Versie historie van DropIt

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Veranderingen voor v8.2 - v8.3

  • - improved performance reading file contents
  • - added %FirstFileContentDate% and %FirstFileContentDateNormalized% abbreviations to get the first date in file content (normalized as YYYYMMDD)
  • - added %FileContentMatch1% to %FileContentMatch9% abbreviations to use text from file content in destinations
  • - added %Keywords% abbreviation to get supported file keywords
  • - added 7ZIP as new standard algorithm for Encrypt and Decrypt actions
  • - added Additional Filter of file content to a full powered regular expression filter (and removed regular expression support in Literal string filter)
  • - added "regex(p1,r1)" abbreviation modifier to replace all occurrences of the regex pattern p1 with regex replacement pattern r1 (matched groups are referenced by \1-\9)
  • - fixed limit of compression password length
  • - fixed support to use image abbreviations for TIF and CR2 images
  • - fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v8.1.1 - v8.1.2

  • - added %DropItDir% abbreviation
  • - added option to automatically fix Open With destination (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • - fixed issue of absolute links in HTML lists
  • - fixed issue of option to ignore folders if in use by another program
  • - fixed some abbreviation modifiers
  • - fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v8.1 - v8.1.1

  • - fixed Delete action and other features that remove files
  • - fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v8.0 - v8.1

  • - improved drag&drop support to work also on Windows 8.1
  • - added support to do not ignore attributes of processed files (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • - added support to enable/disable alert to complete mail messages (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • - fixed support to use abbreviations for Upload action
  • - fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v6.1 - v8.0

  • improved "Extract" action to extract in destination folder (correctly managing duplicates)
  • improved support to multiple monitors
  • added "k(s1)" and "k-(s1)" abbreviation modifiers
  • added "d>d1" and "dd1" and "cadded "ProductName" and "Rating" abbreviations
  • added "Split" and "Join" actions
  • added profile name to the Processing window
  • added support to "Export all" and "Import all" profiles from Customize Profiles context menu
  • added support to auto-hide target image on the nearest side (auto-detected)
  • added support to define the visible pixels of the target image when hidden (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to enable/disable "Ctrl" and "Alt" hotkeys during process (read 4.4 of the Guide)
  • added support to enable/disable profile switching with mouse scroll wheel
  • added support to force sending one file per mail (setting "0" as "Attachment size limit")
  • updated the internal tool to manage SFTP connections (PSFTP v0.63)
  • fixed "Open With" action if "Ignore files if in use by other programs" is enabled
  • fixed automatic correction of invalid characters in abbreviations
  • fixed issue with standby/hibernation when DropIt is minimized
  • fixed support to compress in "Store" level
  • fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v6.0 - v6.1

  • improved interface and performance
  • improved "Define Abbreviation Value" window
  • improved "File Already Exists" window
  • improved "Select Action" window
  • interrupted 64bit version (32bit version works on all systems)
  • added option to "Auto-hide target image on the left of the screen"
  • added option to "Ignore files if their size is changed after loading"
  • added support to filter by file content for PDF format
  • added support to press "Ctrl" key while folders are dropped on to add them as Monitored Folders
  • added support to Upload using FTP Passive Mode
  • added support to use abbreviations in Rules
  • fixed issue of automatic update under 64bit systems
  • fixed issue of disappearing target image after standby/suspension
  • fixed issue reading lowercase abbreviations
  • fixed issue using %SubDir% abbreviation when the option to decide if scan subfolders is disabled
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • Known Issues And Limits:
  • "Compress" action fails if the archive already includes a file with the same name of the processed file
  • "Create Gallery" action does not keep Exif data of resized images
  • "Encrypt" action does not rename processed files after the first duplicate
  • "Send by Mail" action fails if the file exceed the server size limit or its format is unallowed
  • DropIt may fails to search strings in PDF files generated with OCR
  • DropIt target image is not correctly positioned using multiple monitors

Veranderingen voor v5.3.4 - v6.0

  • - improved interface
  • - improved performance
  • - integrated "Compress" and "Create List" options in associations (removed globally)
  • - integrated "Consider rules as Regular Expressions" option in associations (removed globally)
  • - integrated "Pause until opened file is closed" option in associations (removed globally)
  • - added "Remove source after processing it" option in associations for some actions
  • - added option to "Always scan subfolders" or try to process them (e.g. to remove empty subfolders)
  • - added support to define a path in Rename field to move renamed files/folders
  • - added support to set associations as Favourites that have priority in case of multiple matches
  • - fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.3.3 - v5.3.4

  • updated some language files
  • fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.3.2 - v5.3.3

  • fixed problem loading files from subfolders
  • fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.3.1 - v5.3.2

  • - improved some error messages to automatically close after 10 seconds
  • - added %FileVersion% abbreviation
  • - fixed Copy/Move actions under Windows 8 64bit
  • - fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.3 - v5.3.1

  • improved some interface aspects
  • added support to resize Process window
  • added support to select more files together in Process window
  • fixed support to run under Windows 8 64bit
  • fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.2 - v5.3

  • improved minor interface aspects
  • added "Create Gallery" action (thanks to tpr)
  • added option to decide if show the message of failed process
  • added some Image abbreviations
  • fixed "Rename" action issue with some folders
  • fixed "Upload" action issue with some servers
  • fixed interface freezing when process fails with monitored folders
  • fixed issue in RegEx support
  • fixed support to filter by file content for DOCX format
  • fixed support to Import profiles from CSV and XLS formats
  • fixed some minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.1 - v5.2

  • - improved "Create List" action
  • - improved minor interface aspects
  • - improved Safely Erase method of "Delete" action
  • - improved support to manage custom abbreviations (add, edit, remove)
  • - improved the installer and unified 32/64-bit builds (thanks to loin2kolpotoru)
  • - added "Encrypt" and "Decrypt" actions
  • - added profile option to "Start the process after loading"
  • - added several abbreviations (dates, files and others)
  • - added some pre-configured email servers
  • - added support to "Remove source after processing it" for some actions
  • - added support to abbreviations for "Create List" parameters
  • - added support to file-independent abbreviations for monitored folders
  • - added support to send several files per mail (defining a size limit)
  • - fixed support to Import profiles from old versions (5.0 and older)
  • - fixed several minor bugs

Veranderingen voor v5.0 - v5.1

  • improved interface and context menu
  • improved method to store associations (now only association names have to be unique)
  • improved progress bar with Create List action
  • improved upgrade performance
  • added hyperlinks to the PDF Guide
  • added link to download more target images in Customize Profiles window
  • added option to decide the order to process file groups
  • added support to filter files in a size/date range (Additional Filters)
  • added support to filter folders by file content of included files (Additional Filters)
  • added support to filter folders by included files/folders (Additional Filters)
  • fixed "always on top" option
  • fixed bug creating encrypted archives
  • fixed bug with SendTo and multiple instances features
  • fixed bug with some commandline features
  • fixed date format in lists (to fix sorting in HTML files)
  • fixed several minor bugs

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