Versie historie van Remote Desktop Manager

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Veranderingen voor - v10.0.4.0

  • Added an option to remove the CRLF from the description in the grid
  • Added multi select and drag and drop support in the sort entry dialog
  • Added the capture output Cmd execution mode
  • Changed the report icons
  • Fixed a possible issue with the domain in embedded Chrome
  • Fixed an issue with the RDP work area screen size in external mode
  • Fixed CSV Sync duplicate bug when the session has no name in the CSV file.
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Password Safe integration now supports variables for the database path.

Veranderingen voor v8.0.10.0 - v8.0.11.0

  • VERSION (December 21th 2012)
  • Added multi select support for Apply template refactoring
  • Added Reboot for Hyper-V
  • Added credential for XenServer console
  • Added credential for Hyper-V console
  • Added VMware console entry type
  • Added default action (view, edit, copy password...) when double clicking on a credential entry or a group
  • Added multi pane support for local folder in DropBox/Azure/Ftp/S3 explorer
  • Fixed a sorting issue when list is selected on application start
  • Fixed the default port with SSH shell built-in
  • Fixed a possible issue with generic host and credentials
  • Moved Azure Table Storage Explorer in Cloud Explorer category
  • Optimized the trayicon menu to load on demand
  • Minor UI improvements

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