Versie historie van Messenger Password Decryptor

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Veranderingen voor v8.6 - v9.0

  • Mega release with support for recovering messenger passwords on new Windows 10 version. Also fixed the sizing problem with higher resolution computers.

Veranderingen voor v8.0 - v8.6

  • New feature added to Installer to dynamically download latest version
  • Version 8.5
  • Removed the support for command-line feature as now we have exclusive command-line tool - IM Password Dump. Also added minor updates to Installer.

Veranderingen voor v7.0 - v8.0

  • Mega edition with renovated GUI interface featuring new icon and banner. Added support for password recovery from Garena+ Messenger. Fixed issue with IMVU messenger. Integrated Uninstaller into Windows Add/Remove Programs

Veranderingen voor v6.5 - v7.0

  • New feature to recover encrypted password from Yahoo Messenger (v6.x-v7.x). Also support generation of password recovery report in CSV (Comma-Seperated Values) File Format.

Veranderingen voor v5.0 - v6.5

  • Support for password recovery on 64-bit platform for most of the messengers.
  • Version 6.0
  • Fixed the OS version for Windows 8. Added quick download link and fix for screen repaint problem.
  • Version 5.5
  • Right click menu to quickly copy the password, improved UI and minor fixes.

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