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Versie historie van Shotcut (64-bit)

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Veranderingen voor v18.03 - v18.03.06

  • Added a Sketch filter.
  • Added numeric fields to the Color Grading filter.
  • Added All option to Properties > Audio > Track.
  • Added Estonian translation.
  • Improved image loading speed on Windows.
  • Improved mouse-wheel & trackpad scrolling in Timeline.
  • Improved support for JACK Audio (Linux and macOS only).
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to version 3.4 and latest vpx for much faster VP9 encoding.
  • Upgrade MLT to v6.6.0.
  • Upgraded SDL to version 2.0.

Veranderingen voor v18.01 - v18.03

  • Added a Sketch filter.
  • Added numeric fields to the Color Grading filter.
  • Added All option to Properties > Audio > Track.
  • Added Estonian translation.
  • Improved image loading speed on Windows.
  • Improved mouse-wheel & trackpad scrolling in Timeline.
  • Improved support for JACK Audio (Linux and macOS only).
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to version 3.4 and latest vpx for much faster VP9 encoding.
  • Upgrade MLT to v6.6.0.
  • Upgraded SDL to version 2.0.

Veranderingen voor v17.12 - v18.01

  • Added Audio Spectrum Visualization filter.
  • Added support for font size and italics to Text filter.
  • Added a Mask filter.
  • Another important fix for accuracy of XML time values for non-integer frame rates.

Veranderingen voor v17.11.07 - v17.12

  • Added icon, progress bar, and time remaining/taken to Jobs panel.
  • Increased maximum resolution to 8192x8192.
  • Indicate if variable frame rate is detected in Properties.
  • Added Convert to Edit-friendly... dialog when variable frame rate or non-seekable file opened.
  • Added Convert to Edit-friendly... to Properties menu for video and audio files.
  • Adding, removing, and adjusting Fade In/Out filters now updates fade controls on the Timeline.
  • Major speed improvements for Timeline rendering, especially when changing zoom level.
  • Stop showing waveforms on muted tracks.
  • Fixed audio crackling on some systems.
  • Fixed accuracy of reading and writing time values, particularly for non-integer frame rates.

Veranderingen voor v17.10 - v17.11

  • Changed add-filter menu to be embedded instead of popup.
  • Added Master label to Timeline.
  • Show filters icon on track heads if track is filtered.
  • Prioritize ‘0’ shortcut for Timeline over Playlist.
  • Do not adjust timeline zoom until slider is released.
  • Added warning dialog to Export if file cannot be written (e.g. due to permissions).
  • Added warning dialog to Export if chosen file is in the project.
  • Added warning dialog to Export if the drive is low on space.
  • Added Nepali translation.

Veranderingen voor v17.09 - v17.10

  • Fixed multi-threaded decoding with FFmpeg v3.2.
  • Added 1080p 59.94 and 60 fps video modes.
  • Added support for NVENC to Export panel.

Veranderingen voor v17.05 - v17.06

  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v17.04 - v17.05

  • This version just fixes some bugs and updates translations. In particular, it fixes a long standing bug that, on Windows, files with non-Latin characters in the name or path can not be opened or saved.

Veranderingen voor v17.02 - v17.03

  • Converted the track toggle buttons to icons.
  • Now, you can press Del or Backspace to delete a selected item in the Recent panel.
  • Playback now pauses at the out point in the Source player. (After pause, you can press play again to continue beyond the out point.)
  • Some stability improvements
  • Performance boost for Size & Position and Rotate filters on multi-CPU systems.

Veranderingen voor v16.10 - v17.02

  • fixed drag-n-dropping files from other than C: drive on Windows
  • fixed '/' being added to front of file paths on Windows
  • fixed some regressions on the MLT XML repair tool
  • fixed opening a network stream
  • improved support for image sequences
  • improved device capture
  • added Slovenian translation

Veranderingen voor v16.09 - v16.10

  • Added 32-bit Windows build.
  • Changed Linux build to be more compatible.
  • Added LUT (3D) video filter.
  • Added Lens Correction video filter.
  • Added Merge with next clip to Timeline clip context menu.
  • Fixed Paste Filters for Timeline clips and tracks.
  • Removed File > Open Other > Screen.

Veranderingen voor v16.08.12 - v16.09

  • Added Tiles, Icons, and Details view modes to Playlist.
  • Added Copy Filters and Paste Filters.
  • Upgraded Qt to v5.6.1 with HiDPI support. (Set environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR=0 to turn it off.)
  • Converted some 16x16 icons to 32x32 for HiDPI.
  • Moved the Timeline Zoom slider to the toolbar.
  • Various fixes

Veranderingen voor v16.06 - v16.08

  • Added count-down (or up) generator: File > Open Other > Count
  • Major performance boost for opaque clips on video tracks higher than V1 with track Composite enabled and Blend mode: Over.

