Versie historie van Internet Friendly Media Encoder (64-bit portable)

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Veranderingen voor v7.6 - v7.7

  • [new] Enable/Disable verbose log
  • [fixed] Broken version detection that always return true.
  • [fixed] Prevent save a blank project.
  • [fixed] Make a duplicate file if exist. example: File Name (1).mkv

Veranderingen voor v7.5 - v7.6

  • [new] Support Burn subtitle into video (Hard Sub) [FFmpeg with --libass enable]
  • [new] Add folder import (recursively find media file)
  • [new] Queue/List now can save just like previous version
  • [new] Added legacy codec for older device support
  • [new] Added M2TS output support
  • [fixed] Plugins script: value now can have prefix & postfix (eg: 128k instead of 128000)
  • [fixed] Audio channel now give meaningful text instead of numbers
  • [fixed] Media settings cannot save (revert to default) when select different target format item
  • [change] Update x265 version 2.6+13 (64-bit only)
  • [change] Rename included preset to friendly name :)
  • [chnage] More branding support
  • [change] Target Format now using "DropDown" selection
  • NOTE: Previous version Encoding Preset script cannot work in this new version, please edit before use.

Veranderingen voor v7.4 - v7.5

  • [new] Support Trim Video & Audio
  • [new] Support adding FFmpeg command for decoding
  • [new] Brazilian Portuguese localisation #138
  • [change] Add Mkvtoolnix back (chapter support)
  • [change] Default window size change to 900x700 (Monitor 1024x760 minimum)

Veranderingen voor v7.1 - v7.4

  • [new] Arabic localistion
  • [new] Russian localisation #131
  • [fixed] Redundant chapters on each stream (keep only one)
  • [fixed] encoded x264 not merge in MP4 files
  • [fixed] Invalid FFmpeg Probe ISO639-2 Language Code #132
  • [fixed] (UX) Target Format not updated when change
  • [fixed] Using FFmpeg to merge files if mkvmerge fails
  • [fixed] If Destination Path is blank or invalid, all video will be save where source file is #133
  • [fixed] Added Keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A) and (DEL) for listing items #134
  • [fixed] Out of Index bug on Attachment lists
  • [change] Latest encoding preset will be first item
  • [chnage] No longer use MP4Box & Mkvtoolnix for muxing files
  • [change] Any raw video file will be processed with MP4Box first
  • [update] x265 version 2.5+11

Veranderingen voor v4.9.1.0 - v4.9.3.0

  • [fixed] Half way encoding (decoder issue)
  • [fixed] Failed to read stream mapping
  • [fixed] Ask updater not to delete, just overwrite.

Veranderingen voor v4.7.4.0 - v4.9.1.0

  • Today IFME 4.9.1 has been release, cover so many critical bug and error, especially "Variable Frame Rate" video, other error that video under CQP and BitRate based cannot be encoded. If you using Windows, you can start installing Nero AAC! just check at our Addons page!

Veranderingen voor v4.7.2.0 - v4.7.4.0

  • From here, IFME changed to new flat design icon.
  • [added] German translation by Criz
  • [added] Greek translation by mikroner
  • [added] Arabic translation by Ani Moy (The Leader)
  • [added] Spanish translation by Francisco Pozo 'DJ FrANKy EHP
  • [fixed] Missing temporary folder check, reported by:

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