Versie historie van Google Password Decryptor

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Veranderingen voor v12.0 - v13.0

  • Major 2019 release with support for Google password recovery from new Brave browser.

Veranderingen voor v11.0 - v12.0

  • Mega 2018 release to support Master Password and Google Password Recovery from Firefox's new crypto database

Veranderingen voor v8.1 - v9.0

  • Mega release with support for recovering Google password in new Windows 10 version.Also featuring new renovated user friendly GUI interface.

Veranderingen voor v8.0 - v8.1

  • Minor updates to Installer. Also removed false positive with Antivirus solutions.

Veranderingen voor v7.6 - v8.0

  • Mega release with a support to recover Google account from new Firefox password file 'logins.json' starting with version 32. Also integrated Uninstaller into Add/Remove Programs of Windows.

Veranderingen voor v7.5 - v7.6

  • Removed false positive with various Antivirus solutions

Veranderingen voor v7.0 - v7.5

  • Support for Google password recovery from SRWare Iron web browser

Veranderingen voor v6.5 - v7.0

  • New feature to generate password recovery report in CSV (Comma-Seperated Values) File Format.

Veranderingen voor v6.0 - v6.5

  • Removed the support for command-line feature as now we have exclusive command-line tool - Gmail Password Dump

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