Versie historie van Hugin (64bit)

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Veranderingen voor v2013.0.0 - v2014.0.0

  • Changes Since 2013.0.0
  • inherit many of the libpano improvements (of version 2.9.19)
  • the translation plane variables Tpy and Tpp have been added to the GUI (better support for translation parameters, e.g. for nadir images. A pano with translation parameters can now be rotated)
  • improvement of the GPU remapping code (bug fixes in the glue code, added some missing GPU transformations. Now fisheye lenses are supported by GPU code as well)
  • better support for line control point in Control points tab (it still requires that the same image is displayed left and right for full features, but also better support for line control points above several images)
  • obsolete programs matchpoint, nona_gui and PTBatcher have been removed
  • outdated translations have been removed from the default install
  • initialize the colour balance values during loading with EXIF values (this information is only stored and decoded by some cameras (mainly models by Panasonic, Pentax, Olympus, Nikon))
  • improved the assistant
  • allow customization of exiftool command used to copy metadata to output images
  • New command line tools for CLI processing:
  • pto_mask: manipulate mask in project file
  • pto_template: apply template to project file
  • pto_move: move or copy project files with all associated images
  • Other Improvements
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes.
  • Languages
  • Most of the translations have been updated for this release.

Veranderingen voor v2012.0.0 - v2013.0.0 Beta 1

  • The greatest change is the redesign of the (Graphical) User Interface (GUI). The user interface now consists of three modes: Simple, Advanced and Expert.
  • The Simple interface is for the beginning panorama photographer and offers all tools to create your panorama. You can also use this mode if you have a simple, straightforward panorama. The Simple interface mode uses the "Fast Preview" window as its main workflow window.
  • The Advanced interface mode offers you more options to improve your panorama. It uses the Panorama Editor as its main window.
  • The Expert mode gives you access to all options and functions that Hugin has to offer. This is where you can optimize your complicated, multilayer, mosaic, multi-stack, you name it, panorama. It also uses the Panorama Editor as its main window.
  • The Hugin build for Mac OS X has switched from Carbon to Cocoa and is now fully 64bit.
  • New tools added:
  • pto_var ( change image variables inside pto files)
  • pto_lensstack (modify assigned lenses and stack in pto files)
  • geocpset (set/add geometric constraints for multirow panorama with featureless images)
  • Other Improvements
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes.

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