Versie historie van KeePass for Mac OS X

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Veranderingen voor v0.4.1 - v0.4.3

  • Re-added “Close to Tray” option
  • Use icon of parent group when creating a new entry (Bug #2494084)
  • Make database file saving transactional to avoid data loss
  • Fixed build errors with MSVC compiler (Bug #2926945), Qt 4.6 (Bug #2900850) and binutils gold linker
  • Switch focus to new entries (Bug #2899867, #2928843)
  • Added Cmd-M shortcut on Mac OS to minimize window (Bug #2827152)
  • Copy to clipboard even if field is empty (Bug #2889145)
  • Fixed possible database corruption when adding a new group while the Backup group exists (Bug #2897997)
  • Don’t give up asking for the password after one decryption error when using the Twofish algorithm
  • Don’t allow to drag’n'drop between databases to fix a crash (Bug #2961045)
  • Fixed: Closing KeePassX doesn’t remove passwords from clipboard (Bug #2946601)
  • Fixed: Icons could be shown multiple times in Group dialog (Bug #2711510)
  • Fixed: Maximized state not saved when minimizing to tray [Windows] (Bug #2926367)
  • Better detection of the default directory to save the database
  • Added translations: Japanese, Portuguese, Serbian and Slovak and Ukrainian
  • Updated many translations
  • Fixed crash when editing groups (regression introduced in 0.4.2) (Bug #2964295)

Veranderingen voor v0.4.0 - v0.4.1

  • Added initial documentation (by Jussi Sainio)
  • Added and improved many translations
  • Added ability to drag’n'drop fields (username, password, …) to other applications [Linux]
  • Added option to show the application window always on top [Linux and Windows]
  • Seperate columns settings between normal and search results view
  • Interrupt auto-type if the focused window changed meanwhile
  • Reduced height of password generator dialog (Bug #2831504)
  • Fixed: “Key Stroke Delay” interpreted as seconds instead of ms (Bug #2716877)
  • Escape HTML chars in detail view (Bug #2836096)
  • Fixed: Mispelling of initialize in interface (Bug #2806402)
  • Fixed: Race condition on lock file (Bug #2801583)
  • Fixed: Modified entry does not refresh Entry Details Pane (Bug #2782262)
  • Fixed: Logoff doesn’t close database correctly (Bug #2726197)
  • Fixed: Incorrect auto-type keymapping when KeePassX is in autostart
  • Fixed: Workspace is being locked after auto-type
  • Fixed: compiler warning/error “format not a string literal and no format arguments” (Bug #2815290)
  • Fixed: Makefile uninstall target removes system directories (Bug #2830345)
  • Fixed key rounds benchmark to return incorrect results
  • Set default auto-type key stroke delay to 5ms
  • Removed “Close to Tray” option

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