Versie historie van FullSync for Mac OS X

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Veranderingen voor v0.10.2 - v0.10.3

  • Added Greek translation thanks to Dimitris Sarigiannis
  • FTP: fix default authentication selection
  • Fix changing the protocol type might crash FullSync on some OS configurations
  • Add links to the FullSyncNews Twitter account
  • AboutDialog: add a clickable mail link to the mailing list
  • Subdirectory Tab: fix sort order of the directories
  • FullSync now enforces that no two profiles have the same name because FullSync uses the profile name as identifier
  • Fix displaying of the last update time stamp ( )
  • Fix FullSync crashes during synchronization in special circumstances
  • Improved Mac support thanks to nipulb4u
  • Added License Tab to the About Dialog that shows Licenses of used components
  • Enhanced keyboard navigation support of the Profile list.
  • Save and restore Window position, size and minimized / maximized state ( ).
  • Fixed a crash upon switching to another protocol ( ).
  • Noting that non interactive sync is available ( ).

Veranderingen voor v0.10.1 - v0.10.2

  • Improved the formatting of the Size column in the Task Decision dialog.
  • Slightly reduced memory consumption.
  • Updated French translations special thanks to farvardin

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