Versie historie van nomacs (64-bit portable)

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Veranderingen voor v3.10 - v3.12

  • recent files panel renewed
  • new icon theme
  • improved drag&drop of thumbnail preview (copy/move/link)
  • editable zoom levels
  • fill transparent background with a color added
  • LAN client removed
  • batch: original filename is added to the metadata
  • frameless: multi-screen setup improved
  • SVG: resulting image size can be adjusted when converting
  • RLE compressed TGA support
  • bug fixes
  • Updates
  • quazip 0.7.6
  • libraw 0.18
  • exiv2 3.3.2

Veranderingen voor v3.8.0 - v3.10

  • anti-aliasing improved
  • printing improved
  • print multiple pages from thumbnail preview
  • animiated WebP support
  • JPG compressed TIFFs supported
  • batch cropping added
  • PSD lib updated
  • new translations: Bosnian, Croation, and Serbian
  • Updates (Windows)
  • Qt 5.9.3 -> 5.11.0
  • OpenCV 3.3.1 -> 3.4.1

Veranderingen voor v3.6.1 - v3.8.0

  • New MSI installer (Windows)
  • Full PhaseOne Support (Monochrome)
  • RAW loader optimized (less RAM & speed-up)
  • RAW loading improved (pink pixels reduced)
  • Drag & Drop fixed (Linux)
  • Batch resize fixed
  • GPS link fixed
  • Translation downloader fixed

Veranderingen voor v3 - v3.2

  • – Plugin framework redesigned
  • – New preferences
  • – Undo & History dock added
  • – Statusbar improved (e.g. zoom level)
  • – All Icons are SVG (UHD monitors)
  • – Compression added to Batch
  • – Image transitions extended (swipe)
  • – Logging added
  • – Recent files cleaned

Veranderingen voor v2.4.5 - v2.4.6

  • Folder ScrollBar added again (and updated)
  • Various crashes are fixed now (metadata saving/displaying)
  • Sorting fixed
  • And some minor bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v2.4.2 - v2.4.4

  • •Improved batch processing (you can now add images from multiple folders)
  • •New Metadata HUD panel (you can dynamically choose entries)
  • •nomacs respects your default proxy settings (e.g. when updating)
  • •The portable version ships with a qss file (so you can customize almost everything)
  • the most important fixes are:
  • •Default strings are now translated
  • •Linux file sorting is (hopefully) fixed by now
  • •Gamma correction for rescaling is now 16 bit (smooth gradients)
  • •Zoom to Fit added (replaces ‘Reset Zoom’)
  • •Saving of multiple tabs
  • •UTF-8 encoding for image notes
  • •General stability improvements

Veranderingen voor v2.4.0 - v2.4.2

  • Image Manipulations are fixed now (black images on e.g. gamma)
  • Resize with gamma correction (black images if gamma was checked)
  • Crash fixed (if reload occurred after an image resize)
  • Batch Processing fixed
  • GIF movie toolbar fixed (thanks to alyosama)
  • Translations updated (thanks to all translators)

Veranderingen voor v2.2 - v2.4.0

  • Batch processing (you can try it by clicking Tools > Batch Processing)
  • Image tabs (open multiple images within different tabs)
  • Thumbnail preview improved (copy/paste delete/rename is now supported)
  • Zoom panel improved (you can now chose a specific zoom level)
  • Olympus RAW added
  • Convert to grayscale added (thanks to shreelock)
  • Faster directory loading (especially if you have many images in a folder)
  • Gesture improvements
  • Saving of images from archives (e.g. zip, docx) is now supported
  • File sorting improved (Unix-based systems only)
  • Stability improvements

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