Versie historie van OneSwarm for Mac OS X

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Veranderingen voor v0.7 - v0.7.5

  • Support for friend address resolution via community serversUpdated SWT to version 3.6.1 (cocoa and 64 bit on mac)bugfix: OneSwarm will no longer stop forwarding after running for several days under heavy trafficbugfix: [mac] OneSwarm is now a 64 bit application.bugfix: OneSwarm no longer uses a default save directory in the application directory (windows) or Application Support directory (mac)

Veranderingen voor v0.6.9 - v0.7

  • Recognizing identical files in distinct swarms for faster downloads
  • Optional search keyword filtering
  • Support for queuing chat messages to offline friends, chat bugfixes and UI improvements (window resizing, persistent position)
  • Merged osf2f and gwtui plugins into the core jar -- eliminates the need for restarting twice during updates.
  • Rewritten group management -- significantly improves responsiveness for users with large shares
  • Swarms without permissions will be shown in the web UI in an error state with an option to repair
  • Reduced the size of the web UI Javascript -- reduces load times
  • Compression for remote access
  • Fixed typos in several strings, improved internationalization support
  • Fixed a bug that prevented default previews from being uploaded when publishing
  • Fixed incorrect progress estimation when skipping some files in swarms
  • Fixed potential hang on startup (DHT initialization)
  • Improved UI support for internationalization

Veranderingen voor v0.6.7 - v0.6.9

  • Support for publishing to community servers
  • Fixed bug in group management UI
  • At first handshake, agree on secret location to publish IP:port (instead of at SHA1(A_pubkey+B_pubkey) )
  • SHA1 and ed2k hash search to find swarms containing a specific file
  • Added --configure command line option to configure remote access on linux servers without X (Xvfb is still needed)
  • More localized strings (not yet complete, however)
  • Fixed torrent opening bugs on OSX Snow Leopard
  • Fixed bug preventing connections to obfuscated peers for public torrents
  • Fixed DHT memory leak for users with many friends
  • Reduced memory usage for users with large watch directories
  • Fixed watch directory bug preventing hashing of some directories on Windows
  • Support for sharing and searching files with 4-byte characters in the names

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