's context menu.

Veranderingen voor v15.12 - v16.01

  • Added Speed parameter to Properties for an audio/video clip.
  • Added Properties views for track and timeline when selected. Click track head to select track; click the timeline's cornerstone (top left block) to select the timeline.
  • Added Blend mode to track properties (not available in GPU processing mode; only applies when compositing is enabled in the track header).
  • Added Alpha Channel: View video filter.
  • Added Alpha Channel: Adjust video filter.
  • Added Chroma Key: Simple video filter.
  • Added Chroma Key: Advanced video filter.
  • Added Key Spill: Simple video filter.
  • Added Key Spill: Advanced video filter.
  • And, as usual, a bunch of fixes and translation updates.

Veranderingen voor v15.10 - v15.11

  • Added Rutt-Etra-Izer video filter.
  • Added audio/video device and screen capture for OS X.
  • Added screen capture for Windows.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for trimming on Timeline: I, Shift+I, O, Shift+O.
  • Added support for ripple trimming on Timeline.
  • Added Application Log to View menu.
  • Added Save button to text viewer dialogs (logs, XML).
  • Added video Deinterlace, Interpolation, and Parallel-processing options to Encode panel.
  • Reorganize the Settings menu and added headings.
  • Added Close action to File menu.

Veranderingen voor v15.09 - v15.10

  • Mostly just bug fixes.
  • Added Dutch translation.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Added project check and repair function.

Veranderingen voor v15.08 - v15.09

  • Added Scrub Audio to Settings menu.
  • Added Display Method to Settings menu (Windows only).
  • Added Portugal Portuguese translation.
  • Added Mute audio filter.
  • Updated Qt to v5.5.
  • Updated FFmpeg to v2.7.

Veranderingen voor v15.06 - v15.07

  • 4K UHD support
  • 5 new video filters:
  • Old Film: Dust
  • Old Film: Grain
  • Old Film: Projector
  • Old Film: Scratches
  • Old Film: Technocolor
  • 5 new audio filters:
  • Bass & Treble (3-band graphic equalizer)
  • Band Pass
  • High Pass
  • Low Pass
  • Notch
  • Added Insert Track and Remove Track
  • New default Encode settings produce a better quality H.264 MP4 file
  • Composite now defaults to on/enabled for new video tracks

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