Versie historie van JShot

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Veranderingen voor v2.0 - v2.1.0.3

  • Dropbox API migrated to the 1.0 version
  • Fixed possible NPE in the oauth client
  • Fixed possible NPE in the tab tooltip
  • 04/Marc/2012 v2.1.0.2
  • Fixed cookie handling problem in Minus plugin
  • Removed non-functional anonymous login from Minus
  • ImageShack became the default uploader again
  • Fixed direct link finding problem in the Picasa plugin
  • Added a configuration option to show the result window in extended state
  • 12/Dec/2011 v2.1.0.1
  • Fixed minus uploader plugin
  • 26/Oct/2011 v2.1.0.0
  • Minor fixes
  • 12/Sep/2011 v2.1.0.0 beta
  • Added option to adjust JPG quality
  • Webcam capture works on 64bit Windows with 64bit Java
  • Added URL that returns the QR code of bitly links
  • Added option to change the double click action on the tray icon
  • Fixed a bug that could cause sound playing problems
  • Fixed a bug that could cause NullPointerException when you open the history

Veranderingen voor v1.4.0.1 - v2.0

  • a lot of user interface enhancements and a Minus plugin. JShot 2 supports taking pictures from webcam, which currently works on Windows with 32bit Java.

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