Versie historie van RIOT

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Veranderingen voor v0.5.2 - v0.6.0

  • + added “Auto, Original Format” mode, renamed modes
  • + Batch: added option to save in original folder in order to keep folder structure
  • + Batch: added option to backup originals on overwrite
  • * fixed behavior for using the original image if smaller only if we use an option from the batch mode
  • * fixed resize issues when keep aspect ratio is checked and both dimensions are provided

Veranderingen voor v0.5.1 - v0.5.2

  • fixed r s h l v keys prohibited in batch->output path
  • fixed filesize different single file vs batch mode if image is resized and using automatic mode.The original was analyzed instead of the resized one in batch mode.
  • fixed RIOT stops opening images after switching to batch mode and back
  • fixed scrollbar flicker
  • fixed loading of TGA 8-bit files with a palette size greater that 256
  • fixed TIFF parser didn't initialize the memory with zeros in stripped mode. This caused random bitmap data if the tiff file was corrupted/invalid.

Veranderingen voor v0.5.0 - v0.5.1

  • * fixed opening of images with a single color like the one found in jquery-UI (ui-icons_2e83ff_256x240)
  • * fixed Compress to size action enabling
  • ! using checkerboard to show transparency instead of background color from file. Some images have the background the same color as the foreground and that can be confusing.

Veranderingen voor v0.4.6 - v0.5.0

  • + added automatic optimization mode
  • + added loading support for "half float" format to TIFF
  • + added drag folder to load files in batch mode
  • + added progress monitoring for jpeg load/save and resize
  • ! superior internal PNG compression. Added 4 compression levels (zlib-9 with heuristics and filters for low setting and zopfli deflate used for the higher settings)
  • ! color quantization to 2 colors now outputs 1 bit images instead of 4 bit (smaller filesize)
  • ! changed transparency settings (added simplify checkbox)
  • ! faster color quantization of images with 16 colors or less (output bit depth controlled by the quantizer itself)
  • ! greatly improved resize/resampling speed
  • ! upgraded to LibTiff 4.0.3
  • ! upgraded to libPNG 1.5.13
  • ! upgraded to OpenJPEG 1.5.1
  • ! allowed loading of PNG with benign errors (such as images with too many IDATs)
  • * batch settings: keep date date & report size changes options are now preserved
  • * fixed crashing when loading some JPEG files with invalid EXIF tag length
  • * fixed PNG plugin with saving of transparent monochrome images
  • * fixed JPEG error: Exif: Suspicious offset of first IFD value
  • * fixed a crash when loading TIFF images with a TIFFTAG_TRANSFERFUNCTION Exif tag
  • * fixed a crash reading a TIFF with an uncommon 24-bit palettized file
  • * allowed loading of TIF with missing bitspersample/samplesperpixel/photometric tags
  • * fixed BigTIFF signature validation
  • * fixed TIFF plugin truncating metadata tag on loading if type is ASCII and it's value is of variable size (TIFF_VARIABLE)
  • * fixed loading of Exif with bad thumbnail data or with a bad first offset size
  • * fixed PSD parser when reading PSD files with corrupted resources
  • * resize: fixed a NULL-pointer access bug occurring for transparent images with a linear palette
  • - removed PNG interlacing
  • - removed Grayscale from Color reduction presets => replaced with Grayscale checkbox in Image adjustments
  • - removed libMNG, using internal reader instead

Veranderingen voor v0.4.6 - v0.5 beta

  • 1. Automatic Optimization Mode
  • RIOT revolutionizes the way images are optimized by combining the simplicity of automatic optimizations with the power of manual control. The Automatic Mode will select the most suitable format and parameters, still allowing the freedom of manual tweaking compression parameters, for even higher compression.
  • You will achieve the best compression ratio easier than ever !
  • 2. Superior PNG compression
  • The internal PNG compression has been substantially improved, and if often beats it’s rivals in terms of speed and filesize.
  • 3. Enhanced transparency handling
  • You will be able to save palletized PNG images with a full alpha chanell. Also, support for storing variable transparency inside the palette will be added. Smart reductions apply – so, if the image has less than 256 colors and transparency levels you will save space by storing transparency in a transparency table, instead of storing the entire alpha channel.
  • Single color transparency in PNG24 will be also automatically used when necessary.
  • 4. Progress monitoring
  • Even if RIOT is very fast, considering the amount of operations it does at each preview update, there are situations where you’ll wait for a longer period of time, especially when dealing with large images. For a better user experience, RIOT 0.5 integrates progress monitoring for individual tasks like save, load, rotate, flip, resize.

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