Veranderingen voor v16.05 - v16.06

  • •Show red outline on scrub bar of Source player to indicate selection.
  • •Added Cut, Copy, and Paste to Edit menu and Timeline tool bar.
  • •Changed double-click on Timeline clip to select+seek instead of copying to Source player.
  • •Changed Timeline keyboard shortcut A to append.
  • •Changed Timeline keyboard shortcut C to copy.
  • •Changed Timeline keyboard shortcut Enter to seek to start of clip.
  • •Added Peak and True Peak meters to the Audio Loudness scope.
  • •Added version/upgrade-checker.
  • •Added check for missing files when opening .mlt XML project file.
  • •Added dialog to locate and resolve (relink) missing files in project file.
  • •For clips with speed changed, added support for saving and loading relative path and file names.
  • •Added Export EDL to the File menu.
  • •Added YouTube preset to Export (which does the same thing as not changing any export settings, not selecting an export preset, or clicking Reset).
  • •Updated Blackmagic Design SDI/HDMI output to work with recent driver updates.

Veranderingen voor v16.04 - v16.05

  • Added Remove to Jobs panel.
  • Added 25% option to player’s Zoom button-menu.
  • Improved application logging.
  • Moved status messages front and central and removed status bar.

Veranderingen voor v16.03 - v16.04

  • Fixed frequently reported problem with black video on Export.
  • Fixed a few crashing bugs.
  • Added an option to Windows installer to remove registry settings to help people with new crash-on-launch problems.
  • Reduced memory usage when exporting a playlist or mulitrack project.
  • Added Normalize: One Pass audio filter (existing Normalize renamed Normalize: Two Pass.
  • Added Audio Loudness to View > Scopes.
  • Added Brightness video filter for CPU and GPU.
  • Added Contrast video filter for CPU and GPU.
  • Added Reduce Noise video filter for CPU only.
  • Install ffplay and ffprobe executables.
  • Improved visual feedback about what is selected in Timeline, Properties, and Filters views.
  • Added More Information to clip Properties overflow-menu.
  • Added Start Integrity Check Job to clip Properties overflow-menu.
  • Added auto-rotate for video clips with orientation metadata.
  • Added a Ukranian translation.

Veranderingen voor v16.02 - v16.03

  • •Changed player tab Program to Project.
  • •Changed panel name Encode to Export.
  • •Added a From field to the Export panel to allow exporting the project, a clip loaded in the Source tab of the player, or or each playlist item as a batch of jobs.
  • •Added an export preset for animated GIF.
  • •Upgraded FFmpeg to v3.0.
  • •Upgraded MLT to v6.0.0.

Veranderingen voor v16.01 - v16.02

  • Audio waveforms on timeline are updated incrementally as progress is made.
  • • Allow dual pass encoding for CBR.
  • • Added Show Video Thumbnails option to the timeline menu.
  • • Added Rebuild Audio Waveform to a timeline clip's context menu.

Veranderingen voor v15.12 - v16.01

  • Added Speed parameter to Properties for an audio/video clip.
  • Added Properties views for track and timeline when selected. Click track head to select track; click the timeline's cornerstone (top left block) to select the timeline.
  • Added Blend mode to track properties (not available in GPU processing mode; only applies when compositing is enabled in the track header).
  • Added Alpha Channel: View video filter.
  • Added Alpha Channel: Adjust video filter.
  • Added Chroma Key: Simple video filter.
  • Added Chroma Key: Advanced video filter.
  • Added Key Spill: Simple video filter.
  • Added Key Spill: Advanced video filter.
  • And, as usual, a bunch of fixes and translation updates.

Veranderingen voor v15.10 - v15.11

  • Added Rutt-Etra-Izer video filter.
  • Added audio/video device and screen capture for OS X.
  • Added screen capture for Windows.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for trimming on Timeline: I, Shift+I, O, Shift+O.
  • Added support for ripple trimming on Timeline.
  • Added Application Log to View menu.
  • Added Save button to text viewer dialogs (logs, XML).
  • Added video Deinterlace, Interpolation, and Parallel-processing options to Encode panel.
  • Reorganize the Settings menu and added headings.
  • Added Close action to File menu.

Veranderingen voor v15.09 - v15.10

  • Mostly just bug fixes.
  • Added Dutch translation.
  • Added Russian translation.
  • Added project check and repair function.

Veranderingen voor v15.08 - v15.09

  • Added Scrub Audio to Settings menu.
  • Added Display Method to Settings menu (Windows only).
  • Added Portugal Portuguese translation.
  • Added Mute audio filter.
  • Updated Qt to v5.5.
  • Updated FFmpeg to v2.7.

Veranderingen voor v15.06 - v15.07

  • 4K UHD support
  • 5 new video filters:
  • Old Film: Dust
  • Old Film: Grain
  • Old Film: Projector
  • Old Film: Scratches
  • Old Film: Technocolor
  • 5 new audio filters:
  • Bass & Treble (3-band graphic equalizer)
  • Band Pass
  • High Pass
  • Low Pass
  • Notch
  • Added Insert Track and Remove Track
  • New default Encode settings produce a better quality H.264 MP4 file
  • Composite now defaults to on/enabled for new video tracks

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