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Versie historie van RollBack Rx Home edition

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Veranderingen voor v10.5 - v10.7

  • Fixes Secure Boot Issue for better compatibility with Windows 10 build 1607 & later
  • Support Grub Linux bootloader.
  • Adjusted the Uninstallation User Interface.
  • Change disk space usage pie chart on the home page to red color if the free space drops below 20% total protected space.
  • Add disk space usage pie chart to the new snapshot window.
  • New End User License Agreement(EULA)

Veranderingen voor v10.4 (20160541202) - v10.5

  • Valid snapshot condition and show as “good” or “questionable” snapshots. Display questionable (inconsistent) snapshots in red color
  • Fix corrupted snapshot problem caused by creating consecutive snapshots rapidly
  • Added “Flush system cache before creating new snapshot“ in program settings
  • Mid-cycle UI refresh
  • Fix Windows update related problem by booting from PE environment
  • Fix BSOD caused by Windows 10 anniversary Update
  • Resolves Secure Boot Issue
  • Support subsystem VGA display mode 800*600
  • Fixed many setup related compatibility problems received by customer report.

Veranderingen voor v10.3 (201503091326) - v10.3 (201506080925)

  • Fix the setup failure due to fragmented bitmap table
  • Fix the setup VerifyProtectedDisk Failed error due to read partition error
  • Fix the setup conflict with Samsung's fast startup software

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