Versie historie van MkvToMp4

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Veranderingen voor v0.223 - v0.224

  • Added 64-bit version of the program. It runs the 64-bit versions of utilities from the Tools directory.
  • The temporary directory can be changed in the settings.
  • Added a flag to enable "Edit mode" for Mp4 files at loading.
  • Working with the new SDK for
  • If the program have not files for processing, the exit will be without questions.
  • Ability to set audio delay, which will be default.
  • Qaac encode CoreAudioToolbox now.
  • Delay for the audio now set Eac3To. DelayCat no longer used.
  • Update applications in the Tools folder.
  • Added Colombia and Mexico iTunes stores.

Veranderingen voor v0.221a - v0.223

  • Selecting iTunes country to search tags. You can select country in settings, it will be by default. Also available the selection at the search dialog.
  • Update utilities in the folder Tools: MkvExtract, Qaac, FFMpeg, Mp4Box, Eac3To
  • The original name of the movie stored to the tag SortName.
  • Russian ratings in tags.
  • Fixing bugs in rating, delay and reencoding AAC.
  • Removing private user information from the movies.

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