Versie historie van ManicTime (portable)

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Veranderingen voor v4.2.7 - v4.2.8

  • Bug fix: Socket plugin stopped working in previous release
  • Bug fixes in Jira and Freshbooks plugins
  • Bug fix: portable version crashed if it was used on more than 5 machines

Veranderingen voor v4.2.5 - v4.2.6

  • •Bug fix - when transferring autotags to tags, sometimes nothing happened
  • •Bug fix - when adding two timelines from two different ManicTimeReport databases, timelines reported error and did not show up

Veranderingen voor v4.2.4 - v4.2.5

  • Bug fix - additional error logging on Edit server, Test connection

Veranderingen voor v4.2.2 - v4.2.4

  • Add tag window optimization
  • Bug fix - error when viewing screenshots in Screenshot viewer
  • Jira plugin, Tempo support - if you are using Tempo plugin, ManicTime will also transfer billable flag.
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v4.2.1 Beta - v4.2.2

  • Advanced search, export non-local timeline
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v4.1.9 - v4.2.1 Beta

  • Bug fix: works on machines with .Net 4.6.1
  • Timesheet - custom separator for Include notes (before this version, it was set to ';')
  • QuickBooks export - added option to export Notes on sepeaate lines
  • QuickBooks export - uses Time or Decimal option on timesheet (before this version, it always exported in Decimal format)
  • Bug fix: bring Advanced search window to front if it was open
  • Bug fix: on "choose license" window, Ok button was disabled

Veranderingen voor v4.1.8 - v4.1.9

  • Bluebeam Revu document plugin added

Veranderingen voor v4.1.7 - v4.1.8

  • Bug fix: When deploying ManicTime with ManicTimeSettings.xml, if password was used, UI showed on the first start

Veranderingen voor v4.1.6 - v4.1.7

  • Bug fix: Chrome plugin stopped working in v68
  • Bug fix: Microsoft made a lot of changes to Skype, tracking should work for Skype from app store, it will not longer work on Skype for desktop

Veranderingen voor v4.1.5 - v4.1.6

  • Bug fix: Some tag notes caused ManicTime to crash
  • Bug fix: Icons of UWP applications were not tracked correctly
  • Better error logging

Veranderingen voor v4.1.4 - v4.1.5

  • Bug fix: Advanced search export did not export based on query
  • Bug fix: When password was set via deployment file, there was no way to clear the password later via a new deployment file.
  • Bug fix: Chrome private browsing was not tracked correctly in Russian Chrome version.
  • Bug fix: Setting a tracking list to only track specific web sites, stopped tracking documents as well

Veranderingen voor v4.1 Beta - v4.1.4

  • •Bug fix: Line chart in statistics didn't work correctly
  • •Bug fix: Crashed, if password contained characters " or \

Veranderingen voor v4.0.10 - v4.0.15

  • Chrome v65 support
  • Hide migration wizard if tray icon is hidden
  • Bug fix: Autotags based on Custom timeline - when custom timeline didn't have GroupKey

Veranderingen voor v4.0.9 - v4.0.10

  • Bug fix: Timesheet progress bar stayed visible after clicking Cancel

Veranderingen voor v4.0.5 - v4.0.6

  • ManicTimeClient.exe will now start ManicTime.exe, if ManicTime.exe is not running. This will help when ManicTimeClient is pinned to taskbar and ManicTime is not running
  • Bug fix: Sometimes UI crashed when main window was opening (this could also happen when Away window was opening)
  • Bug fix: Sometimes UI took a long time to open
  • Bug fix: Under certain conditions when stopwatch was running, ManicTime crashed when exiting

Veranderingen voor v4.0.2 Beta - v4.0.3 Beta

  • Added: Setting "Minimum activity duration" under tracking. By default, this setting is set to 5 seconds and it tells ManicTime to not track applications which are in use for less than X seconds.
  • Bug fix: Overnight Away was not used on Day view
  • Bug fix: Statistics range All used a lot of RAM
  • Bug fix: Tracking loop waits until previous loop finished

Veranderingen voor v4.0.1 Beta - v4.0.2 Beta

  • Bug fix: USB version SQLite plugin was marked as unsafe after unzip
  • Translations updated

Veranderingen voor v4.0 Beta - v4.0.1 Beta

  • Bug fix: Some databases did not migrate successfully
  • Bug fix: During second part of migration there was a bug in statistics
  • Other bug fixes
  • Translations updated

Veranderingen voor v3.8.7 - v4.0 Beta

  • Move to SQLite database engine and a new database design
  • One Tag timeline per user on ManicTime Server
  • Undo
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.8.5 - v3.8.7

  • Bug fix: Urls were not tracked in latest versions of Opera
  • Bug fix: ManicTime sometimes stopped tracking Firefox urls. We made some changes, hopefully it will work better now
  • Fixed Vs Code document tracking

Veranderingen voor v3.8.4 - v3.8.5

  • Changes
  • •Bug fix: When screenshots were set to capture all screens, there was a bug when DPI was larger than 100%

Veranderingen voor v3.8.3 - v3.8.4

  • Bug fix: Filter timesheet on tag notes. Use this syntax for filter note:"some description"

Veranderingen voor v3.8.2 - v3.8.3

  • •Bug fix: Timesheet bug when using billable column with different tag depths

Veranderingen voor v3.8.1 - v3.8.2

  • Updated translations
  • Bug fix: Opera 45+ url tracking fixed
  • Bug fix: Removed plugin
  • Bug fix: Under some conditions Away view didn't show

Veranderingen voor v3.8.0 - v3.8.1

  • •Bug fix: When using the same application for longer period, too many screenshots got deleted
  • •Bug fix: When Advanced search loaded, it filled the filter value with the last non empty search

Veranderingen voor v3.7.4 - v3.8.0

  • Recent filters dropdown
  • Screenshots improvements
  • Windows 10 notifications
  • Better tracking for Windows 10 apps, it should now get the correct application name and icon
  • Dropdown in Add tag window would freeze with a lot of tags. It should work better now.
  • Added Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Plugin
  • Tag Picker window now opens with Filter in focus
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.7.3 - v3.7.4

  • Bug fix: Sometimes client stopped sending data to the server

Veranderingen voor v3.6.7 - v3.7.0 Beta

  • Screenshots improvements
  • Timesheet usage report
  • Skype for business plugin
  • Support for ManicTime server authentication (available in ManicTime Server v3.5)
  • Autozoom shortcut - On day view, press "A" to toggle autozoom
  • Bug fixes

Veranderingen voor v3.6.6 - v3.6.7

  • Translations updated
  • When publishing timelines to the server, Conflict status is returned if this database is already on the server. Now it will just republish the data without showing the message.
  • Bug fix: Deploy for all users was not working correctly.

Veranderingen voor v3.6.5 - v3.6.6

  • Translations updated
  • Bug fix: ManicTime sometimes crashed when tagging with tag shortcuts
  • Bug fix: ManicTime did not ask for a password every time window re-opened
  • Bug fix: Screenshots sometimes started working after first Away

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